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Can 550cc High Profile Breast Implants Look Natural?

I am 5'5" 130 lbs with 33" ribcage, 38C(low c) with 14.6cm breasts. I am soon to replace my current 350cc breast implants. I've had 2 kids in the last... READ MORE

Saggy/Deflated C Cup, Want Large D Cup. What Do You Recommend if I Want the Least Bounce?

I'm very active and want to wear small bra tops while working out. I noticed some women have wjp implants breasts sit in place with no bounce even... READ MORE

32C Breasts and Want to be Small High Profile D

I Am Currently 5' 2" and 110 Lbs. I Have a 32 C and Wish to Be a Small High Profile D, is 425, 450 or 500cc's Best for a Small D. is this... READ MORE

How Many Cc's to Achieve Perky Size D?

Currently a 38C; 5'3" tall & 150 lbs. w/ kinda droopy breasts...would like a more perky look with nipples pointed straight ahead or upward &... READ MORE

Doctor Recommended over the Muscle, Textured Silicone Any Thoughts?

I'm 5'5" 150lbs currently a 36C after the implant doctor said I would be a full D. I can't remember the cc's. I have broad... READ MORE

Im 26 Years Old and Im a 36c and I Would Like to Go to a D Size Im 5 Feet Tall is That Ok?

I have three children and i have breast fed all of them i would like to know if im a good candidate for this READ MORE

Is it possible that I can get an augmentation without a breast lift? (Photo)

Hello, I am 29 years old, no kids, small C/full B. I want to be a D. My weight has fluctuated through the years so I think that has contributed to the... READ MORE

375cc Enough B.A. W/ Crescent Lift

I am getting a b.a. and lift. I currently am a droopy 34C. I am 5'2", 106lbs, 28" rib cage. I met with a PS and he said he would not... READ MORE

I Got my Breast Implants with a Cresent Lift One Year Ago and They Still Sag?

I got my breast impants 1 year ago with a crescent lift, I was a C cup and got 425 cc in saline and went to a D cup but im not happy because i do not... READ MORE

Silicone Implants. What Would You Recommend For My Frame?

Hello, I am 5'9 and my weight is 138lbs. I am deciding on getting 500 or 550 high profile silicone implants. Right now I have saline implants, they... READ MORE

Im a 36c and the Dr Recommend 425cc HP Saline. I Want to Be a Small D. Please Help

I dont want to have a breast fold, i dont want them to high,i want a natural look, and i dont want my implants to point out. the Dr recommended 425CC... READ MORE

Need Help Determining Size! My current breast size is a small 36C (deflated from pregnancy).

I'm going to have an augmentation and am unsure what size to get to obtain a large D cup. My BWD is 15cm, 5'7" and 135 pounds. I'm going with silicone... READ MORE

Help! Petite 5'3 112lbs 32b/c... Full 32D? (Photo)

I'm petite, 5'3, 112 lbs, I wear a 32C in VS, and have breast fed 2 babies. I have seen 2 doctors that have given me 2 different ideas of how to reach... READ MORE

Are tingling and numbness side effects? Is the tingling and itchiness a good sign?

I started with a full C cup and added 421 bringing my to my desired results a full D. Its has been 3 days since my BA and I feel itchiness on my left... READ MORE

What Size Inplants Should I Get?

I am a size 8 with 34 C cup breasts and i am thinking about having breast inplants to make myself a D cup as since i have has my daughter my breasts... READ MORE

Implant size recommended to go from C to a full D-DD? I'm 5 ft 6, 125 lbs. I've tried 375cc and 340cc.

27 year old athletic figure 57kg, 5ft 6, currently size 32C bra, I had a consultation today and was told 375cc high profile to get to full D-DD! These... READ MORE

Is the Breast Implant Size I've Decided on Too Large to Acheive the Results I Desire?

I am 5'2, 132 pounds, 34in around the chest. I would like to add about 3in to that. I am thinking a 425cc high profile round smooth silicone implant... READ MORE

How Do U Know What Profile is for Your Body? I Want to go From C to D Cup.

Im a 32c going for ba, but not happy with current size ,shape and everything else, how do i know what profile? if im already a c wanting only to go a... READ MORE

What Breast Implants Would Be Best for Me?

Size 10, 9stone 5ft 5, 32c not full wont to be a Dcup- to look natral as possibe. Not sure if under/over muscle or part both-really confussed. please... READ MORE

What Size Implants Would Be Best?

One breast is a small C while the other is an ok sized D READ MORE

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