5 Months Post-op + Breast Lift

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My Areolas Are Two Different Sizes and Still Very Big? (photo)

I had a breast lift in july 2012. My areolas are not only two different sizes, their also two different shapes and still very big. I fill like I was... READ MORE

Hematoma Following Breast Lift

I have had a breast lift and got bigger implants about 5 months ago. I developed what he thinks is a hematoma on my left breast. the bruising is gone... READ MORE

Wound Keeps Reopening 5 Months After Mastopexy

I wonder if you could help me. After a mastopexy end of March this year my right breast developed an open wound around the nipple. It took 2 months to... READ MORE

Scaly and Yellow Discharge from my Aereola and Incisions, I Had Breast Lift 5 Months Ago? (photo)

I had breast lift 5 months ago , they had to remove the stitches since I had an incision that was not healing. Now I notice that my aereola is crusty... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift revision? (photos)

Had Lipo and Breast lift ( 5 months ago) I feel like my breast are dropping again. I do not have implants. Do I appear to need an additional breast... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Acne?

I had a breast lift 5 months ago. About 2 months after, I started getting tiny bumps on my breasts. I have never had acne on my breast, just an... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look like this after a lift? (Photo)

I had a breast lift I had large implants that were taken out. I wanted to be natural . It's been 5 months and I have s nice dent in my breast my... READ MORE

Left Nipple Pain 5 Months Post Mastoplexy?

I have had pain, hypersensitivity to my left nipple for about a week now. I am 5 months post op mastoplexy. My nipple/areola don't look any different,... READ MORE

Unusual mastopexy scar and breast droopiness 5 months PO? (Photos)

As you can see in the pictures below the incision scars are really unusual. They aren't raised but they are really wide and I'm not sure what to do.... READ MORE

Breast lift - 5mo and still not healed

My PS is great and sees me once a wk, but after five months...I am starting to get concerned. My left breast tore many times but finally healed. The... READ MORE

What can I do with my scars? Will they ever get better? (photos)

I had my breast lift a little over 5 months ago. I thought my scars were going to be okay but now they are raised and very irritating. It's hard to... READ MORE

5 months post Breast Lift, areola's are turning dark and shedding skin, what could be happening? (photos)

I had a breast lift about 5 months ago. I don't think my PS did a great job on my breast lift, but I'm trying to remain positive. The last 2 days my... READ MORE

Is my breast lift incision infected or is this something else? (photo)

I had surgery in March and everything has been pretty seamless. Last week I started seeing a shininess to the incision. Then it almost seemed like it... READ MORE

I had a lollipop breast lift about 5 months ago. Have you seen a scar reduction with patients massaging scar?

Is there any type of electrical massager I can buy to do this? It does get a bit tiring after all. Also, this may be a strange question to some but it... READ MORE

Nipple sensation after breast lift?

I read through a lot of questions like this so I know it can take up to two years sometimes. My lift was 5 months ago, lollipop, and I have no... READ MORE

Is this normal after Breast lift? (Photos)

Is this normal 5 months 4 days after my surgery breast lift without implants I told my surgeon I did not want no tissue taken out of my breast only on... READ MORE

How long does it take for the tissue to smooth out after having a donut mastopexy?

It has been five months since i had my donut mastopexy, however i still have puckering around the edges. it that normal? READ MORE

Painful scars 5 months after breast lift. Is it normal? (Photo)

Is it normal to have pain directly in the incisions 5 months after surgery? Do I need to have a scar revision or is this a part of the healing process. READ MORE

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