Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.

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I have looked at tons of people's reviews and found them helpful so I decided to post mine. I saw Dr a Philbin from Edina plastic surgery in Minnesota for my second consultation today to finalize size and questions since my initial consultation. It was great to talk with him again and be... READ MORE

I wanted new breasts for 16 years. The first surgeon I saw in Seattle told me when I was 20 years old (and saggy even then) to wait until I have children then get new breasts. I'm glad followed his advice but he retired a few years ago. I saw another doctor in Seattle for another consult last... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I'm writing this review because I haven't read a lot of reviews about women my age getting a lift with implants. I've already my consultation with Dr. Salzhauer, who seemed really friendly, and I also really like the results of his patients. He told me I had tubular breasts,... READ MORE

Here's a little about me :) I'm wanting to get a breast lift with implants. I have my first consultation tomorrow morning (2/10/16) and I am a bit nervous for some reason. I want to get upper fullness in my breast if that makes sense to you. I would really like to feel comfortable in a swimsuit... READ MORE

Finally I decided to write about my experience... I'm 26 years old, 2 kids, my breast was deflated. I researched about BA for about 3-4 years. I went to see 2 plastic surgence in town, first one said I can get away just with bigger implant but few years later I will end up with big saggy... READ MORE

I had my op today, I have wanted this since June 2013 and finally had enough money to do so, I breastfed my daughter for 6 months and didn't give her a dummy until she was 3 months so she was on my breasts all the time! My boobs became very much deflated so I had to have a boob job! I started of... READ MORE

Hi, I have been wanting a lift for at least a couple of years now, my boobs are slightly tuberous and deflated from breastfeeding and weight gain/weight loss over the years. My daughter is 5 and I have decided now's the time. I had an appointment with my PS in November 2015 and I decided that... READ MORE

I've been thinking about a BL/BA since I grew my boobs. I always struggled with very saggy boobies since I was 16. Probably didn't help going from mosquito bites to a C cup from 6th grade to 7th. Then also not knowing how to properly support them didn't help keep them perky. I've always... READ MORE

I have been researching this for over a year now, and have been to three consultations. Two of the three I really liked and did repeat consults with each of them. I finally decided on Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore in Albany, NY. I just really liked his attitude towards me and he made me feel like I... READ MORE

After battling myself if I should have done a BBL or Breast Augmentation and consultations, I decided to do my boobs. In my other review, I mentioned what made me choose Dr.Revis. Not only does he perform PHENOMENAL results but he emails me back and his coordinator has always been there for... READ MORE

I'm 51, 2 beautiful young adult girls. Abused my body.for years, lost 70 pounds with diet, execise, all causing very saggy breast... I researched a plastic surgeons for over a year, I had 3 consultations , asked everyone I knew for recommendations. Dr Krau was recommended highly by several... READ MORE

Scheduled Breast augmentation/lift with Dr. Robert Hardesty at Imagine Plastic Surgery in Riverside. Had a good feeling as soon as I walked in, staff was incredible. I have tuberous breasts so this won't be easy but after seeing the facility and meeting the Doctor, I'm so ready! Never thought I... READ MORE

After weight loss and thin skin , I have decided to go for it, Brest implant under the mussel and uplift , I'm on day 7 now and cut down on pain medication , I'm just very tender and restricted to where I can move , my arms, I'm taking flucloxacillin , which has given me thrush , but last day... READ MORE

I am a few weeks out from my Total Lower Body Lift and Breast lift with Implants! I am getting so nervous but excited. I met with my PS last week and before meeting with him I was feeling very anxious but after speaking with him I feel so ready to do this. He's amazing with such great bedside... READ MORE

I've always had what I considered to be small breasts for my body type. After losing 148 lbs I have even less. This was a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday. I had my augmentation and lift on August 3rd 2015. I had a lollipop lift and 600 CC's in both sides. I'm anxious for the... READ MORE

Paid cash 18,000$ for lift with implants and doctor put 550cc in one and 250cc in other lifted only one I was left uneven but this time the smaller side was the opposite side as to what it was b4 and so I went back paid 5000$ cash and now for some reason still have uneven breasts again the... READ MORE

Hi all, I'd like to keep this relatively brief as I plan to update this more throughout my pre- and post-surgery process. I am extremely embarrassed and nervous to share my photos/experience here on Realself, but ever since I first discovered the website years ago and was able to look at 'odd,'... READ MORE

I've always had a chest on the smaller side but after 2 kids I was deflated. I never thought I would want plastic surgery or breast implants but decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Lee, I had heard great things about him. Before my appointment I was very skeptical that I would get the... READ MORE

I have always had very saggy breasts, but of course pregnancy and breastfeeding for 15 months certainly made it worse. I've always been afraid of the pain and or course any adverse events that could occur, although they are very rare. The first two days after surgery were a little rough, but... READ MORE

My pre op is coming up in 2 days and the surgery is in 2 weeks (can't wait). I have gone to many doctors to consultations and I felt like I didn't have a choice of how I wanted it done. When I went for my first consultation with Dr. Adamo I felt like I just found a needle in the hay stack. He is... READ MORE

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