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More Proportional Feminine Look Through Breast Implants?

I am a large framed person at 5'6" and 190 pounds. I am healthy and well-proportioned, except I have broad shoulders and my legs and arms are... READ MORE

Young (18) but Uneven Breasts

I'm 18 and am about 200 pounds (sadly). I've always had uneven breasts and I've learned to live with it but I've had enough of hiding... READ MORE

Will HUGE High Profile Implants Eventually Slope into Natural Shape W/time&gravity- Preventing Lifts Later? (photo)

I don't have the $ for future fixing; hoping for best long term plan. Pics: me & desired goal. Would the porn star look naturally sag into a... READ MORE

750cc too large?

Had a follow up apt with the Dr today. My stats are 5'6 and 200lbs and large bone. I am currently a saggy 36C. Came up today with going with Saline... READ MORE

My 750cc HP unders seem so small and I have no bottom boob. Will my implant fill the bottom boob area? (Photo)

I'm 7wks post op and my 750cc seem so small. I'm 5"7 195lbs and got fitted today and I mesured 36DDD. They are high but the projection isn't there.... READ MORE

Will SILTEX® Round Breast Implants from Mentor 350cc moderate plus profile make them look the way I want? (photo)

My measurements are... *Chest: 115 cm (45 inches approximately) * Hips: 128 cm (50 inches) *I'm currently a not so full C cup. *I'm actually weighting... READ MORE

My surgery is on 4/3 I'm getting 650cc mp saline implants, still not sure if they would be too big :( (photo)

My surgery is on 4/3 I'm getting saline implants under the muscle 650cc mp I'm 35yrs old 5'9 195lbs. I have 2 teenager kids and have decided it's my... READ MORE

I am a 36D w/ pseudoptosis, but want to be an E or F. Are good results possible w/o lift? I want larger, not perkier. (Photo)

I'm currently 195 lbs, small waist & huge hips. My weight is dispersed to lower body. I absolutely do not want a lift, but am not happy w/ current... READ MORE

Are 750cc saline Implants too big for me?

I am 30 yrs old. Done Having Kids. Weight: 192lbs Height: 5 7' Bra 36 Full B. I'd like to be a DD. After Doc exam he suggests 750cc Saline High... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Lift. What Size For My Frame?

I'm 22 5'11 190pounds My doctor is putting 675 on one side and 420 on the other do to my breast being so uneven he is also doing a full lift on my... READ MORE

Is 700cc sub muscular implant too big?

I am 5'5" and I weigh 194. This is after losing 130 lbs, my PS is ok with me getting 700 cc silicone implants. I currently wear a 38 c it's a small c.... READ MORE

Will 400cc high profile silicone implants look fake? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 6'2", 193 lbs, athletic/curvy build and I went to my pre-op and my surgeon first suggested 350cc then said I should go bigger to 400cc. It... READ MORE

Starting off with Good Size Breast! Will They my Implants Feel Real?

I have a small d cup. My breast are full and are not deflated. They have a small amount of sagging because I go up and down in weight. However I want... READ MORE

PS recommends Ultra High Profile implants; Is this right for me? (Photos)

Please help, I'm scheduled for a life altering surgery in a month and fear a poor outcome. My PS recommends textured Mentor 480 cc Ultra High Profile... READ MORE

Implant size - worried that I will not be the desired size that I want!! surgery schedule in less than 2 weeks?

I am 5'5 and 198 pounds, do you think that a 493cc and 533cc -style 15 implant will give me a full D, I am in a 38B/40 B now and hope to achieve at... READ MORE

Is it better to lose weight before surgery? Like 30-40 lbs?

I was thinking instead of having bigger breasts to accommodate my weight right now should I try to achieve my goal weight before getting Breast... READ MORE

Help with a specific size issue. What could I expect with an 800cc high profile silicone implant under the muscle? (Photo)

I can not for the life of me find any decent amount of before and after pictures for women with my body shape. Currently I am a dd/ddd cup and the... READ MORE

About how many CCs for 5'8" broad shoulders, 190lbs? (Photo)

I would like to know what procedure you would recommend for someone with little to no breast tissue like me almost flat. One breast looks like it... READ MORE

Is 600cc silicone breast implant too large for me?

I am 48, 5'10", 200 lb. with a broad frame. I currently am a 36B and am contemplating 600cc silicone implants. I am worried I will end up looking too... READ MORE

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