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Will my Nipple Grow Back Out?

I got submuscular implants by circumareolar mastopexy two months ago. My left areola had a scab over it after the surgery. Now the scab has finally... READ MORE

How to Tell if Breast Implants Are Infected?

Hi, i had a breast augmentation on 7th april 2010, everything went fine, stitches out then scabbed up as normal then i kncked the scab off and it got... READ MORE

Have Leakage and a Scab of Skin on Only One Breast?

I have had a breast implants, and a mini lift five months ago. But recentlly am having muscle pain in one breast ;with leakage in the same breast.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. Not sure whether to have a bath as I still have scabs on my scars?

I'm 38, had 415cc teardrop implants under muscle. My surgeon said I could bath at 3 weeks but still have scabs on my scars. Is it wise to bath still? READ MORE

Still bleeding after breast aug 10 weeks post-op is there an infection? Will this be the final look of implant? (Photo)

I feel like the incision looks normal, but is there infection? I had to go back to work bartending so my doctor said over the phone it could just be... READ MORE

Scabbing around areola region?

How come is there to be stretched scabbing 1/2 inch around some areas of aereola at 3 weeks, what is good treatment for this will it go away soon ?... READ MORE

Normal to have scab at corner of scar 14 weeks after breast aug?

Hi, I'm 14 weeks post op and I still have a small, hard scab at the corner of my scar. There has been no redness or other problems at all.... I'm just... READ MORE

Why do I have this scabbing around my incisions? (photo)

I am 3 months post breast lift with implants and I have this a scabbing that won't seem to go away. Any thoughts on what it could be? READ MORE

Is clear reddish fluid drainage normal from incision 12 days breast implant post op?

I am 12 days post op breast implants and am having clear redish fluid drip out if incision area underneath my left breast. I had dissolvable stitches... READ MORE

What is this red mark near my scar and will it clear up? (Photo)

I noticed the mark after I took off my steri strips at day 10 I am now just over 3 weeks and it has not cleared up. To the touch I cannot feel... READ MORE

Tape removed for 2nd time (my first time of doing it) 11 days post-op and scab has lifted

I removed my tape for the first time by myself today and, although the right incision is closing nicely with no scanning, the left incision's scab has... READ MORE

Scabbing and tuberous breast correction with subglandular breast implants?

Will this procedure leave one eith more skin scabbing "around"the areolar region 1/2 inch READ MORE

Do my incisions look infected or just scabbed? Will the dried blood eventually go away? (Photos)

Can you recommend best cream for incision I am 17days post op the pain went away 2nd week now it a back especially during the night. Is this normal... READ MORE

Any suggestions on how to care for a picked scab on the areola? Also is it that normal?

I have breast implants for 10 days now. I had a scab on the nipple above the areola. I accidentally picked the scab and now the area is inflamed. Are... READ MORE

Capsular contracture and outer scabbing?

I got my breasts in Thailand  6 years ago around the same time that French guy was being convicted for selling implants filled with... READ MORE

My periareola scars are dark, will they ever fade? (Photos)

My periareola scars are darker than the rest of my areola and seem to make them look bigger. I am 9 weeks post op and haven't seen any change in them... READ MORE

Open wound 1 month after BA, should I go to the hospital? (photos)

Hi, I got my BA a month ago, 240cc round silicone under the muscle, I was rubbing rose hip oil onto the scar as my PS had instructed me to do and one... READ MORE

Do I have infection around left nipple? Do breasts get stiff from cold weather?

I had a breast lift with aug (3 weeks post op) and I noticed a little bit of dried green scabbing on my left breast. I have no drainage or hot red... READ MORE

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