Breast Lift with Implants

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A breast lift reshapes sagging or uneven breasts, which may have been affected by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. The nipple and areola are often shifted to a higher, more youthful position. A breast lift with implants uses this same technique, while also placing silicone or saline breast implants for added volume. LEARN MORE ›

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29 Y.O. Mother of 2, Great Body but Nursing DESTROYED my Breasts - Rockville, MD

I don't have much time to write this so forgive me for my brevity. I just figured that I learned so much from people posting on this site -- and that I should give back. I was a lucky person before I had children -- I LOVED my body and every part of it that I did not love so much, I knew how... READ MORE

Had a Breast Lift and I Really Like my New Perky Breasts - Bethesda, MD

After weight loss my breasts look saggy and I was not happy with my natural 36DD. I had inverted nipples and had a surgery to correct that 2 weeks before the big one. I had this pictures taken right before the breast lift. I opted to have breast lift and saline implants of 400cc placed in order... READ MORE

Breast Implants W/ Crescent Lift on One Side - Bethesda, MD

I am VERY happy with my results with Dr. Richards. My primary goal with this surgery was to refill deflated breasts that had mild droop, which was more pronounced on one side, and improve breast symmetry. I feel my results are fabulous. Voluptuous yet natural looking and feeling, as was my goal.... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old - Lift with Implants - 425CCs - Rockville, MD

I dont know if I can say enough positive things about Dr. Tattlebaum and his staff - but i'll try. My initial consultation was thorough and I immediately felt like I was finally in the right office. Other doctors I had consulted with seemed over zealous, but Dr. T was realistic! (and I... READ MORE

25th Bday Gift to Myself Breast Lift With Implants - Miami, FL

I have Been A member on RealSelf for a while and I am Finally Doing it... My procedure is with Dr Ary Krau at CG cosmetics on May 5th ... I am so excited and blessed to finally have this procedure . My bday is the first week of June so I hope I will be in good condition and spirits to celebrate.... READ MORE

48 Years Old, 5'5" 135 Lbs, Grade II Ptosis, Lift with 210g Implants

Kids and gravity have taken their toll, causing sagging and loss of firmness/fullness. In my 20s I was a nice B cup, up to a D or even DD during pregnancies, finally settling into a less than beautiful (in my eyes) droopy full C or small D. Over almost 2 years I consulted with 5 different... READ MORE

265cc Inspira Implant with Breast Lift

I had my lift and implant yesterday. I struggle immensely with weather or not to do the implant. My concerns were autoimmune diseases, having to get new one done the road, them feeling heavy in my body, my daughter not being comfortable laying on me, I didn't want any side boob and not too big... READ MORE

31 Year Old Woman 1 BF Child BreastLift/ Implant Lipo F/B

I scheduled my date Via phone and Email. I sent pictures and medical info to Ashley via email. She was very helpful. They emailed me a release to get blood work completed in Jacksonville. I then went to Any Labs and they sent my results directly to Dr. Kraus office. I am Scheduled for surgery... READ MORE

30 Year Old, No Kids. Much Needed Implants and Lift After Significant Weight Loss.

Weight loss left me with a lot of emptiness in my chest and has been the focal point of my negative self image and low self esteem. Even after losing 97 pounds, my band size is 38/40 depending what kind of bra I'm wearing. Being left between an A cup and a B cup left me very little options for... READ MORE

I Have Been Wanting This for YEARS!!!!

(Just so you know I am writing this two days after surgery so I apologize if my grammar is off ????). I have been wanting this for years and years (even before kids). I am currently 5'8"ish and approximately 169 lbs. I am a mommy of two boys (ages 8 and 4). Hubby finally gave me the go ahead so... READ MORE

43 Years Old Mum of 2, Breastfed, Empty Small Breast, Needs Lifting and Implant, MyBreast Clinic

I am a mum of two children, I have breastfed both for about 2 years. My breast is empty, hanging and I am very depressed about the way it looks. I have decided to have implants and apparently I need a lift too. My operation is in two weeks. I am very nervous about it but I look forward for it. I... READ MORE

40yrs Old, No Kids, 128lbs 34 B or Small C Now

So I had my 1st consultation and booked my surgery. One breast is bigger than the other so I was given 2 choices. One I can do a bennelli lift on 1 breast and implants in both or a lollipop lift with implants which there will be a vertical scar on 1 and was told they will be even. Also, I didn't... READ MORE

