Breast Lift Videos

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction?

Dr. Juan Brou explains that the planning for both a breast lift and breast reduction are about the same, and he explains how. VIEW NOW


Mommy Makeover: Benefits, Surgery and Recovery

Dr. Aviva Preminger talks about the mommy makeover procedure, who can benefit from it, and what's included in the procedure. VIEW NOW


Circumareolar Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Justin Yovino demonstrates a circumareolar breast lift and augmentation with smooth silicone gel breast implants that give this woman a final breast size of C or D. VIEW NOW

Vertical Approach to the 'Lollipop' Breast Reduction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Malik Kutty demonstrates why the "lollipop" scar is more than just how the incision is made and will provide a better breast shape. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift Surgery Good Candidates

Dr. Ronald Schuster discusses breast lift (mastopexy) surgery. Indications, goals, and selection are emphasized during the discussion. VIEW NOW

Achieve More Breast Fullness After a Breast Lift

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses what options are available to increase breast fullness after already undergoing a breast lift procedure. VIEW NOW

Removal of Extra Skin After Weight Loss

Sit in on a conversation with Elaine, for whom Dr. Kutty performed several procedures to remove excess skin from her abdomen, thighs, arms, and back. She describes her journey from obesity to her new life. VIEW NOW

Avoiding Capsular Contracture With Breast Implants

Dr. Robert Wilcox explains how to avoid capsular contracture with breast implants. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation Do's and Don'ts for the Best Results

Dr. Licenberg explains some do's and don't's after a breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Before and After: Mommy Makeover Results

Optimally rejuvenation of breast and body following childbirth involves removing the excess skin and fat from your abdomen. This return the sleek and toned abdomen of youth. The volumetric loss with breast feeding can be replenished with augmentation VIEW NOW

Breast Restoration Best Procedure Options

Dr. Pane answers a question on what's the best procedure to restore perkiness to the breasts. Dr. Pane recommends the best course of action. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction Types and Possible Scars

Dr. Marc Pacifico covers a few different breast reduction techniques and how to determine the right technique to suit your needs. VIEW NOW

Reducing Areola Size as Part of a Breast Lift or Reduction

Dr. Marc Pacifico discusses how to reduce the size of the areola as an isolated procedure, or as part of a breast lift or breast reduction. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants Combined with a Breast Lift

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains why, when patients desire a breast lift with implants, there is a compromise required between enlarging the breasts on the one hand, and lifting and tightening the breast on the other. VIEW NOW

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

Dr. Marc Pacifico often gets asked how long a breast lift will last. He describes the factors that go into the longevity of a breast lift procedure. VIEW NOW