Breast Lift with Implants

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A breast lift reshapes sagging or uneven breasts, which may have been affected by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. The nipple and areola are often shifted to a higher, more youthful position. A breast lift with implants uses this same technique, while also placing silicone or saline breast implants for added volume. LEARN MORE ›

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46 yo mother of 2 with deflated 32/34 dd

One day in and pain isn't that bad. Only have taken oxy twice. I was a very deflated 32/34 dd. After a couple of kids and weight loss they just seem to lay there. Years ago I had a reduction and now I want them back. I want to be lifted with a higher cleavage line. After a few sizing went... READ MORE

40 2kids 5'6 425hp - D Plane

I have already had the lift and implants done 5 days ago, all going very well but wanted to help other people that may have been in the same position as me, unsure what size or what pain level to expect or complications they may come across. I put my start boobs as my profile as I know your all... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants with Lift on Right Side

So let me just start off by saying I had extreme breast Asymmetry! One was a small b other a deflated c/d! Which only got worse due to breast feeding and pregnancy. I got 500cc left 350 on right with a lollipop left periareola incision. I have not seen my results yet I will up load photos later... READ MORE

23 Tuberous Asymmetrical Benelli Breast Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

I had never heard the term "tuberous breasts" until this past summer. All I knew is that my breasts could be categorized as "ugly", "weird" and things like that. I was grateful to find a specific category for my boob type and to know that there is a way to fix it. Thank the HEAVENS! No one knew... READ MORE

40 Year Old / Lost 65 Lbs - New York, NY

I lost 65lbs 4 years ago and I lost all of my breast due to this. I definitely need implants but was hoping to have a lift with minimal scars. That's my fear but hopefully I have a good experience. I have chosen my doctor and hope he gives me new life. Nothing like having sagging breast even in... READ MORE

Lollipop Lift with Implants

30 years old. 120 lbs 5"4 Lollipop lift with gummy bear under the muscle implants. 421cc and 371cc I was extremely nervous about this because I wasn't aware the scaring the comes with a breast lift but after much research I decided it was worth it. I was very nervous for surgery but the whole... READ MORE

20 Years Old, No Kids, Weight Loss, Breast Lift with 475 Cc Implants - Landskrona, SE

So excited to get the surgery in less than two days. Have chosen the 475 cc implants. A little nervous about the size (might be too big), but this is what my doctor recommended based on my breast width and I completly trust him, as he seems very profesional and sincere. Will update on my results... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mom (5'9/150 lbs) Who Loves to Workout - Anchor Lift and Aug 12/6/2016- 400/425 Unders - Mentor Mod Profile Textured

I've made the decision to do this after wanting it for years. I used to be super heavy, and at one point was a size DDD. I've gotten in shape and this is the only thing on my body I can't change. I'm not afraid of the pain, but I'm really worried about not being able to lift weights,... READ MORE

Breast lift with 240cc round moderate implants (under) after massive weight loss

After losing a lot of weight I really needed a breast lift with implants. I always had ugly, saggy breasts and after weight loss a lot of excessive skin came along. :( My wohle life I was unhappy with my boobs but the excessive skin made it even worse. Now it's 2 weeks since my breast lift... READ MORE

38 Yr Old Mom of 2, 5'4" 130lbs - Fairfield, CT

Just had my preop. Going with smooth textured silicone implants (Sientra high profile) even though the dr recommended textured. I went against the textured due to the link of cancer (low risk but I'm paranoid). I was given rice stockings to put in my bra to figure out what size I want. The... READ MORE

My 50th Birthday Gift to Myself!! - Newport News, VA

After 12 years and 2 almost attempts, I am finally getting the breasts that will make me smile. It's been a long journey getting here, but I'm ready now and it'll be a great way to bring in my 50th birthday in June 2017. I've got 3 teenage boys.. 15, 17, 20 and I've hated the shape of my... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, 5 Foot 4 Inches, 108 Lbs, Lift with 550cc Silicone HP under the muscle

I have read a ton of other people's stories on here and I appreciate them sharing so much that I decided to tell my story as well in hopes of helping others like myself. I am 34, between 105-110 lbs depending on the day. I'm 5 foor 4 inches tall and I am currently cramming my "cow utters" into a... READ MORE

33 Years Old Mom of Three Petite 5.2 104lb and Excersise Freak Getting 325cc Mentor M+ Implants and Periarolar Lift

Well, first thank you all for the great info,fun stories and facts that you all shared. I feel not alone when I'm on realself. Sooo, I'm, like many of you, wonderful mothers have three wiggly boys who keep me on my toes, literally! Back in the day I had a decent size of boobies, 34c, however... READ MORE

43yrs 147p (67kg) 19and20yr Old Daughters BA and BL 400cc Under muscle

Really looking forward to my BA. I'm going from NZ to Bangkok for my surgery. September isn't coming soon enough. I find I'm wasting so much time just going through this site, have got two photos for wish boobs. Have enjoyed watching everyone go through this together. So not alone with all you... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made!

I don't have a before photo, but will be sure to get one from my surgeon. I found through all my consultation visits by different surgeons, the doctor that used Vectra 3D imaging helped me make the decision by seeing what the results would look like before the actual surgery instead of just... READ MORE

32 Year Old 2 Kids 5ft 8 in Tall 160 Pounds

I received 500cc's Mentor memory gel implants. Smooth, round, high impact, under the muscle. I absolutely love them!! I was a very flabby, saggy C before surgery. I got boobs very young( like a C in the 4th grade) after having 2 kids and gaining them losing weight my breast were horrible. I... READ MORE

31yo, 2 Kids, 345cc Moderate Unders with Lift

Hi Everyone, I'm a 31 mom of two and very athletic build (square) and after the kids and body fat loss thanks to crossfit I didn't have any real volume left in my breasts. On December 14th I had a lift with implants (vertical insertion). After a TON of debating since I was initially thinking... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Aug (450/485 cc) with lift

After years of research I finally decided to go ahead with my breast augmentation with lift to correct saggy, asymmetrical breasts as a result of 80 lb weight loss. Got Natrelle silicon implants 450cc (R) and 485cc (L) with a lift. Recovery overall has been good, pain for only 3 days and only... READ MORE

43 Years Old, 5'7", 134 Lbs, Breastfed 2 Kids, Breast Lift and Sientra Round Textured 350cc or 385cc

Less than two weeks until my breast lift/augmentation and I thought I should probably document my journey somewhere and where better than on RS!? My stats again...5'7", 134 lbs, athlete/gym junkie (just dropped 15 lbs), size 6, pre-op breast measurement is probably 34B or 34A?, breastfed 2... READ MORE

UPDATED ** need some advice please So, at 45 Years of Age, This is Finally Happening !! HP 415cc with Benelli Lift

So after many years of longing to be able to fill out out anything bigger than A cup or a super padded B cup (made me feel better lol) I am finally actually having a BA !! I've had lots of thoughts about doing is this selfish, unnecessary, shallow etc, I've come to a place of just... READ MORE

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