Ribcage + Breast Implants

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Pain After Breast Implants

It has been about a week and a half since my surgery. Most of my pain in my breasts has subsided but about two days ago a pain below my right breast... READ MORE

Can a Leaking Silicone Implant Cause Chest / Rib Pain?

My left implant showed leakage into the breast cavity around a year ago,i have chest/rib pain now that doc thinks is muscle strain..could a leak in... READ MORE

Will Breast Implants Ruin a Tattoo on Upper Rib Cage?

I want to get a tattoo on my upper rib cage (3 inches below my armpit), but I am worried that when I get breast implants ( from A to full C), that... READ MORE

Are Implants for Me?

I have a very wide ribcage for my frame (33", 64" tall). I currently measure at a 34 DD, but as you can see, I lack fullness and cleavage... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Breast Implants That Are Not Widely Spaced?

I want implants that are not widely spaced. How? I am tall 5'9'' with a large rib cage. I wear a 36' bra. I don't care about... READ MORE

Will Implants Affect Tattoo Right Below my Bra Line on my Ribcage?

Its pretty small, the hawaiian islands on the right side of my ribcage right below my bra line. READ MORE

How does a large ribcage affect results?

I have a 34" ribcage and have very little breast tissue. I have had a lumpectomy in one breast (also had radiation). I want to be at least a large B -... READ MORE

Can high profile implants be used for small women who are looking for a natural look?

I'd like to get 250-290cc anatomical cohesive gel implants. I don't want them to be wide or tall. My ribcage is 30" and I'm 5'3. READ MORE

My left breast has dropped down to the bottom of my ribcage. I have developed rippling and hardening in my right breast? (Photo)

I had BA in 10/13. 500cc silicone implants under muscle. My Left breast is now in line with the bottom of my rib cage and appears to have a double... READ MORE

What size/profile would you recommend for desired result? Implant will be cohesive gel, submuscular, lift is probable (Photo)

Is my desired look possible (based on my current photos and "desired results" photos)? If so, what implant size/profile would you recommend (I am... READ MORE

9 days post op, worried I have double bubble in right breast (Photo)

I have 450 cc smooth silicone implants done 9 days ago. I know it's early but I'm worried I have double bubble in my right breast. I was a 38c very... READ MORE

Almost 3 weeks post op. This implant sits lower on my rib cage. Crease was lowered. What is this muscle/tendon? (Photo)

Almost 3 weeks post op. This implant sits lower on my rib cage. Crease was lowered. WHAT IS THIS MUSCLE/TENDon? When I arch my back and push my rib... READ MORE

I am 30 inches around my rib cage. Would this limit the amount of cc's I can have?

Hi there, I am naturally a very small dd and I'm 30 inches around my rib cage making me a small girl I guess width wise anyways. I am 135lbs, 5'4 and... READ MORE

What is the best fitting implant profile for narrow rib cage?

I'm only 27 iches wide underbust. My doc suggested uhp/ehp ( he likes Inspira) as the projection is higher there. I might use implants within 12-12.5... READ MORE

Is it normal for the doctor to cut a inch under the breast fold to make the room for the implant? (photos)

The implants are to large. Sit to far on my rib cage are painful still after a year. Is this normal? I wanted smaller the doctor told me that I needed... READ MORE

What kind of implant can be used for someone with a very small breast pocket and tissue coverage? (photos)

I am 35 and have had my kid and breastfed and I am looking for a natural looking , tear-drop shaped pair. I don't want large boobs I just want to look... READ MORE

Why am I still feeling discomfort in the right side of my rib cage 7 months post op from getting breast implants? (Photo)

My right side has always given me more trouble, it has always taken longer to drop and heal, from time to time the actual rib cage on my right side... READ MORE

Swelling underneath and at ribcage. How long will this persist? (Photo)

Hi, I had my BA 3 weeks ago, 325cc under the muscle. I still have swelling and tenderness underneath my breasts and along my ribcage. It's not really... READ MORE

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