Breast Lift with Implants Videos

The Best Breast Augmentation Incision — According to This Doctor

Dr. Zannis describes the different options for breast implant incisions and which one he believes is the best. VIEW NOW

Breast Lifting is an Art, Says This Doctor

Dr. Paul E. Chasan describes his philosophy towards elevating the breast. VIEW NOW

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3 Breast Implant Options Explained in 60 Seconds

Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses the various types of breast implants to choose from. VIEW NOW

Curious About Breast Augmentation? The Doctor Explains the Process

From consultation to surgery, Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses what you can expect. VIEW NOW

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Learn 5 Aspects of Breast Aesthetics In 1 Minute

Dr. Glenn M. Davis explains five issues he takes into consideration when performing breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

3,000 Breast Augmentations Later: Hear This Doctor's Take on Gummy Bear Implants

Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo has done more than 3,000 breast augmentations during his career. Hear his take on Sientra, nicknamed the gummy bear implant. VIEW NOW


Will I Need a Breast Lift If I Get Large Implants?

Dr. Mark E. Mason talks about when a breast lift is needed. VIEW NOW

How This Doctor Determines if You'll Need a Breast Lift With Your Augmentation

Dr. Mark E. Mason explains when a patient is best treated with a breast lift at the time of breast augmentation surgery. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Gives Us a Peak Inside His OR

Many people have never had surgery. Dr. Neil T. Chen explains what happens before surgery and shows us where the surgery takes place. VIEW NOW


Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants — Which Is Best?

The saline vs. silicone question is a common and important question to ask when considering what type of implants are best for you. Dr. William Bruno explains... VIEW NOW

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How a Breast Lift Works — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Sean Rice explains the breast lift and procedure and what you can expect from recovery. VIEW NOW

325ccs Silicone Breast Implants Plus Fat Grafting: See It All

This woman got 325ccs anatomical silicone breast implants combined with 50ccs of fat grafting to each side of her chest. See the results. VIEW NOW

The Most Important Thing to Know About Breast Augmentation, According to This Doctor

Dr. B. Aviva Preminger shares her experience with breast augmentation. Learn more about this popular procedure. VIEW NOW


Mommy Makeover Results: The Doctor Shares Before & After Photos

See results from mommy makeovers performed by Dr. B. Aviva Preminger and have the procedure explained. VIEW NOW

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45-Year-Old Dee Gets These 3 Procedures to Achieve a Natural Look (Part 1)

Dee never thought she'd get plastic surgery but after breastfeeding two children, losing weight, and aging, she decided surgery might be the answer to her concerns. Follow her journey getting breast reduction and a breast lift with implants. VIEW NOW