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Fat Transfer to Even out Breasts After Lumpectomy?

I am a 40-year-old woman with a lean athletic build. I went through a lumpectomy in 2005 due to a tiny, grade 3 cancer found. I had chemo and radio... READ MORE

Unhappy With Asymmetry After Reconstruction/ PMB- Revision?

I recently(2 weeks ago) had my expanders exchanged for implants. I am so unhappy. My left breast is higher and larger than my right. My PS told me I... READ MORE

My Breast Are Extremely Different in Size! What is the Easiest, Cheapest And, Least Painful Way to Fix Them? (photo)

My breasts are EXTREMELY different in size! The older I get, the worse it seems to get! I am 21 years old. They are getting saggy and my nipples keep... READ MORE

Tissue Expander Disparity?

I underwent prophylactic bilateral mastectomies on Aug 20th with immediate tissue expanders placed. Thank God there were no complications. I noticed... READ MORE

2.5 Months Post-Op Lumpectomy and Radiotherapy in One Breast, Will Massage Help it Drop?

The OK breast has sort of settled (baggy skin in cleavage) on the other hand the cancer breast is in a bit of a mess. It is very high and as I move my... READ MORE

In Feb. 2013 Had a Bilateral Mastectomy Due to Breast Cancer with Immediate Tissue Expanders Reconstruction?

In June 2013 Had the swap, now I have one side higher and larger that the other and they are different shapes. I am scheduled for surgery again to fix... READ MORE

My right breast is higher than the left and no capsular contraction? (photo)

I am having revision surgery and want to know my options? I had BC in 08/12, followed with a BM and expanders. I had chemo and herceptin treatments.... READ MORE

I had reconstructive surgery and they look crooked. R breast is bigger drops lower than left breast. Will they even out?

I had a lumpectomy on left breast 4 years ago with lumpectomy with chemo and radiation. Sept 2013 had bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. This... READ MORE

6 Months Post Op Breast Reconstruction, Radiated Side Shrank, other Tram Larger, Being Told Reduction?

6 months post op,reconstruction/with trams, radiated side shrank,other side much larger, am being told reducing the left is not an option in going for... READ MORE

My tissue expanders are uneven and not filling to the shape or size that I expected at this stage. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a left mastectomy 12 months ago, this year I had my right breast removed with tissue expanders inserted : siltex becker 35 contour expanders... READ MORE

I have droopy and uneven breasts. I fear i have tubular breasts after research. I wonder what can be done about it? (photo)

I am severely depressed from them and have shown them to no1 and spoke to no1 i am still embarrassed and ashamed and afraid of being turned away from... READ MORE

Bi-lateral skin & nipple saving mastectomy followed by reconst w/implants. Now R/L breasts look very different.

Bi-ltrl mast skn & nppl saving 03/13, tiss expnds for 6 mo then reconst w/impl. Now R/L brsts look very different. After the initial swap of expnds... READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. How long before I should consider having them fixed?

3 months ago I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I ended up with two different shapes and sizes They are hard and Un comfortable. Can I... READ MORE

I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. Am I stuck with lumpy, ripply, uneven breasts? (Photos)

I had expanders for a year then exchanged for silicone implants in April 2016. I had lipo on my stomach to transfer fat to my breasts. I am skinny.... READ MORE

Can uneven Breast tissue expanders be corrected? (photo)

I had bil skin & nipple sparing mastectomies & reconstruction w/tissue expander & Alloderm on 9/23/15. Can the following be corrected? RIGHT breast:... READ MORE

Prophylactic bilateral double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Direct to implant, over the muscle. Is this normal?

Hi, I recently had the above done because I am brca2 positive. I am 2 1/2 weeks out and I still am experiencing pain and Tightness in both my breasts.... READ MORE

One expander is higher than the other! Can this be rectified when the permanent implants are in?

I revently had a preventive nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy. Recovery has been quite easy for me. I am healing really well and the pain and... READ MORE

8 days post-op and still a significant amount of pain and swelling in my right breast? (Photos)

My right breast was originally my smaller, most tuberous breast however is now seemingly significantly larger than the other and is more painful. My... READ MORE

My breasts are uneven after reconstructive surgery. What is your opinion of the left breast reconstruction and implant? (photo)

Jun 2015 I had Left breast mastectomy. During the op. an expansor bag was fitted. On Jan 5 2016 I had reconstructive surgery inserting implants into... READ MORE

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