Breast Lift with Implants

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For those looking for larger, perkier breasts, a breast lift (also known as a mastopexy) with implants provides the benefits of a breast lift while adding implants. The paired procedure restores shape and volume, which often includes shifting the nipple and areola in order to create a more natural placement.

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Soo I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr. Justin west on July 14th (pending gi clearance.) the plan is to do a donut lift as well as 375-400 cc; I was nervous at first about the lift that dr. West has chosen but I met with him yesterday and feel a lot better about the procedure I just feel like he... READ MORE

Paid in full and surgery is next Tuesday. I'm hoping to have 497cc-533cc! I have four kids under 6 so I'm hoping this all goes well. I live in Florida but having them done in California because my mom and sisters live here. I would love to hear how other moms did afterward and how long it took... READ MORE

Getting nervous. Pre-op is May 27th. Dr. Vath has such a phenomenal reputation. I am glad that I chose him. I am still torn between the 355cc and 385cc. I am also torn between mod or high profile. I am sure he will help me make the decision on Friday. I will add my before pictures on Friday. I... READ MORE

After breast feeding my second daughter I knew I would never be the same. I naturally had a hourglass figure, thick hips, butt & 36C. But now My breast are sagging & deflated. My bikini tops and dresses do not look the same. I need to feel sexy again, and be confident. My surgery is... READ MORE

I've always wanted volume in my breasts. I had a small B cup and was not happy. Last year I lost 30 pounds through the hcg diet and finally decided that it was time to get the body I wanted. I got a breast lift and 400 cc of silicone implants, lipo of the abdomen top/lower, flanks, back and... READ MORE

I've been thinking about having a breast aug done for several years. After nursing two babies I REALLY knew it'd be something I wanted to do. Yesterday I bit the bullet and did it! We went with 440ccs on the right and 480ccs on the left. We chose saline mainly by her recommendation and the fact... READ MORE

From the first contact this office has been amazing! The was my first surgery ever and everyone involved was patient,kind and helpful. Everything was explained in detail about what to expect and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I would highly recommend them,very happy with the... READ MORE

Hi ladies! So I'm 1 day post op after my implant and uplift! Yesterday morning I went down for surgery 8am literally shaking with nerves worrying about being put to sleep and alls I could think of was of something went wrong and was welling up over my 4 year old. I told myself lay on the bed... READ MORE

My surgery is in 10 hours and I'm so excited. A little nervous but very excited. I have wanted to have a breast lifted for over 5 years. I was waiting to have kids, but that has yet to happen. So I've decided the time is NOW to have the breast I've always wanted. I'm having my breast lift and... READ MORE

I'm a 25 year old mother of one, and I've always been unhappy with the size & shape of my boobs. I breastfed my daughter for 15 months and now they're even more sad than they were before! :/ After a LOT of research I had a consultation with Dr. Pousti in San Diego, CA and it was a great... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled in 2 days and I'm still freaking out about size. Getting full anchor lift with implants - mentor moderate plus silicone under muscle - and still debating between 350, 375, and 400 cc. I am 5'5" and 115 pounds. Swam competitively so have a broad chest and back and don't... READ MORE

Well, here goes... I'm 44 years old, 5'3, and 137lbs. I've lost 70 pounds over the last year and now my body has paid the price. I can't wait to get my fuller breasts back. These Snoopy Boobs are killin' me. LOL. I have always had bigger breasts but never a flat tummy. I'm also going in for a... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for 8/9/16. But as of tonight i havent decided on what im doing. Breast lift with implants or without. My os sorta shows through his body language id look better with small implants . If i did an implant id want it no more than 300 just to fill out the top and roundness and... READ MORE

Age: 28 Height: 5'7 3/4" Weight: 138-149lbs (I fluctuate cuz I weightlift) Dress Size: 3 Breast Size: saggy 32DD Since I was in middle school and first developed I had these HUGE saggy boobs! They were 36DD at one point after gaining weight and were so heavy that they created indents in my... READ MORE

Love this site!! Think I'm addicted to it. I want to thank all the women who post these reviews because without this I don't know if I would have been able to decide on my PS. So far I have had my initial consultation with Kim (head nurse) for Dr. Jugenburg. She made me feel very comfortable.... READ MORE

I had a breast aug and lift when i was 18. Over time, the lift failed and the implants began to sag and stretch out my breasts. I had saggy, scar filled, uneven breasts 7 years post op. They were gross. Now I am 25 and I finally decided to fix it, I began my hunt for a doctor about 3 months ago.... READ MORE

Ever since I was little I thought my breast looked weird. I was always hoping once they grew they would become normal. From doing research online when I was 17 I found out what tuberous breast are and have know ever since that I wanted them corrected. I am almost 26 and decided it's finally time... READ MORE

I am 32, 150lbs and currently a B (or at least in one - LOL) and I have a 12 year old that I nursed for 6 mo. I really want beautiful boobs. I want them to be the same size and symmetrical. I really want to be able to wear a sundress and not have to wear a bra to make them look the same size!... READ MORE

I'm a 44 year old mum to 4 kids from 14-24 years old. I breast fed all of them with no regrets but it took its toll on my what were, pert young boobs! I have uneven , sagging breasts with stretched aerolas which I hate !!! I'm having a lift with anchor incisions with 350cc anatomical implants.... READ MORE

I am new to RS but have quickly become addicted to it lol. I love reading abt ppls stories/journeys so I've finally decided to share mine. I've been wanting a BA for 14 yrs. I was a nice 32B before having kids. My boobs got massive big after each were born and then quickly deflated into the sad... READ MORE

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