Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) Procedure

Dr. Tehrani performing a trans-umbilical breast augmentation. He places saline implants into the breast through the belly button. Next, Dr. Tehrani fills the implant with saline. Finally, he closes the inconspicuous incision at the belly button. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tehrani performing a breast augmentation with silicone implants on a skinny patient. The patient has a breast deformity where her chest wall caves in. To correct this deformity, Dr. Tehrani places shaped silicone implants into the patient's chest VIEW NOW

Silicone vs. Saline Implants

A brief discussion on some of the important differences between silicone and saline breast implants. VIEW NOW

Types of Silicone Breast Implants

A brief comparison of the different types of Silicone Breast implants available. Including "gummy bear", smooth round, soft touch, and highly cohesive silicone implants. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation Revision Implant Removal with Fat Grafting to the Breast (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tehrani performing a breast augmentation with fat harvested from the patient's body. First, he performs liposuction of the abdomen. Next, he removes the patient's vintage saline implants. Lastly, he injects the fat he removed during liposuction. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Placement

Dr Raymond Goh discusses his preference, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the different planes or pockets for breast implant placement. VIEW NOW

When Will Breast Implants Drop and Fluff

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ted Eisenberg explains why your breast implants start up high and when you can expect them to settle down and look more natural. VIEW NOW

The Best Candidates for a Breast Lift

Dr Raymond Goh outlines his assessment of whether a patient will get a good result with breast augmentation with implants alone, or whether a breast lift is required. VIEW NOW

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How to Decide the Best Breast Implant for You

Dr Raymond Goh discusses his indications for the three main types of silicone implants used in breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Silicone Breast Implant Exchange (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tehrani performing a breast implant revision. Patient had smooth round silicone breast implants and Dr. Tehrani swaps them out for larger round textured implants. In the process, he sutures the inside capsule to ensure the implant stays in place VIEW NOW

Correcting Breast Asymmetry

While no one has identical breasts, if you are unhappy with the difference in size, it can be corrected. VIEW NOW

See What Your Breast Implants Will Look Like on Your Body Before Surgery

At Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. Vasquez explains technology that shows you exactly what your breast implants will look like before surgery. Based on your aesthetic goals, he will help you find the breast implant size that's right for you! VIEW NOW

See Your Breast Implants on Your Body Before Surgery

At Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. Vasquez has the technology to work with you and show you what your breast implants will look like on your body before surgery! Find the breast implant size that's right for you. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift with Galaflex and Nipple Reduction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tehrani performing a breast lift with nipple reduction. Patient has tuberous breast deformity so he reshapes the breast with her natural breast tissue. Next, he uses Galaflex 3D mesh as an internal bra to secure her new breast shape and position VIEW NOW


Deciding Which Type of Breast Implant is Right for You

Dr. Vasquez discusses the different types of implants available for you. Get to know each implant and decide which one is best for you based on your aesthetic goals and needs. VIEW NOW

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