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3.5 Weeks Post Breast Implants, and Developed a Ridge on the Side? (photo)

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op, silicone-under muscle-360cc. I am 94lbs. I noticed after about a week in ahalf that the right breast has like a ridge on the... READ MORE

Ridge Under the Bottom of my Breast? (photo)

I am 3 mths out with a textured implant anatomical 425 cc i have a ridge under one my breast crease th dr says he can release the ridge and take out... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implant Scars Abnormal?

I'm two weeks post-op from gel breast implants. Inframammary incision. Also had abdominal, hip and thigh lipo. Breast incisions healing nicely,... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a ridge at the crease of my breast 2 weeks post-op? Is there is a risk of double bubble? (Photo)

I am 27y/o, 64 inches and 135lbs. I am two weeks post-op. I had a breast augmentation with mentor smooth moderate-plus profile silicone implants 475cc... READ MORE

Pain and Ridge 1 Year Post Op Breast Implants?

I have numbness on both breast, a ridge line on both breasts and my nipples are so painful. My scars have become swollen and inflamed and my left... READ MORE

Is it a normal thing to feel ridges of the breast implant? I am a thin athletic person, 102 pounds and 5"1 in height.

On the sides and bottom of my breasts, I can feel the implant. I can actually see where my implant starts and my natural breast is. Is this normal? READ MORE

Is it normal to feel ridges on outer left breast?

I can feel ridges on left outer breast and see and feel the stitches. I had my augmentation 3 months ago. I have significant pain in my left breast.... READ MORE

Is it a normal thing to feel ridges of the breast implant? I am a thin athletic person, 102 pounds and 5"1 in height. More info

I had silicon 465cc's. under the muscle on June 5th, 2015. Would it fix the issue if just increased the size a bit? And to the Dr that mentioned a fat... READ MORE

Ridges at front of boobs after implants. Will this settle down? (Photo)

Hi, can someone please help I have ridges at the front of my breasts.... I had surgery on 18th December, will this settle down? Or can do I do about... READ MORE

Palpable implant/bump on one breast? Will this change once it drops? I'm 3,5 weeks post BA. Obvious hump/ridge that's palpable?

Palpable bump almost feels likes a bubble on inner and outer edge of breast. Basically you can see the bump along the cleavage side in certain... READ MORE

Muscle ridge when arm outstretched. How can it be fixed? (Photo)

When I raise my arm in the air, it seems like a piece of my muscle is stretching over the inframammary incision area creating a ridge. If raised my... READ MORE

Ridge under breast implant. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi, I had breast implants 4 weeks ago and have a ridge underneath them. Is this normal? READ MORE

Should I be worried? My breast implants are uneven. (Photos)

17 days after my argumentation and I'm not happy with the nipple not symmetrical or lined, I have a Ridge down the centre of my breast and the crease... READ MORE

Deep grooves ridges on my left implant, the area just below the nipple to my fold. (Photo)

7 weeks post opp, silicone, Very visible, deep horizontal ridges & grooves, 4 inches across., on left implant. As if I had very deep textured implant,... READ MORE

Is the ridge on the left breast I can feel normal after 16 days? (photos)

16 days post op, Brests hard still and painful, improving slowly , left is more swollen and has a ridge, is this the implant or my tissue. Cannot get... READ MORE

4 day post Breast Aug, one a different shape. Any suggestions? (photos)

It's not massively noticeable but looks abit different is this normal ? There's a more prominent ridge on my left to my right.... 375 shaped implants... READ MORE

Slept on implants without a bra. When I woke up there was lines and ridges over right implant. How do I make it go away? (photo)

I'm not sure if these are stretch marks? Thought it was imprints from pillow at first but its been a week and it hasn't gone away! Sometimes they... READ MORE

Timing of implant settling and distortion questions.

1. Is it possible for implants to have settled in to their final position in one month's time? 2. What is the cause of the "ridge" on the bottom side... READ MORE

6 weeks post op and can feel ridges in center crease. Is this normal? Does this look like symmastia? (Photo)

I am 5'5 and 112 pounds. I got 280cc under the muscle and I am 6 weeks post op. I can sometimes feel the ridges on my implant in the center and also... READ MORE

I can feel my implant at 9 weeks post-op. Is that normal?

I'm 9 weeks post-op and I feel the ridge of my implant in my right breast, lower cleavage side. Is that normal? Will it be more apparent when they... READ MORE

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