Breast Lift with Implants

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A breast lift reshapes sagging or uneven breasts, which may have been affected by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. The nipple and areola are often shifted to a higher, more youthful position. A breast lift with implants uses this same technique, while also placing silicone or saline breast implants for added volume. LEARN MORE ›

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44 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Weight Loss - Miami, FL

After two kids and weight loss surgery my breasts were basically empty socks, it was the one part of my body that I couldn't work on to fix myself. I decided on a breast lift with implants. I went with Dr. Krau at CG Cosmetics. Dr. Krau did an amazing job on my breasts but CG Cosmetics is an... READ MORE

34 Years Old .. 162lbs 3 Kids .. Breast Lift With 350cc

I wanted more perky Breast and a smaller areola and that what he gave me .. I can barley see the line and incisions where the lift was taking place .. it almost looked glued .. Very excited about t the end result I am so happy . I ask for 350cc and that's what he suggested as well .. I looked t... READ MORE

32F/5'8/160 lbs 2 Kids Breast Augmentation with Lift - Post Reduction

I found Dr. Davis after reading popular online forum. I found that he and his wife run his practice. After my first consultation I knew that I was going to use him for my lift and augmentation. His office was beautiful, inviting, very relaxing, and the staff was very friendly. There is... READ MORE

27, 1 Child, 50lb Weight Loss

Hi there! I'm going to be having a breast lift and augmentation performed simultaneously under the hands of Dr. Avi Islur at the First Glance Clinic this coming June and I absolutely cannot wait!! I'm also nervous about going under though :/ During the consultation Dr. Islur recommended a full... READ MORE

22yrs. No Kids. Lipo W BBL. Breast Lift W Implants

Needed my breast lifted and did some lipo with BBL and added some hips. For me personally the only pain I had was the massages. The price included fajas, massages, meds, and all your exams needed prior to getting the surgery. It's well worth it and coming to Colombia to get the surgery with this... READ MORE

30year Old Mother of 5

I am currently a very saggy 32e, hoping to be a very full, lifted but natural looking 32e. I am looking for some advice and support as to what to expect from Dr Mark Solomos. I have also seen some other ladies say they had different types of lifts. If someone could tell me more that would be... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, Breastfed All of Them! Time to Get my Sexy Back! - Marietta, GA

I had some very amazing breast before kids and now I have 3 amazing kids and an even more amazing husband, the breast aren't bad now.Today my breasts are just way too soft and wiggly, and they totally lack volume. I knew I wanted to get this done when I tripped and heard my breast slap against... READ MORE

25 Year Old, No Kids, Looking for a Lift! 200cc Mentor Implants

I just turned 25 years old, 5"6, size 4. Always had flat breasts up top and heavy on the bottom. I was a 34C/32D and without a bra I would look completely flat chested. No cleavage. Hated the shape. Now thanks to Dr. Sheila Bond, my breasts are up, full and I have cleavage! She advised me that... READ MORE

Breast Lift with New B-Lite Implants

I'm 34 years old, size 8 UK, 182 cm no kids but have droopy boobs. They have never been perky. I went from having ZERO boobs then from the age of 16 to 17 to developing sagging socks. It's like it happened over night! I've been to 3 consultations and have finally decided on Dr Inglefield. I... READ MORE

31 Yr Old - 3 Children - in Need of a Lift

So, even as a teenager I was aware that my breasts did not develop 'normally'. So, after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain/loss, I decided that it was either time to take matters into my own hands or live with it. After much deliberation I have started the journey to look at my options and... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Four Kids and Doing Something for Me - San Diego, CA

I have gone to my consultation, put down my down payment and booked my day!! -my consultation went pretty good I was really nervous. It went really well and I tried on 550cc sizers, Pousti did say that would be my max amount of CC's for my measurements. Oh yeah I am 5'3 and 135lbs. I breastfeed... READ MORE

29Yr Old, 2 Kids - Breastfed- Pre Op Deflated 32E - Lift Plus Mentor 175cc Implant for Roundness and Upper Pole.

I always loved everything about my breasts and then I was blessed with two beautiful children. 2.5 years and 9months old. My 32E breasts had completely deflated and I lost all my upper pole fullness and confidence. My breasts were merely skin and bottom heavy. I opted to do a Breast lift and... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Augmentation & Arm Lipo

Always been unhappy with severely sagging breasts. Also my arms naturally hold onto fat and had more of a full appearance. I am thrilled with the results even though it's still early in the healing process. Looking forward to continual healing/results and couldn't have asked for a better experience. READ MORE

I Wish I Knew About This Before I Got my Lift and Augmentation

I had my surgery July last year and couldn't be happier! It was tough but well worth the time and pain in recovery! I will try to find my pics pre and post! I am open for questions and had such a great experience I really want to share it with the world. I am a mother of 6 and wish I could have... READ MORE

Shape over Size! Breast lift with Implant Downsize (and recent revision).

Hi everyone, For the last several weeks I've been reading reviews in this forum, which have been so helpful. In 4 days I'll be getting on a plane to Colorado for (breast lift with implant exchange) surgery with Dr. Vath, so I figured it was time for me to start a journal to share my... READ MORE

27 Years Old, No Kids, 5'7", 157lbs, 470cc with Lollipop Lift - Birmingham, AL

I had my procedure yesterday and I felt compelled to write a review after all the time I spent on this website and how much it helped me. I am 27 years old, active female and I've had saggy breasts since before I could remember. After years of wanting larger breasts I met with a local PS and... READ MORE

34, 5'6.5", 128 lbs, 5 kids, Anchor Lift with 500cc HP silicone implants under the muscle

I chose Dr Warnock based on previous experience with him as a doctor. He worked on my son as his plastic surgeon for facial reconstruction and I was very pleased with his results. I also liked his before and after pictures of his previous breast augmentations. Went into surgery am so... READ MORE

52 Yrs Breast Reduction, Lift with Implants and Lipo. Silicone Under Muscle. 400cc Very High Profile. Sydney Australia.

Tomorrow is the day. So nervous about the look and the scars. I have wanted to do this for 10 years. After two consultations I cancelled my others as I felt so comfortable with the Dr I have chosen. I left my first consult in tears, not feeling comfortable with the Dr and being told... Your not... READ MORE

37 Years Old. Remove of Implants, Anchor Lift with 550 Cc HP Silicone

Hated these saggy breast.. had a terrible lift from Dr. Seify in Newport Beach 4 years ago.. decided to go see the best of the best.. DR. AMBE!! : he was AMAZING!! Wish I would have gone to him in the first place.. his bedside manner was so nice, he answered every question and explained... READ MORE

Breast implants with lift, 5'6, 175 pds, 375cc silicone cohesive gels (Natrelle Inspira SSM moderate), under the muscle

Hi RealSelf community! I had a breast reduction when I was 19, and now at 33, after 1 pregnancy and losing weight, I want volume back in my empty breasts. I've seen 2 doctors so far, Dr M Brown and Dr D Ford of Toronto, and have one more consult this week with Dr J Khanna. I've been told by... READ MORE

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