Silicone Scar Strips + Breast Lift

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Which over the Counter Silicone Sheeting and or Paper Tape Do You Recommend for TT and Breast Lift Scars?

I have read many of you recommend Silicone Sheets (they need be applied less often correct?) and Or Paper Tape... For the Tummy Tuck scars and Breast... READ MORE

Should I Use Silicone Gel Sheets After Breast Lift?

I have just had a typical anchor shaped breast uplift 2 weeks ago and am due to start using scar reduction gels. Should I be investing in special... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets Causing Increased Redness of Scar? (photo)

I had a breast lift on 11/27. No opening of incisions, only the spitting of a few stitches. Using bio dermis silicone sheeting for my scars. The first... READ MORE

After breast lift surgery, can I use Scarguard with silicone sheets?

I don't know which one to use so I figured I use both and get quicker results. I heard Scarguard is good because it's 12% silicone and hydrocortisone.... READ MORE

Should I use silicone sheeting and/or paper tape to help heal/prevent scarring on my breast lift incisions? How do I use it? (ph

I had an anchor lift with explant/total capsulectomy on 5/16. My surgeon did not mention silicone sheeting or paper tape for my incisions, but I have... READ MORE

Silicone gel sheets vs Bio oil for breast uplift scars?

Hello! I have had a anchor scar breast uplift and not sure which is best - silicone sheet/tape or bio oil. I am healing normally so far with bio oil,... READ MORE

Breast Lift Scars - Will They Fade? Concerned. Hyperpigmentation. (photo)

9 months post op uplift and implants-concerned about scars my surgeon assures me they will go white bt was vague on time frames.They still seem very... READ MORE

What Are The Best Silicone Strips to Use After Breast Lift/Implants and Thigh Lift?

What are the best silicone strips to use after breast lift/implants & thigh lift? Do you start using once stitches are out? READ MORE

How long should I take off work as exotic dancer before going back?

I am an exotic dancer who will be undergoing breast lift/augmentation soon. I am planning to use silicone scar sheets this time, as my scar widened... READ MORE

Do wide breast lift scars get better over time? (photo)

Hi. I got a breast lift 4 months ago. At first the incisions were very thin, but then they widened a lot, especially around the right areola, as you... READ MORE

Pus 10 Days Post Op Breast Lift and Breast Aug; Normal or Not?

I'm now 10 days post op and I have silicone strips on my incisions and I have noticed that my left breast has pus dropping from one of the silicone... READ MORE

When is it appropriate to start using silcone strips on breast lift scars?

And does it really work? I've heard some amazing things about silcone helping with scars. How soon after surgery can I begin using them? READ MORE

Scar Control From a Vertical Breast Lift?

My personal Attempt at scar control from vertical breast lift and 330 cc saline implants (June 13th) is a variety of vitamins, my vitiamin therapy... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets for Scars?

Does using silicone sheets make a difference on how the tummy tuck and breast lift incisions will heal? They're very expensive but is it worth the cost? READ MORE

7 wks po - can I expect more improvement with texture of my Areolas? Also, which is better silicone scar tape or gel?

I am 7 weeks post op with a breast lift. I had some bruising and my Areolas look harsh. I've been using Biocorneum for the last few weeks, but have... READ MORE

How are my scars? (Photo)

I had a breast lift. My surgeon said she's unhappy with the scarring. She shot them with steroids. I'm 2 and a half months post op. Will my scars ever... READ MORE

Is all silicone for scar treatment equal?

I'm scheduled for breast lift early this year. I see that many use silicone sheets to help with scar modeling in the post operative period. Any... READ MORE

Is it okay to apply Scar Away silicone gel first and then apply Rejuveness silicone sheet over the gel to breast lift scars?

I ask because rejuveness sheets are supposed to last 3 months, however, some areas of the sheet are no longer tacky after only 6 weeks. READ MORE

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