breast squeaks and rubs on rib

I have been experiencing a strange squeaking sound in one of my breast implants and it's extremely annoying ... like fingers across a blackboard.  I can also feel the sensation of the implant rubbing on the rib or bone.  It started at week 7 which concerns me because what I have been reading is that it's normal for early post op but this is 7 weeks later.  It's been going on for about three weeks and does not seem to be getting any better.  I can also feel the implant shift when I bend forward and that, too, started at the same time.   I have been wearing firm support in the daytime and a sports bra at night.  I am beginning to think that maybe the sports bra is causing an issue because it holds me very firmly and could it possibly be pushing on the implant to stop any pocket formation?   I am curious as to how a pocket forms around a breast ... what will help it.  If a pocket forms, wouldn't the rubbing stop because there will be a cushion between?  Will a revision surgery help fix the problem?  I am beginning to regret getting the implants.  Although my ps doesn't seem concerned because it can't cause any harm, I am not happy with the squeaking sound.   Thanks.    

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Squeaking Sound at 7 Weeks Following Breast Implants

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  The squeaking sound is due to small amount of fluid in the pocket and the movement of the implant.  If the pocket is dissected appropriately, the capsule will form and prevent movement.  The fluid tends to get absorbed as well.


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Do not be alarmed. The squeaking is not uncommon, and it always stops.

Your surgeon doesn't seem concerned, because he knows this, but if it is concerning to you, bring it up again so he can reassure you.

There is a name for this sound, and it is normal. (It will go away eventually!)

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Your new implant sliding against the stretched moist tissues causes a friction rub (sound) that can be felt as well as occasionally heard. This is termed "bourdonnement" and was definitively described in the plastic surgery literature: "Bourdonnement and other benign temporary breast implant sounds", Annals of Plastic Surgery, Vol 43 p589, 1999.

The inflammation that causes this sound resolves as the healing process goes forward. It generally goes away in a few days to weeks, but can occasionally take longer, depending on how long your healing process takes. 7 weeks post-op is a bit unusual but not significantly out of the ordinary!

Those of us who still use a stethescope for listening to patients' chests will occasionally hear distinctive sounds such as this that indicate lung/chest (pleural) inflammation that can aid in diagnosis. In your case this sound only indicates that your breast healing is incomplete. You can ask your surgeon if a course of ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) is OK--this may help your squeak resolve. I have had my own patients describe this even several months after surgery; again, unusual, but not unheard of, so you should not be concerned! Best wishes!


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