Breast Lift with Implants Videos

Breast Implant Technology: Here's What You Need to Know

Learn the latest in breast implant technology with Dr. Ashley Gordon and Dr. Dustin L. Reid. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implant Technology: Here's How Far We've Come

Dr. Dustin L. Reid and Dr. Ashley Gordon explain the latest developments in breast implant technology. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation: Ask Yourself These Questions Before the Procedure

Over or under the muscle? Silicone or saline? The doctor explains what questions to expect when picking a breast augmentation procedure. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation Scarring: Here's What to Expect

Dr. Adrian Richards discusses the scarring you can expect following a breast enlargement procedure. VIEW NOW

I Got Silicone Breast Implants and Now I'm Sagging — What Should I Do?

This woman is concerned about sagging following getting a breast lift with silicone implants. What should she do? VIEW NOW

Pain After Breast Lift and Augmentation: Is This Normal?

How much pain is normal after a breast lift and augmentation? This woman feels burning and searing a few days post-op. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeover Before & After Photos: A Doctor Tells You What to Look for

Here are tips from Dr. Paul C. Zwiebel about using before and after photos as a tool to pick a doctor. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeover Cost: Expect This Number

Dr. Paul C. Zwiebel answers this common question. VIEW NOW

See Breast Augmentation Surgery in Under 2 Minutes

While breast augmentation normally takes just 45 minutes, Dr. Joubin Gabbay speeds up the film to show us the steps in less than two minutes. VIEW NOW

How Many Plastic Surgery Procedures Can I Get at One Time?

It's a popular question. Hear Dr. David A. Lickstein's answer. VIEW NOW

Revision Breast Implant Surgery: The Doctor Explains How to Get the Best Results Possible

Dr. Christopher K. Patronella shares his experience working with breast revision patients. VIEW NOW

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How to Improve Sagging Breasts: Lift, Augmentation, or Both?

Dr. Christopher K. Patronella explains treatment options for women looking to improve their sagging breasts. VIEW NOW

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I'm Petite and Want Breast Implants — Teardrop or Round?

What shape should this woman get for her breast implants? Dr. Paul C. Zwiebel offers his opinion. VIEW NOW

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Is My Breast Implant Leaking? Look for These Signs

Worried your breast implant may be leaking? Dr. Paul C. Zwiebel explains what to look for. VIEW NOW

Can I Get Natural Results With High Profile Breast Implants?

It depends, says Dr. Paul C. Zwiebel. Learn more about breast implant options. VIEW NOW

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