Breast Lift with Implants

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A breast lift reshapes sagging or uneven breasts, which may have been affected by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. The nipple and areola are often shifted to a higher, more youthful position. A breast lift with implants uses this same technique, while also placing silicone or saline breast implants for added volume. LEARN MORE ›

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39 Year Old Mom of 2 Who Loves to Workout - Lift and Aug scheduled 12/6 350-400 Unders

I've made the decision to do this after wanting it for years. I used to be super heavy, and at one point was a size DDD. I've gotten in shape and this is the only thing on my body I can't change. I'm not afraid of the pain, but I'm really worried about not being able to lift weights,... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implant - 315cc , Mum of 2, 33 Yrs Old and 134Ib's....

Soooo ....I'm 6 days away from my surgery date and I am nervous as hell. Our youngest son is 14 months old and I promised to get myself back on track after this pregnancy. So here I am getting my breast lifted and filled with hopefully 375 cc round implants over the muscle. Its been a long road... READ MORE

Ready for a Lift but Scared of Being Huge

I'm getting ready for my lift and absolutely obsessing. Doc says I need an implant. Everyone says listen to the doc. I've been huuuuge my whole life. Now I'm all shrunken from babies and I like my size. He says do a 250 cc and if I really want to be the same size, he can take out tissue... READ MORE

26 Years Old Breast Lift + Implants - Toronto, ON

Had my consultation with Dr. Jugenburg and head nurse Kim (she is so wonderful) and am having a lollipop lift + augmentation (300cc saline) Sept. 27th. I'm currently a 32D but definitely don't totally fill out my bras. Feeling pretty nervous but definitely feel like i'm in good hands with Dr.... READ MORE

43 Years Young and let the fight against gravity begin!

I am scheduled for my breast lift with an implant. I am super excited. I wanted to get to a D cup, currently B and C. The doctor suggested 285CC max with the lift. Not sure if that will be big enough for my frame. I am 5'7" and 165lbs. I am also trying to lose 20lbs before the procedure in Nov.... READ MORE

MYA London, 23, Nipple Lift With Implants - London, GB

So after loads of reading, researching and reviews I thought it's my turn to share my experience as I wouldn't know what to expect without all these reviews...I am hoping I can post updates on this review as not sure how this works to shall my full journey and I'll be starting with my... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Capsulorrhaphy and Implant Exchange - Omaha, NE

My apologies, I was too grogged out on pain meds to post day 1 pics. This is day 2. So far, I am med-free but am in a considerable amount of pain albeit tolerable. I had my first post-op appt today. Dr. Edney replaced some of my taping and sent me on my way. From what I can see so far, I think... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mother of Three Needs Her Boobs Back

Pulled the trigger and scheduled my surgery for a breast lift with augmentation. I have been debating for the longest time, but after meeting with the PS For consultation I decided I am going for it. I now spend inordinate amounts of time looking at before and afters. And reading risks. 11/11... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Deflated Breasts After Weight Loss - Charlotte, NC

I've always had very big full breasts from a young age. At my peak I was a 32DDD. And I am very petite so my breasts have always been a part of my identity. The past year as a combination of birth control and lifestyle change, my breasts have deflated and gotten smaller. I am about a 32D. I'm... READ MORE

23 Year Old, Much Needed Breast Lift & Implants After Weight Loss - Sydney, AU

I am 23 years of age, I underwent a breast augmentation lift procedure with moderate plus profile implants in fixing up the asymmetry of my breasts. I grew up travelling and experiencing what the world had to offer with my family and never really took into account I was a bigger framed girl... READ MORE

31 Years Old No Kids Breast Lift with Implants and Bbl - Dominican Republic

So I heave been researching and wanting to get these procedures done for a while now and finally I've decided to go with Dra Medina I want to have a full size d cup breast and a nice round fluffy but...... I've decided to go with Dra medina because I feel she is very safe and takes the rite... READ MORE

66 Years Old Breast Lift and Augmentation - Knoxville, TN

I have interviewed some great plastic surgeons and will be making my decision on Monday September 19, 2016 with an expected day of October 2016 surgery. All my life my breasts have been a source of depression for me. I have asymmetry with one breast being a cup size larger than the other. As... READ MORE

Deflated Boobies Getting Are Getting a Makeover! Reno, NV

Pre-op scheduled for 10/12! I'm a 33 year old mama of 2, whose boobies got put through the wringer while nursing! I've got a petite frame (5'1", 100lbs, 26" under bust) and am currently a 30C/32B, but with minimal breast tissue and enlarged areola. After SEVERAL consults, I have decided to... READ MORE

Brachioplasty, breast Lift with Silicone Implants. I'm Loving the Transformation - Dominican Republic

He did it again, my magician. I'm loving my new breast and arms. Who knew all of this could of been in the horizons for me.Dr Almanzar is top notch. I recommend him highly.He is top in his field And I have complete trust in his surgical capabilities The moment I met Dr. Almanzar, I knew I... READ MORE

Pulling the trigger! 34 years old, 5' 5" 150 lbs, 2 breastfed children with 65+ lb weight gain and loss.

I am right in between of NEEDing a lift and wanting one. The whole reason for the augmentation is perkier and fuller...not just bigger. But I don't want scars. Does anyone have experience or know anyone who had a "doughnut lift." My consult yesterday said, she could do a minor one on my left... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Mom of 4 and Very Much Needed Breast Lift and Implant. - Charlotte, NC

I can't wait to finally get my surgery. My breasts went from being a full d all of my life to a deflated a cup (if that) after having kids. I interviewed several Drs and am very confident in my selection of. He comes highly recommended by several friend whom he's worked on, is very... READ MORE

38 Year Old 5'5 150lbs, Lift with Implants 360cc - Shreveport, LA

Finally did it , after years of wanting my pre mom breast back. I had 1 consult and then surgery today. So far so good! We went and shopped after I came home and took an hour nap. I am resting again but still not in much pain just tender and tight. Can't wait to see results. This site helped me... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'3 Breast Augmentation with Nipple Lift

My surgery is scheduled for October 3rd. I am getting 450 moderate profile gel, under the muscle, with a nipped lift. I am 5'3 and currently weigh 150 pounds. I have a 9 year old and a 1 year old. I can't wait to see the results. I have been wishing for fuller perkier breasts since the birth of... READ MORE

37 Years Old 2 Kids Never Had Full Breast - Tallahassee, FL

So here I am 6 days out and I am pretty happy with my results. In fact I'm in love! I never have had perky breast no matter how old is was or what I weighed. I had 2 children and while I was nursing they were full but always seemed to deflat more and more the old I got. After decided upon a lift... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 1 Child. Saggy/Asymmetrical Breasts - Toronto, ON

I am 33 years old, 34DD bra size. My breasts were very saggy asymmetrical. I decided to have a breast lift with implants. I searched for months and I chose to call Dr.Jugenburg for a consultation. I was very impressed with his reviews and before/after pictures. I had my consultation with the RN... READ MORE

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