Itching + Breast Lift

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Breast Lift with Implants Done 1/15/2013 and Have Severe Itching and Redness? (photo)

I have had no breast pain just severe itching and redeness i couldnt see incision site due to tape, so i removed it, had a open spot with a wet... READ MORE

Tegerderm and Steri Strip Allergies After Mastopexy. 3 Weeks In!

I had the mastopexy procedure 3 weeks ago. I saw the surgeon 6 days after the operation and I complained of unbearable itching. The dressing was... READ MORE

5 weeks post-op from a breast lift; I'm having a lot of itching. I have been using the tape, can I stop wearing it now? (Photos)

The incisions look good. I try to put the tape on smoothly but it still wrinkles and I wonder if that is the causes of the itching. I put a&d ointment... READ MORE

Do I need to be concerned about my right breast scar? (Photo)

I took the strips off on Fri and cleaned the incisions w/soap & water then re-taped them with paper tape. Yesterday evening the right one was itching... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my question; Breasts are too wide and droopy. Is this a normal outcome after a breast lift?

Had initial mastopexy surgery Dec, 2013, had revision surgery Aug, 2014. These are my results as of today, Feb. 2015. I think this is as good as it's... READ MORE

Is food related to swollen breasts?

I just had a breast lifting surgery 2 weeks ago, my 2 breasts are numb and itching, i have swollen nipples, my dr said i should reduce salt... READ MORE

Redness and itching? (Photo)

It's been now 7 weeks around my areola getting red and itchy with liquid I need a second opinion my Dr. Gave me antibiotics bill and some ointment... READ MORE

I had a breast lift six months ago. Will the itchiness of my breasts ever go away?

I am still experiencing a lot of itchiness on the incisions, especially around the nipples. Will this ever go away? Is there anything I can do to... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks post mastopexy and have been experiencing itching of the breasts. Does everything look ok? (photo)

I contacted the clinic yesterday and they asked me to go in to have my dressings off. My breasts are still quite red and itchy. Is this something I... READ MORE

Scar not healing well on one Breast after Breast lift? (Photos)

My right Breast scar is raised and very red after 7 months of surgery. It itches me some times. Bras bother me too. Some fabrics other than cotton... READ MORE

Is there a surgeon out who can remove the permanent Gore-Tex suture from my benelli lift for a reasonable cost?

I can feel it under my skin. It causes burning sensations, itching, and sensitivity. I can't live with the discomfort anymore & want to have it... READ MORE

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