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Silicone Gel Implants (Monobloc) 2 Years Ago. Now Feeling Air Bubbles/lumps?

My breast look fine and feel soft it's just that i can feel various lumps (like air bubbles). what could this be and doi need to worry? thank you READ MORE

Normal to Feel Breast Implant Rolling Around?

I had Breast Augmentation approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago with high profile, submuscular, 350 cc cohesive gel implants. My left breast is extremely... READ MORE

My Gummy Bear/cohesive Gel Implants Have Always Felt Hard, Why?

From day one these things have felt hard and immobile. After about a year I noticed a bubble on my left breast, not sure why or how that got there.... READ MORE

Air Bubble with a 9 Yr Old Implant Common?

I have had my implants for about 9 years now and have notice a little soarness on the outter bottom left side of one of my breasts. It feels like it... READ MORE

Can Double Bubble Be from Swelling and Go Away over a Few Months?

I have a double bubble on one side still after 4 weeks. The tissue under the original crease is discolored (was bruised) and quite tender. My PS says... READ MORE

Is A Bubble on Top of Implant a Sign of Capsular Contracture?

I have had implants for 5 years. Already had them redone once because of a rupture. Now my right side is high and the original breast tissue is... READ MORE

My implants are about 20 years old. I've recently noticed bubble like bumps, that when I push in they pop out. What is this?

My implants are about 20 years old. I've recently noticed bubble like bumps, that when I push in they pop out. I have a mammogram in two weeks. I hope... READ MORE

I Have Silicon Breast Implant 1 Month Ago but One of my Breast on the Right Side the Implant is Firm and Does Not Move Around?

I have silicon breast implant 1 month ago but one of my breast on the right side the implant is firm and does not move around and starts to ride up on... READ MORE

Leaking Implant?

I have saline implants that were placed 5 years ago. I have never had any problems with them at all. Yesterday morning I was unloading the dishwasher... READ MORE

Why do I have so much pain and feel a bubble under my nipple?

I had a breast reduction done in 1999 when I was 16yrs old. A silicon implant was put in to help support the stretched muscle so my breast wouldn't... READ MORE

Is it normal to have bubble movements in my breast? My implants is over a year?

I have breast implant since last year and i remember there was a bubling sound after the operation, and my doctor told me it is normal. Now am having... READ MORE

Can breast implant pockets stretch to accommodate an implant without the surgeon making them that large? Anatomical 425cc unders

I returned to my surgeon after 8 months because I still have big moveable bubbles inside my boobs & I asked him if my pocket was too tight for the... READ MORE

I had a breast implant in 2013 feb. On occasion I have felt little bubbles in my left breast. What is this?

Its infrequent and only happened a few times i had the procedure done in kuala lumpa READ MORE

I have a ripple or bubble in my implant

I had breast implants 3 years ago and recently after my first child can feel a ripple or bubble at the bottom of the breast.. Its soft to touch and... READ MORE

What is this bubble? Post BA over muscle 18 days (Photo)

Went yesterday to have stiches removed, my PS decided to leave my stiches on 1 breast bc the skin was swollen & leaking. He did say it was not... READ MORE

I have my saline implants for 10 and think I may have a leak. What are the signs?

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a tiny red spot on the inside of my left breast. It started to protrude and turned into a painful, large soft bubble... READ MORE

Is a bubble/lump normal on the side of the breast after getting implants?

I was just cleared to start massaging my breast which will mark 2 weeks after surgery. After beginning I felt a lump/bubble on the side of my right... READ MORE

Bubbling feeling in breast implant. Is this normal?

I am exactly 4 weeks post op from silicon submuscular breast implants and just started doing the massaging techniques, however on my left breast I... READ MORE

Is there a chance I could get a reasonable result with just implants and no lift? (photos)

I've breastfed 3 children and gone from a FF to a C cup. I would really like to increase the size of my breasts but I would like to avoid the scarring... READ MORE

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