Breast Lift with Implants Videos

Mommy Makeover Surgery In Action (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama performs a mommy makeover that includes a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck. Watch as he narrates through the procedure. VIEW NOW

Why Do Breast Implants Look Different When I Flex My Chest Muscle?

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger explains why a breast implant moves when the pectoralis muscle is flexed. He elaborates on the advantages in this method of placement of breast implants. VIEW NOW

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How to Get Perkier Breasts With a Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Dr. Robert Caridi shares his method on lifting low, heavy breasts by combining a breast lift with implants and breast reduction procedure. VIEW NOW


Tuberous Breast Correction With Fat Transfers

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains how a fat transfer is becoming a more established method to correct tuberous breasts, in addition to how the procedure is done. VIEW NOW

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains what a mommy makeover surgery is and the possible combinations that can be done to meet your specific needs. VIEW NOW

What Size Breast Implants are Best for You

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains a common misconception about breast implant sizes and talks about the importance of selecting a natural fit. VIEW NOW

See What a Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant Looks Like

Dr. Adam Hamawy demonstrates what a ruptured silicone breast implant looks like for those who are curious or concerned about getting breast implants. The outer shell had been compromised, but unlike older generation implants it will not leak. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates How to Select Your Breast Implant Size With Vectra 3D Imaging

Dr. David Shafer discusses the Vectra 3D breast implant imaging system and shares examples of various breast implant sizes. VIEW NOW


Breast Augmentation: See How Markings Are Placed for a Crescent Lift

Dr. Robert Wilcox demonstrates how the placement of markings for a crescent lift and reduction are determined. In this video, Dr. Wilcox replaces 565cc breast implants with 200cc implants. VIEW NOW

What Is the Difference Between a Breast Lift With Implants and a Breast Lift?

Dr. Moises Salama explains exactly how a breast lift procedure with implants differs from a breast lift procedure. VIEW NOW

See the Results of This Breast Lift With Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama performs a breast lift surgery with breast implants. Dr. Salama demonstrates how he fits the implants into the pockets created within the breasts, as well as the before and after results. VIEW NOW

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Mommy Makeover Explained: Liposuction, Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Robert Caridi demonstrates the complete mommy makeover procedure, from the consultation to surgery. He gives a walkthrough on each section of the procedure and describes the importance of each step. VIEW NOW

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The Right Breast Lift Technique for You

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech discusses the different types of incisions and techniques available for candidates of breast lift surgery. VIEW NOW

Who Should Avoid Getting a Breast Lift?

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech explains what type of candidates may not benefit from a breast lift procedure and why. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Common Questions About the Recovery Process

Dr. Michael Carlisle details some of the common recovery questions patients have when considering breast augmentation with implants. VIEW NOW