Bottom Out + Breast Lift

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I'm 12 weeks post op breast lift and 600cc silicone implants. Why are my breasts so uneven? (photo)

I'm 12 weeks post op breast lift and 600cc silicone implants. Why are my breasts so uneven? Has one "bottomed out"?? READ MORE

How to Fix Bottomed Out Breast Lift with out Implants?

I had a breast lift (no implants) 3+ months ago. I now have very high nipples. I also have oval nipples apparently from the weight at the bottom of... READ MORE

I am one year post lift with 350 CC smooth round implants. Are my Implants Bottoming Out? (photo)

I am one year post lift with 350 CC smooth round implants. I am not happy with my scars as well as I think left has bottomed out and the right is too... READ MORE

Will I Bottom Out if I Don't Have a Breast Reduction?

DD cup bordering DDD. I am considering a breast lift and went to my first consultation today. The surgeon recommended I have a reduction, but... READ MORE

Will Breast Lift Solve Bottoming out / Too Large Implants?

Just over 2 years now and iv got a problem iv got bottoming out of both breast and they have become very very saggy. i asked for a DD enlargment and... READ MORE

My breasts are bottoming out but I do not have implants. My nipples seem too high and slip out of my bra. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and reduction 10 years ago. Now it appears my nipples are too high as my breasts begin to sag again. What would be the best... READ MORE

Will my left breast bottom out and eventually match my right breast like my surgeon predicts? (photos)

I had a anchor style breast lift without implants September 12th. I then had a hematoma in my right breast that had to be surgically resolved. Last... READ MORE

Mastopexy (full lift) and augmentation done for uneven breasts (right larger and lower than left) on Feb 26th 2015 (Photo)

I know it still might be early but I just think they are settling way too unevenly and I am concerned and upset these are basically the final results.... READ MORE

Breast lift no implant. Will my nipple eventually rotate upwards after time after breasts "bottom out" slightly? I'm hoping so.

I am 2.5 weeks post-op and wished my nipple was placed higher on my breast mound. ​ ​I was told by PS that he placed the nipple/areola complex abo... READ MORE

Areola reduction with breast lift revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast lift in July of 2015, I had some small wound openings and some slight bottoming out which has left me large high areola and large scars... READ MORE

Breast lift without implant. What is double bubble and bottoming out? How are they different? (Photo)

Is it possible to get double bubble or bottoming out for breast lift without implant procedure? If so, what is the common cause? I had anchor breast... READ MORE

Should I get a second breast lift? And should I add an implant the second time around? (photos)

I got a breast lift May 2016 (no impant) I feel like I'm starting to sag again, I lack upper pole fullness, and I look like I'm bottoming out. I... READ MORE

Difference between the Dr. Steven's Laser Bra and Dr. Horneski's Bellasoma breast revision techniques

Is this internal bra necessary in the Stevens Laser bra technique and is that the only difference between the two. Both of these techniques utilize... READ MORE

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