2 Days Post-op + Breast Implants

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How to Stop Bloating After Breast Augmentation?

Hello! I am 2 days post op, and I am feeling great! I haven gotten much pain at all, but the one thing that is bothering me is my bloated belly. It... READ MORE

Slim body 5.3, 105 pounds, got 400cc HP textured implants, which looks small?? (photos)

My breasts appear very small for 400cc high profile textured implants right post-op. I was told that 400cc are way too big for me, even doctor... READ MORE

Do I Need My Crescent Lift Redone? Half Of My Areola Seems To Be Missing. (photo)

I has breast implants along with a crescent lift on one nipple. it was lifted2cm I am 14 days post opp&am panicking as half my areola on the... READ MORE

Day 2 Post Op, Implants Look Rectangular Instead of Round. Will They Fill in After 3 Months? (photo)

I am orignally 34 C and wanted 34DD. I went with silicone 425 cc's. High Profile... READ MORE

How long until my breasts drop into position after silicone gel implant surgery? Can I do anything to speed up the process?

I just got a breast augmentation two days ago... 550ccs in my left breast and 500 in my right breast. I was a FULL B cup sometimes I can fit into a... READ MORE

My Implant Size Was 290 and They Were Filled Each with 320cc's. is This Ok?

I just had surgery two days ago and I would like to better understand why the implant size was 290 and they were filled with 320cc each. Is this ok. I... READ MORE

I am 2 days post op. My breasts do not look at all the size I wanted; they look too small. Should I be concerned?

I always heard that right after surgery the breasts are very swollen and look much bigger than they will be once swelling goes down. Even with... READ MORE

Downsized Breast Implants with a Lift, but Still Sagging

Just had my 800cc implants reduced to 425cc due to back problem. had a round block lift done in case of sagging. 2 days p/o and sagging! Surgeon says... READ MORE

Best And/or Necessary Post Op Procedures (Implant Displacement & Sports/compression Bra)?

My PS advised me to wear the sports bra for 6 wks and hasn't discussed implant displacement exercises. Does the sports bra or displacement... READ MORE

Two days post op. I have a rash with small white heads between my breast. Is this normal? how should I treat it? (photo)

Asian, 4'10, 105 lbs, pre op 34A. 4/23/14- 400CCs silicone, high profile, unders, crease incision. READ MORE

How Much of What I'm Seeing is Swelling 2 Days Post-Op Breast Implants?

I had a breast augmentation 2 days ago. I'm 5'7" and before surgery was 134 lbs, barely a B cup. I wanted implants to even me out and just take me up... READ MORE

How tight does the ace wrap have to be after the 1st 48 hrs? Doc said I can shower today!

My PS told me I can shower today :) I'm so excited to finally see my new girls :) should I try to make the ace wrap as tight as it was after surgery?... READ MORE

Are my breasts normal two days post-op? (Photo)

I had augmentation yesterday -- 425 cc hp smooth silicone. My breasts are odd looking with the implant looking more like a large pec muscle than... READ MORE

I'm in my 2nd day of Post Op of B.A. Is it normal for the sides of my boobs to be swollen? Also is it okay to sleep laying flat?

Hello! Is it normal for the sides of my boobs to be swollen? It doesn't help also that I can't move my arms very well. It feels like I just finished... READ MORE

Significant weight gain post op, trying to understand it. How much would it be estimated that my 400cc implants weigh?

My breast augmentation was Friday morning. Today I am 48 hours post op. I had semi solid shaped 400 cc implants on each side. The day before my... READ MORE

Is my left (your right in picture) just swollen or is it dropping faster? (photo)

My right (left in picture) has been great no bruising or anything. I have big bruises on my left (your right In picture) does it look ok? I am two day... READ MORE

Should I be concerned, after just 48 hrs, that my breasts are uneven? (photo)

One breast is higher, misshapen, and I can feel the implant on the bottom. I'm only 48 hrs post op. Should I be concerned yet? Would massaging the... READ MORE

I had a BA 2 days ago & Dr decoded on a 300cc due to my tiny frame 5'2, 100 lbs. (Photo)

Once they drop and swelling goes down will they appear bigger or smaller? They already feel so small. They seem rounder on bottom vs the top. READ MORE

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