Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op. (Photo)

325cc Silimed high profile sub pectoral. Shall time be the healer or was I just genetically designed with this gap between my breasts?Are they 'tuberous'? My pecs are very tight post surgery, shall stretching my pecs help to reduce the slight lateral placement and aid a more medial shift of my cleavage. I know I know, too early to tell, but want to know if this will resolve, or if there is ANYTHING I can do about it. Shall I stay away from pec exercises for ever so I dont worsen the problem?

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Can breast implants be brought closer together?

Based on your preoperative photos you did have a wide spaced area between your breasts which partially explains your result.

Placing breast implants under the muscle and using high profile implants also contributes to a wide gap between the breasts.

I do think you will improve with time and I believe breast implant displacement exercises and pectoralis contractions can help move the implants down further and hopefully a little closer.  However revision would require elevating the pectoralis muscle and perhaps cutting into the muscle to bring the implants closer.  That is a significant procedure and I'm not sure would be worth it.

Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op. (Photo)

From the photos you posted, you had a wide gap pre-op so when you get a breast augmentation, you will still have the gap post-operatively with larger breasts.  It is your anatomy.  The implants should be placed behind your nipples so they are centered on your breast mound.  If they were placed more medially, that would cause your nipples to face outward. As your swelling goes down and your implants settle, you may be able to make more cleavage wearing a bra.  I recommend avoiding pec exercises if you have implants as they tend to move your breasts down and out over time.  No, your breasts do not appear to be tuberous.  ac

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You have a gap preoperatively and you have gap postoperatively. Implants under the muscle cannot be placed nearer the midline than where the muscle insertions lie. Be careful with pec exercises and probably best to wear a support bra.

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
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Gap in chest

The gap is determined by your overall anatomy. When implants are placed under the muscle, the muscle insertion on the chest limits the implants medialization.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op.

These questions are best addressed by your operating surgeon. However, generally speaking under the muscle has initially less cleavage unless the operating surgeon takes measures to position the sub muscular implants closer to the midline--- as I would do. Without this manuever it will take massage to stretch the muscle in the middle so that you will improve your cleavage.

Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op.

Anatomically wide set breast are difficult to give a cleavage to. No you do not have tuners deformity.....

Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op.

Thank you for the question and pictures. No, I do not think that your preoperative pictures demonstrate  characteristics seen with tuberous breasts. I also do not think that there is anything that you can do to “bring your breasts closer together”. In my opinion, staying away from heavy pec major exercises (such as bench press, push-ups, flies...) may help prevent breast implants from shifting to the side. Despite your starting anatomy, it is possible (in my opinion) that the use of larger/wider breast implants may be helpful in achieving  decreased space between the breasts ( if you are considering revisionary breast surgery down the line). Best wishes.

Cleavage after breast augmentation

Your postop cleavage depends on several factors: inherent position of your pectoralis major muscles, profile of implant used, and volume of the implant.  Wide set muscles (and the breast that sits over it) will lead to wide set position of the implants.  Also, generally lower profile (wider) and larger volume implants will give the augmented chest more of that cleavage "appearance".  

Cleavage width depends on your pectoral muscles

Cleavage width depends on your pectoral muscles and how wide apart they are.  Some women have a naturally wide cleavage.  If you look at your pre pictures, you had a wide-spaced medial border.  Going over the muscle with a wider base implant may be an option, or simply a push up bra can help

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