Decision Made - Inverness, IL

I am 36, and breast fed 3 kids- 5'2, 115lbs. I was a C cup pre kids and a DD while breast feeding. Now I wear a b cup but don't fill it. I have toyed around with getting implants for years. A few years ago I chickened out of a surgery but honestly I wasn't 100 percent sure about the doctor. This... READ MORE

43 YO Female. 5'6", 125lbs Mastopexy with SRF-520CC NATRELLE INSPIRA Silicone Unders - Newport Beach, CA

Ive been so happy to find to learn, and share about what I will be going through in a few weeks. Im 42 (43 in Jan), 5'6", 121lbs. I do not have children, but have gone through significant weight changes in my lifetime. With that, comes the "deflated boobs". I do not hate my... READ MORE

Original BA Years ago - Going Smaller- Voluntary deflation, Vertical Breast Lift and Implant Replacement

I found Dr. McNeel while researching plastic surgeons for my rhinoplasty. He did a great job on that and a few other small cosmetic items since then. He has become my go-to doctor for cosmetic issues. Explant, revision – What to do next? My journey. After 18 years I have decided to take o... READ MORE

70 Lbs Lost, Active 30 Year Old Seeking Reconstruction 145 lbs 5'6"

Over the course of 7 years, I've lost about 70 lbs. I have always had large breasts, even as a child. After finally maintaining a healthy weight for over a year, I thought it was time to love my breasts. I searched out and found a surgeon I was comfortable with. There are MANY around where I... READ MORE

25 Year Old, No Kids, Looking for a Lift! 200cc Mentor Implants

I just turned 25 years old, 5"6, size 4. Always had flat breasts up top and heavy on the bottom. I was a 34C/32D and without a bra I would look completely flat chested. No cleavage. Hated the shape. Now thanks to Dr. Sheila Bond, my breasts are up, full and I have cleavage! She advised me that... READ MORE

31yrs Old, 3kids, and a Much Needed Breast Lift - Miami, FL

Hi girls! Reading all the reviews on here have helped me prepare physically and mentally so much that I decided to share my journey in hopes to help as well! So far I've been talking and emailing w Jennifer from dr. Hochstein's office and she's been so sweet and helpful. Just got my blood work... READ MORE

Breast Lift with New B-Lite Implants

I'm 34 years old, size 8 UK, 182 cm no kids but have droopy boobs. They have never been perky. I went from having ZERO boobs then from the age of 16 to 17 to developing sagging socks. It's like it happened over night! I've been to 3 consultations and have finally decided on Dr Inglefield. I... READ MORE

28 Years, No Kids, Lost 132lbs, Getting 415 Cc - Netherlands, NL

OP scheduled 2 of May! Really nervous!! Getting a breastlift with hp implants 415cc.. I'm not happy with the way my breast look at this moment, lost a lot of weight (132lbs) but my boobs lost a lot to! Saved some money to do the OP.. and now time has almost come to go get some new boobs! Hope... READ MORE

41 yr old, 5'6 tall and 155 lbs. Lift with Mentor 400CC High Profile implants.

Scheduled for March 1st. One week until the big day!!! So excited! I decided with 400CC under the muscle. I really liked the 375CC but then was informed that the 400CC will give me the look of the 375CC sizer. I liked the 400CC too as far as the width and roundness, just didn't like how much... READ MORE

Dr Krau Breast Lift with Implant - Miami, FL

I'm not sure what went wrong with my surgery but he "fixed it " and this is what I'm left with. If anyone knows any doctors in Texas that can further correct this even with a tattoo please direct me. I'm very upset about this as I am young with no children and an exotic dancer this ruins my... READ MORE

31 Yr Old Mother of 3 Breastfed Children. In Need of Restoration.

I'm planning my journey to revamping my "girls". I have 3 beautiful children that I have all breastfed. Let's just say my breast are now hanging a little low Lol. I am done having babies (DONE!! Ha) and I am now ready to get back to where I once was but even better. I'm excited for this new... READ MORE

Newly Divorced 48 Year Old (5'8) 157 Lbs Workout Nut Looking for Better Boobies - Hudson, FL

Hello fellow boob lovers... I'm 48, recently divorced and looking at starting a new life and thought new boobies would be just the right thing to do for ME at this time in my life. I've gotta have my A game on now that I'm single.. lol A little history about me.. My stats again are that i'm... READ MORE

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