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Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op. (Photo)

325cc Silimed high profile sub pectoral. Shall time be the healer or was I just genetically designed with this gap between my breasts?Are they... READ MORE

Silimed Polyuthene Implants, Are these the Gummy Bear Implants?

Hi I had these type of implants just over 5 months ago are these the gummy bear implants I have the anatomical 410cc also they are still quite firm to... READ MORE

Have my implants already dropped and settled? (Photo)

Hi, I had my BA done almost four weeks ago and was wondering if they have dropped and are settling into position? If yes, in your esteemed opinions,... READ MORE

Breast implants too high. Do I need to downsize or do I need pocket revision? 9 years post! More details on my profile (Photo)

I have Silimed Teardrop Round 215cc, submusc (11.3cm D x 3.7cm P). 5ft, 105lbs. Breasts have barely changed since surgery. I am now 50, wanted very... READ MORE

Has my dr chosen the wrong implants for what I was after? (Photo)

I had 320cc Silimed Tear Drop Textured implants (moderate profile) placed under the muscle 7 weeks ago. I was originally a 10A bra. the implant specs... READ MORE

I have swelling on my sternum 3 week post op. Is it normal and is it going to subside, or is it symmastia? (Photo)

I had BA done 23 days ago . i had tubular breast , i went for 365 cc anatomical silicon gel silimed , i am not happy with my result it looks weird to... READ MORE

Furry brazilians - tuberous breasts. Will they drop at all? I am 12 days post op and they are still straight at the bottom ;'(

I had mild tuberous breasts which were symmetrical, but were constricted in the lower pole making them cone shaped (which I hated), no ptosis. I had... READ MORE

Implants too big and too closed - 2 weeks post opts (Photo)

I had BA 435cc Silimed high protection on 16 Dec, 26th I had revision opt on left side to lower the socket. 27th my surgeon tried to drain blood on... READ MORE

Are Silimed polyurethane coated "gummy bear" implants more safe ?

Are silimed polyurethane coated "gummy bear" implants more safe ? Does the coating not leak into the skin? I've heard of many problems...has there... READ MORE

Almost 8 weeks post op Silimed polyurethane implants 310cc...advice needed

I am almost 8 weeks post op breast augmentation 310cc silimed polyurethane implants. My question is this, these implants are supposed to stay where... READ MORE

Breast implants and augmentation question. I need advice please. I just want to know if they look normal (Photo)

I had breast implants in September 2013 per the muscle I think 370cc and 375cc in one I have silimed polyurethane breast plants . My right breast is... READ MORE

Do US plastuc surgeons use German Polytech implants?

I just wondered if You know of and/or use the Polytech implants? Are they a good brand compared to Silimed? READ MORE

Will my breasts look a little larger with the drop and fluff or once more time has passed? Is it still too early to tell?

I am 1 month post-op and I feel like I made the wrong decision in getting 224 Silimed (MD) implants because they are pretty small. I wanted a natural... READ MORE

Silimed polyurethane breast implants are still too high 8 months after BA and I can feel rippling

I had my ba 8 months ago dual plane and they are too high and i can feel rippling when i touch them. Is it normal, what can i do next? I am also... READ MORE

Pain top corner of implant near armpit?

I had Silimed anatomical 'furry Brazilians' 465cc over the muscle 5days ago. I had a fairly active day today but I did my best not to overexert my... READ MORE

I am experiencing contracture in left breast. Should I be massaging my Silimed Textured low profile anatomic implants? (Photos)

I am, 130 lbs and had replacement of my 20 year old silicon implants. Surgery was 3 weeks ago due to capsular contracture and both implants being... READ MORE

Silimed Implant confusion, are they safe to use?

I am booked to get implants done in 1 month. My doctor told me they use silimed implants. (Over seas) In Australia they put a hold on usage . Are they... READ MORE

Polyutherane coated silimed implant risks?

Hi I had breast implants done with polyutherane coated silimed implants 2 years ago. Neither my doctor nor the brochure I received contained... READ MORE

Which brand to use for breast implants, Silimed or BellaGel?

I want to get breast implants. My doctor has 2 different companies. Of Silimed and BellaGel. I cant choose. Please tell me the pros and cons of both;... READ MORE

Silimed breast implants health scare.

There are a number of stories in the press at the moment saying that Silimed implants could be dangerous/contaminated, and are now banned in many... READ MORE

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