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Is This Muscle Flexion Disorder or Dimpling from Breast Lump? (photo)

Hi I have had my silicon implants for 5 years (below muscle) I just noticed last night when I flex my pecs there is a dimpling from outside areola and... READ MORE

When Can I Get a Breast Lift After Having Breast Implants?

I had saline implants 5 yrs a go... I decided to "do everything" again (tummy tuck breast augmentation and lipo) after having another baby 5 months a... READ MORE

5 Year Old Implants Bottoming Out. What Do You Think? Thank You.

I'm 5'4'', 110 lbs w 300cc submuscular saline implants. Post op, my PS said my nerves were anatomically unusual, & anticipated... READ MORE

My Right Implant Suddenly Became Hard, Tender, and Swollen. Any Ideas Why?

I've had my saline (under the muscle) breast implants for 5 yrs w/out any complications, however, after playing mud volleyball yesterday I noticed my... READ MORE

Breast Implants 5 Years Old - This Morning Painful and Hard?

I got my breast implants 5 years ago and everything has been fine. I woke up this morning and my left breast is aching (kind of like muscle pain) and... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture During Beginning Stages of Pregnancy- What Are My Options?

Good Morning, I have had Saline breast implants for 5 years. I have recently found out that I am expecting, 4 weeks.... However, my Right Breast has... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Are Fine but my Skin Has Become Loose, What Are my Non Surgical Options to Fix This?

I had the surgery five years ago. No problems with anything except they are dropping and falling to the side a lot when I lay on my back. READ MORE

Building Pectoral Muscles After Breast Implants?

I had breast implants under the pectoral muscle 5yrs ago, can I build the pectoral muscles up to lift my implants some? READ MORE

5 Years Post-op Silicone Implants. Small Leak. Can It Be Removed and Replaced Immediately?

My silicon breast implants are 5 years old. one has a small leak can the implant be changed and replaced at the same time? or do you have to explant... READ MORE

Orange Fluid Leaking from Breast Implant?

My implants were done 5 yrs ago i have had capsulted right breast for about 1 year. the doctors now think i may have a seroma i also have orange... READ MORE

Weird Feeling in my Breast Implant?

I have had my salen brest implants for 5 years now I have a 2 year old so there a lot moor softer and I can't tell if my right implant is leaking but... READ MORE

Why Am I in So Much Pain? (photo)

Im a 41yo,wf..I hade silicone implants five yrs ago. I didnt realize till last couple of days that sqezzing in my chest was probably frm implant. They... READ MORE

5 Years Post Implants After Bi-lateral Mastectomy: Started to Get Pain in Left Breast

Starting last week I have pain in my left breast. I have silicone implants and the pain is dull but steady for about an hour then will go away but... READ MORE

Why's There a Sloshing Feeling/sound in my Breasts After Traveling to High Altitudes?

I got silicone implants about 5 years ago and have since been traveling to Tahoe (high elevation) over the past year. The first time I went I noticed... READ MORE

Is A Bubble on Top of Implant a Sign of Capsular Contracture?

I have had implants for 5 years. Already had them redone once because of a rupture. Now my right side is high and the original breast tissue is... READ MORE

2 Small Lumps Below Each Nipple, Saline Implant Valve?

Hello, I had my annual gyno appt today and my dr found 2 small lumps below each nipple, they are in the exact same spot on each breast/exactly the... READ MORE

How can you tell a silicone implant is leaking and what are the health consequences of a leaking implant?

I've had implants for approximately five years now. The shape is the same however my right breast feels slightly softer and more sensitive than the... READ MORE

Should I Wear a Sports Bra?

I had my silicone implants almost 5 yrs ago..In alot of pain mostly on r side for over 24hrs now. It seems my pocket has came out. READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants 5 Years Ago, I Can Now Feel a Hard Area Under my Right Nipple?

I'm 37 and I had saline breast implants 5 years ago. Recently I have noticed a hard area slightly below my right nipple. This breast has always... READ MORE

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