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600cc Breast Implants to Achieve D Cup Too Large?

I am going in for my breast implants in a week, and I'm having second thoughts about the size. I am 25 years old, I have one child, and I don't have... READ MORE

How Many Cc's of Breast Implants to Get D Cups?

I'm a 36A cup, 5'6" and want to be a large D or small DD. What cc's should I get? I weigh 145 pounds with a large frame? READ MORE

500cc Silicone, Under or over Muscle?

I went to 2 diff dr for consults about breast augmentation and im confuse now,,both gave me diff opinion lets see if you can make get the best for me... READ MORE

I had my breast augmentation 2 month ago, I went from a A to a D cup size. Do I Have a Double Bubble? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation 2 month ago,I went from a A to a D cup size, my doctor gave me 400ml under the muscle silicon breast implants with the... READ MORE

I Was a 32A Before Breast Aug, and Recieved 330cc and when I Went to Get Sized, Theyre Saying I Am a 32D is This Possible?

Hello, im 5'0 92 lbs, and had my breast augmentation done almost 5 weeks ago, I did 330cc, and initially after surgery I thought they almost didnt... READ MORE

I would like to be a D or small DD, do you think this is possible?

I am planning on setting up a consultation and surgery date for breast augmentation within the next 6 months. I am between a 34a and a 34B, I think...... READ MORE

34A Cup and Hoping for 34D Cup! What Cc's for 34 Band Would I Need to Achieve This?

I am 5"7 134lbs and I know this would only be a guess for a surgeon to try to answer this online! Just would like a general idea. READ MORE

I Was a 32A and I Wanted to Be a C Cup and Got a 34D to DD. I Would Like to Downsize Without a Lift?

I got breast implants about a year and three months ago and they are still sore and I think they are to big. I went from being a 32 A to a D and in... READ MORE

Want Big Natural Looking Implants W/ Under Boob Crease? (photo)

21 y.o. 34A bra w/ waist @ 24in & hips @ 32in & a decent sized behind. I'm looking into getting BA, but want to have a very natural looking... READ MORE

What Causes Implants to Change Shape and Get Bulges 2 Years Post-Op? (photo)

I had my implant surgery 1yr9mos ago,i went from A to a D, the implants are Mentor smooth moderate profile saline and are over the muscle(even though... READ MORE

What Will a 375cc Cohesive Gel Implant Bring my Cup Size To?

I am getting 375 Cohesive gel implants in the dual plane position. I am a 34A cup with grade 1-2. I am wishing for a D cup. Will that be enough to... READ MORE

Is 450cc saline unders too big for me? I'm 34A/32B, 5'6", 140 lbs. I want to be a full D/DD, proportioned to my body. (Photo)

I'm getting a breast augmentation in 7 days and decided on 450cc saline implants under the muscle. I'm currently about a 34a/32b. I'm 5ft 6inchs 140... READ MORE

Just Went From An A to D Cup With 500cc. They Are Really High. How Long Will It Take For Them To Drop?

I Just Went from an A to a D 500cc and They Are Very High How Long or Will They Drop? READ MORE

Will 295cc under help me achieve a D cup? (Photo)

Iv been really struggling with deciding between over or unders as my consultant has said I can choose I am quite an empty b cup after having my son... READ MORE

High Profile Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I'm 5'6, 135lbs. Currently a deflated, uneven 36A. I told my doctor I wanted a full C/small D & he recommended 440cc HP saline. I asked about the... READ MORE

What size will a 225cc implant take me to from an A cup?

I'm having my breasts enlarged, I'm currently about a 32a/b I would say, my surgeon has said about using a 225cc implant what size cup would this take... READ MORE

Over the Muscle Breast Implants to Achieve Desired Size?

I have had numerous consultations for Breast augmentation. I'm an A/B cup hoping to achieve a small D. My official surgeon had recommended 300cc... READ MORE

I Am an A Cup and I Want to Be About a D

I have nursed two children and my breast went up to DD and even larger at times. I would like to fit into a D or even a DD. I am 5'7 and 130lbs... READ MORE

Is 450cc Big for Me?

I have a BA consultation scheduled on Oct 11 and I was wondering if 450cc-475cc will be a good size for me. I'm 24 years old, 5'4", 120 lbs and never... READ MORE

Ball park cost for a breast augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ?

I've been looking into getting an breast augmentation for a while now, I am willing to travel 3 to 4 hours to get them done. Currently I am a 36b but... READ MORE

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