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Is It Normal for my Breast Implant Incisions to Be Sore and Feel Like They're Rubbing?

I am 2 weeks post op and my insicions are under my breast. I saw my doctor about 5 days ago and he said all is well. But today my insicions mainly on... READ MORE

breast squeaks and rubs on rib

I have been experiencing a strange squeaking sound in one of my breast implants and it's extremely annoying ... like fingers across a blackboard.... READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Rubbing Against Implant Wear It out Faster?

I have had my round saline under muscle implants for 8 years now and am terrified that they will deflate. I just finished breastfeeding and got some... READ MORE

At 3 Months out is It Normal to Still Feel the Rubbing Sensation of the Implant?

When I push my breasts together I still feel the rubbing sensation on the right side? Is this normal at 3 months out? READ MORE

Rubber-Like Feeling 4 Weeks Post-op

I Have Rubber Like Rubbing Feeling in my Right Breast After 4 Weeks. What is it? READ MORE

Rubbing sensation accompanied by noise. Submuscular (Photo)

9 days post silicone .dominate side ( my right) started feeling a rubbing sensation with noise when I move .bend and ... READ MORE

Left breast implant feels like it is rubbing, like it is grinding against something, it is very uncomfortable. Is this normal?

I have had my implants now for 21 weeks, and when I lay down and I push my breast together, my left breast implant feels like it is rubbing, feels... READ MORE

My left breast makes a noise & feels like it's rubbing against my ribs when I bend forward. Is this normal?

My BA was 5 weeks ago. For the past few days my left breast has been making a swoosh noise & feels like it is rubbing against my ribs. It happens... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Do I look normal for 2 weeks post op? 800cc under the muscle. (photo)

Sometimes my right breast gets this (idk how else to describe it) tearing or like someone is rubbing sand paper inside my skin feeling! No extreme... READ MORE

7 months post op, why is my one breast is making noise?

When I work out or walk intently my right breast makes a raspy noise. It's sound like your chest would sound with respiratory issues. It also feels... READ MORE

My 5 yr old implants are making rubbing /squeaky noises when I run or move the implant around, is this a sign they are ruptured?

Submuscular silicone implants under the muscle since 2012. They look and feel fine. Occasionally I experience a rubbery balloon feeling under one of... READ MORE

Are my implants positioned properly or are they too far apart? (Photos)

I suppose I'm not sure what I expected, but maybe I'm just looking for some reassurance. Based on my pre-op pictures, does it look like my implants... READ MORE

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