Breast Lift with Implants Videos

See What Happens When the Doctor Cuts Into This Silicone Implant

People often ask what happens if a silicone implant shell fails, cracks or is otherwise compromised. Dr. Joubin Gabbay shows us what happens when he punctures this cohesive gel silicone implant. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Combined — How 1 Surgery Can Give Twice the Results

Dr. Mark Pinsky explains why a Breast Augmentation combined with a Breast Lift can give the most satisfying results. VIEW NOW


How Thick Is the Gel of a Silicone Breast Implants? Find Out When The Doctor Cuts Them Open

Dr. Bradley Bengtson addresses the myths of breast implants and explains how strong breast implant shells are. He also shows us what's inside. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implants 101: Learn About Silicone Implant Options

Dr. Bradley Bengtson discusses how safe silicone implants are and shares these two implant options. VIEW NOW

45-Year-Old Dee Gets Breast Surgery (Part 2, GRAPHIC)

In part two of three, Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger begins performing Dee's breast reduction and breast lift with implants. VIEW NOW

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The Truth About Mammograms After Breast Implants, According to This Doctor

Many women have concerns about how breast implants will impact future mammography results. Dr. John J. Edney answers common questions. VIEW NOW

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

Dr. John J. Edney discusses factors that determine how long a breast lift may last. VIEW NOW

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Breast Lift Surgery: The Doctor Explains Incision Options

Dr. John J. Edney explains your options when seeking a breast lift. VIEW NOW

Learn How a Breast Augmentation With a Breast Lift Works

Can you combine these two popular procedures? Find out as Dr. John J. Edney explains the pros and cons of combining these popular breast procedures. VIEW NOW

See the Doctor Insert a Drain Following This Woman's Breast Lift With Implants

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger shows us what it looks like when a drain is inserted during breast surgery. VIEW NOW

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45-Year-Old Dee Gets Breast Surgery (Part 3, GRAPHIC)

In this final video Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger completes Dee's breast reduction with a breast lift with implants and corrects her asymmetry to give her a natural looking C cup. VIEW NOW

The Best Breast Augmentation Incision — According to This Doctor

Dr. Zannis describes the different options for breast implant incisions and which one he believes is the best. VIEW NOW

Breast Lifting is an Art, Says This Doctor

Dr. Paul E. Chasan describes his philosophy towards elevating the breast. VIEW NOW

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3 Breast Implant Options Explained in 60 Seconds

Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses the various types of breast implants to choose from. VIEW NOW

Curious About Breast Augmentation? The Doctor Explains the Process

From consultation to surgery, Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses what you can expect. VIEW NOW