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Will 450 Cc's Silicone Implants Make a B Cup to a D Cup?

I am 135 lbs, 5'7" tall. I was told that 450cc's in each breast will bring me from a B to a D. Is this correct? READ MORE

I am currently a 32A and plan to get 450cc silicone breast implants (high profile) Will these get me to a full C/small D?

I am 22 years old, 5'2" and 110lb. When I tried the 450cc sizers they looked big but have been told that they are actually going to look a little... READ MORE

Are 450cc and 500cc Implants Too Big for D Cup Breasts?

I am a 34 yr. old woman, 155 lbs, medium frame, and my current bra size is 36D. I am undecisive about selecting a 400ccL/450ccR or a 450ccL/500ccR. I... READ MORE

Will my Implants Appear Smaller Once Swelling Reduces?

I just got 450cc silicone breast implants under the muscle. It's only been one week since my surgery but they look HUGE. I'm 5'6, 125... READ MORE

Should I Wear a Sleep Bra at Night to Keep Breast Implants in Position?

I'm 4 months post-op with 450cc Saline unders. Should I sleep in a bra to keep the implants in position? I'm afraid that sleeping on my side or back... READ MORE

One of my Breasts is Harder Than the Other - Why?

I am 32 yrs old and I had breast implants (Natrelle Saline filled, 450 cc in each) placed about 2 yrs ago and haven't had any problems, but about... READ MORE

Is There a Big Difference Between 400cc and 450cc Silicone?

My doctor is suggesting 450cc moderate plus profile silicone implants for me and I am worried it may be too big for me. I am 5'2", approximately... READ MORE

Ultra High Profile Breast Implants for Tall Women?

I went for my sizing yesterday and explained I did not want to go big and fake. I was told I have good breast tissue and with my height of 5'9"... READ MORE

Look Normal After Breast Implant Removal?

Can I look normal after removing large breast implants and how much is the cost? I had breast augmentation in 2005 and the 450cc implants were place... READ MORE

Can 450cc Breast Implants Look Natural? Will They Affect My Running?

Hi, I'm 5'10 weigh 150lbs and curent bra size is 36C. I'm looking into getting silicone implants (under the muscle) for volume and... READ MORE

Don't Feel my Implants Are Large Enough. Fuller when Settled?

I just had my breast augmentation 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was a 32A or smaller post-op I wanted to be at least a small D when all was said and done. I got... READ MORE

"Side Boob" Really Bothers Me? (photo)

Is this bc I chose an implant that is too big for my BWD? i am not sure what mine is bc my surgeon (not a plastic surgeon) dismissed me at 3 mos bc i... READ MORE

Wil Hp 450 Cc Under Give Me a Nice Ful Pornstar Lookin Boobs..was Wonderin if the 450 Hp Cc Will Work

I am 5'4 128 size b small c and wanting full round pornstar type breast..should i choose more cc's? i only tried on 400 n 450 ccs at my... READ MORE

Why is One Breast Implant Higher Than the Other and Will It Drop?

4 months ago I had a tummy tuck, lipo, lift and an implant. I was not happy with the way my breast looked the nipples were off and I didn't like... READ MORE

Breast Implant Diameter - How WIDE Can I Go in Respect to my BWD?

I am 5'6, muscular 140 pounds with wide shoulders (I look like the comic book version of Wonder Woman). My ribcage measures 31" and have... READ MORE

Upgrading from 325cc to 400-450cc Breast Implants?

After a deflation, I have decided to up grade to the mentor moderate profile plus implant. To get the same diameter, 13cm I must go from 325cc in the... READ MORE

5 months post op, smooth, round, 450cc saline implant. Are my Breast Implants Bottoming Out? (photo)

I am 5mths post op with smooth, round, 450cc saline implants placed underneath muscle. I am worried that my implants might be bottoming out because my... READ MORE

420cc and 445cc Extra High Profile Allergan Natrelle Implants- Will This Make Me a DD?

Hi, I'm an 18 year old female from the UK and getting my breast enlargement on the 17th of May, I'm constantly worrying over size and asked my... READ MORE

Will 450cc high profile saline implants be too big for me? I'm 5'4", 124lbs, and I want to go from B to C/D. (Photo)

I am '5 4" and weigh 124 pounds. I am a full B right now but i would like to be a large C, small D. I already had my consultation and both the doctor... READ MORE

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