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Pus 10 Days Post Op Breast Lift and Breast Aug; Normal or Not?

I'm now 10 days post op and I have silicone strips on my incisions and I have noticed that my left breast has pus dropping from one of the silicone... READ MORE

Is my incision infected? (Photo)

I had a breast lift no implants 11 days ago my left breast has already healed up .. But my right breast has pus coming out of the incision I had... READ MORE

What can I put on my boob to stop puss and bleeding? Also, what to cover it with so it will not stick to bra? (Photo)

Breast lift only back in March...3 wks ago the scab came off boob it started bleeding every time my sports bra touched it more scab peeled when... READ MORE

One week after breast uplift - is my nipple area turning narcotic? Why do I have puss coming out? (Photo)

M one week post breast uplift and my nipple looks awful. I have puss coming from it and it's turning black in areas. I'm extremely worried. Is this... READ MORE

3 weeks post surgery breast uplift. How does the healing look? Surgery abroad so no follow up care. (photos)

I had a breast uplift 3 weeks ago abroad.. Unfortunately I don't have the follow up care. Small yellow liquid with no odor and on the right boob there... READ MORE

8 Days Post Op Breast Lift - Left incision oozing blood, yellow puss forming. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had implantremoval and lift 8 days ago. The "T" of the left breast incision has been more red and irritated than the other. Small spot where the... READ MORE

I have pus/discharge and blood coming out of both my nipples since breast augmentation on 26/2/16.

I got a maxopexy done in late Feb, since then I've had constant problems with my breasts. I'm constantly in pain with the breasts, stitches are still... READ MORE

Opening and puss in the incision after 3 weeks post-op Breast Lift, is this normal? (photos)

I had a full breast lift + tt on 17 october i have noticed openings in my brest lift incision which are making me really worried some puss is comming... READ MORE

Is my skin healing properly after augmentation?

I am 3 weeks post-mastopexy and I am still wearing gauze pads and have the surgical tape my doctor put in place 2 weeks ago. My incisions were around... READ MORE

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