Breast Implant Removal Videos

Breast Implant Revision and Enhancement (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama places acellular dermal matrix to help provide extra support to breast implants on a patient who's experienced inferior implant malposition. VIEW NOW

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The Connection Between ALCL Cancer and Breast Implants

Dr. Julio-Clavijo-Alvarez discusses and clarifies the correlation of breast implants and ALCL cancer, more technically known as anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Dr. Sophie Rickett discusses a situation where a former breast cancer patient has developed capsular contracture. VIEW NOW

What is Capsular Contracture in Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Sophie Ricketts discusses one of the risks included in breast augmentation, specifically capsular contracture. She covers steps taken to prevent it and what to do if it occurs. VIEW NOW

Preventing Capsular Contracture During Breast Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. William Rahal outlines several steps to take to prevent capsular contracture as he performs a live surgery. VIEW NOW

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What is Capsular Contracture and How Do I Prevent it?

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg explains what capsular contracture is in breast augmentation and how it can be prevented. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: En Bloc Resection of Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant (GRAPHIC)

Watch Dr. Laura Sudarsky perform an en bloc resection of a ruptured silicone breast implant. The calcified capsule and leaking silicone breast implant are removed together in one piece. VIEW NOW

Removing Ruptured Breast Implants with Complete Capsulectomy

Dr. Eddie Cheng demonstrates what a 37-year-old breast implant looks like after it has ruptured and been removed. VIEW NOW

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implant Pros and Cons

Dr. Licenberg discusses the pro's and con's of saline and silicone breast implants. VIEW NOW

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Avoiding Capsular Contracture With Breast Implants

Dr. Robert Wilcox explains how to avoid capsular contracture with breast implants. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation Do's and Don'ts for the Best Results

Dr. Licenberg explains some do's and don't's after a breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

ALCL Developed From Breast Implants

Dr. Suzanne Trott speaks with a patient, Caren, who developed ALCL (Anaplastic large cell lymphoma) from her implants which were implanted by another doctor years ago. ALCL has been associated mainly with textured implants. VIEW NOW

Implant Removal and Replacement Procedure (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen shares a video that covers breast implant removal and replacement. It shows actual footage of the surgical procedure. VIEW NOW

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Removing Your Breast Implants

Dr. Robert Whitfield discusses the breast implant removal process and why someone may consider having this procedure done. VIEW NOW


En Bloc Breast Implant Removal (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tom Pousti explains what en bloc breast implant removal is and under what circumstances it is performed. VIEW NOW

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