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AA Cup to a C Cup with 300cc Silicone Implants?

I had 34AA initially. I'm 5'8", and 135 lbs. The doctor implanted 300cc silicone breast implants (sub muscular). I asked for C cups. Mind... READ MORE

Can High Profile 375 Cc Implants on Small Frame Result in "Natural Looking Breasts" (No Stripper Look) (photo)

Im a petite asian girl wanting natural BA results as I work in a conservative office. Currently 32AA 5'3.5" 110lbs 12" BWD & 26... READ MORE

Is 375cc too Large for Me to Look Natural? (photo)

I am 5'3" 97lbs. I am a 32AA and looking to be a full C and no larger because I have a small frame. I am getting silicon implants placed under the... READ MORE

Recommended Cup Size for my Frame? AA to Small C Cup

I am 5'7" 110 pounds and SKINNY!! I am currently wearing a 32 AA. I recently met with a plastic surgeon and I want a small C. He said I could... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Breasts Very Hard and Haven't Dropped, Is There Something Wrong? (photo)

I'm currently at the 2-month post-op stage and feel that my breasts have barely dropped. My PS and I decided to go from AA to C. At the moment I am a... READ MORE

32A/AA with 400cc Implants To Be a Large C, Small D Cup?

Hi, I'm 5'4" about 105 pounds and i currently wear a 32a/aa size bra. I would like the final result to be a big C, small D. I want to get... READ MORE

I'm Scared of Losing Sensation on my Nipple, What Implants Are Too Large? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, I'm 5'5 and I weigh 155. I'm a size AAcup. and I'm going to get my breasts done in less than two months. I'm... READ MORE

Would 280 cc implants be large enough to obtain the results I am looking for? (photo)

I am an Asian female, height of 5'4" and a weight of 125lbs. I currently have 32AA breasts and would like to pursue breast augmentation. My desired... READ MORE

What size cup will I end up with 255cc anatomical implant?

I have been to 2 consultations and I am really confused about size. I have been told that I have an 11 cm base to play with and this means I have been... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Silicone Implant Under the Tuck of my Skin. is It Normal?

Had breast implants 11 months ago and no problems to date. Just recently I have noticed under my right breast I can fit my fingers under my implant. I... READ MORE

What size is best for me? I want to go from 36AA to 36C.

I'm 23, 5'5 about 14lbs. Wanting to become a 36C I am a 36aa right now. I am thinking silicon under the muscle for a natural look. I love working out... READ MORE

What Are the Long Term Effects of This Size Implant on my Small Frame?

I am 5'4, 109 lbs. I have nursed three babies and ended up a 32AA. I had silicone implants placed 3 weeks ago (375cc) submuscular. I know I have good... READ MORE

PIP Implant Removal - Capsulectomy?

I have the PIPs mentioned in the media currently. I am considering not getting them replaced and just removed entirely. I have had them since 2005 and... READ MORE

Help in sizing: I'm as flat as one can be. 23, petite, active, long torso/short legs, a little bottom heavy, small waist (Photo)

Current measurements: - 5ft2, 48-50kg - between 32AA and 34A - projection from chest wall to nipples is 1.5cm (0.5cm thanks to nipples) I enjoy... READ MORE

What size cc I need to achieve a full C or slightly larger cup size? (photos)

Currently am a 32aa/a, I am quite active, I love to workout and ride horses.I am wanting to be a full c cup or slightly larger that still keeps my... READ MORE

5 month post-op, right breast much harder than left; rippling clearly seen with an ultrasound. Any hope for the future?

I had 350cc smooth silicon under the muscle implants 5 months ago. I went from an AA to a C cup. My left breast has softened a lot, but my right... READ MORE

AA to C cup. When should I start massaging my breasts? 3 days post op (Photo)

I have read that massaging the implants early on helps prevent capsular contraction and also allows them to drop more natural looking. Is this true?... READ MORE

Are implants an option even if I do not have much to work with?

I am a 23 year old with very minimal breast tissue. I am a 36aa and wanting to become a 36c. I am just nervous if implants are possibly and if are am... READ MORE

Unhappy with my implants, too small! 255cc round mod. 1 week post op. What do I do? (Photos)

At first my ps suggested 200cc but I pushed for 255. He made it seem like this was so big so I was scared of them being huge! Now I'm so unhappy with... READ MORE

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