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Flat Chested Woman Going To a C Cup With Silicone Gel Implants. What Size/cc's Should I Go With?

I have been to 2 different doctors, and I believe my breast base measures around 13cm's if I heard correctly. Both mentioned the moderate profile... READ MORE

Are C Cup Breasts Too Big for an Asian Frame?

Hi. I am Asian, 5'7" and 130lbs. My boyfriend wants me to have "C" Cup Breasts implants. At the moment I am flat chested, (ie AA cup)... READ MORE

Possible to Get Natural Feeling Breast Implants when Flat-chested?

I'm flat as a board 120lbs & 5'5" Id like to be a full 34B but I dont want them to feel really fake & I most certainly dont want... READ MORE

Implant Size for Flat Chest to Full B or Small C

I'm a narrow flat chested Asian, 5'6" 100Ibs, breast width 9.5cm . I would like to acheive a full B or small C after silicon implants. I... READ MORE

Could Breast Implants Look Remotely Natural on My Lean Body? (photo)

I have always had very small breasts (except when I was breastfeeding) and very little upper body fat. What little fat I do have is in my lower body... READ MORE

Will 295cc under help me achieve a D cup? (Photo)

Iv been really struggling with deciding between over or unders as my consultant has said I can choose I am quite an empty b cup after having my son... READ MORE

What Is a Good Implant Size For My Flat Chest? I'm a Figure Competitor.

Im 5"2 120lbs, 34A maybe B very saggy completely flat. If I wear a t-shirt no bra and stand to the side you can see nothing. My PS wants me to... READ MORE

Submuscular or subglandular Breast Implants for a small-chested rock climber?

I have very small AA cup breasts, planning to get cohesive silicon implants, and would like to increase to a full C. I am an avid rock-climber, which... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op: What should I tell my doctor in order to improve my boobs?

Surgery Date: November 22, 2013(inframammary crease, Saline implants are 420cc and were each filled to 475cc) Today's Date: January 26, 2014 Bra Size... READ MORE

Do I Have a Flat Chest and What Size Implants Should I Choose? (Photo)

My height is weight's 40kg.what breast implant should i choose READ MORE

What would look better on me; silicone gel implants or saline? (photos)

Hi I am a 26 year old woman,5'4", 105 lbs.. who has always been flat chested..size 30A or AA. I suffer from a deep inferiority complex and waste hours... READ MORE

Can you use smooth implants on a flat chest?

Textured implants were suggested to me because I have a very flat chest. However I have heard smooth implants are more natural acting and feeling. Are... READ MORE

Is the flatness at the bottom normal? I thought going mod plus would have some definition. Will the fluffing go up? (Photo)

I'm flat looking in the middle of my chest? Is this normal? I'm 500cc mod plus. More worried about the definition and flat Ness in the middle? READ MORE

Tuberosity on flat chest? May implants work on me for BA? (Photo)

One of the surgeons has told me I had mild tuberous breasts and that placing the implant in my case will make "double bubble" effect and that he'll... READ MORE

I'm petite, flat chested, want natural soft breasts. What kind of implant would go with me?

M 34years old .have 4 kids . I'm also flat chested :(.... I'm petite and considering getting implants . I want a natural look and soft breast.what... READ MORE

I have no boobs I want to be a D cup; do you think is possible with this amount of cc's? (Photos)

I'm thinking about 450-500cc hp I want to go as large as possible, like a D cup Do tou think is possible with that amount of cc's? I'm 34A READ MORE

I had my Breast Implants removed 6 mth ago. Why am I smaller now then before my initial surgery? Where did my breast tissue go?

I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago. I had 325cc, high profile,under the muscle, went from an A to a C. I liked the result, but not so much the... READ MORE

What are alternatives for Breast Implants?

Dr I have been going crazy with all this research on implants and I desperately want mine removed.However im imly 25 and my husband already has warned... READ MORE

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