Time Off Work + Breast Implant Removal

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Can FMLA be used for recovery time off for breast implant removal/lift?

Thinking about timing and logistics with work. After I lose a small amount of weight I want to get a breast implant removal/lift. Just wondering if I... READ MORE

What is Recovery Time After a Capsulopexy Surgery and Returning to Heavy Physical Job Lifting 30 -100lbs

What is Recovery Time After a Capsulopexy Surgery and Returning to Heavy Physical Job Lifting 30 -100lbs  READ MORE

Recovery from breast implant removal. How long will I have to wait before I can pick up my 20 lb daughter, or return to work?

I have had 375 cc implants under the muscle for 3 1/2 years and I want them taken out asap! How long after surgery do I have to wait before I can pick... READ MORE

How Much Time off from Work is Needed After Explantation?

How Much Time off from Work is Needed After Explantation? READ MORE

What is the recovery time for implant removal?

I have had implants for 19 years and I want to have them removed. They are under the muscle and one side has 750 cc, the other has 800. I have... READ MORE

How long should I wait to return to work after explant?

As a floor RN, what is the minimal amount of time I would need to take off of work if I am removing implant under local anesthesia (no capsule work)?... READ MORE

How long after breast implant removal can I return to my office job?

I had breast aug a month ago and am planning on explanting in a week but cant afford to take any days off maybe just 2 at the most luckily i have a... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. (photo)

Hi, I'm 8weeks post op, got 350cc, mentor silicone unders and want them out. How much time off from work do I need. Can I have he surgery in a Thursay... READ MORE

How long should I take off from work after explant?

I had breast explant 4 days ago. I wait tables at a very busy airport restaurant for a living. I carry things, reach and walk all day, every day. I... READ MORE

54 years old, wanting saline implants removed (placed inferior areola 1999), along with lift. Should they be removed via areola?

I'm desiring to have my droopy, oversized (DD) saline breast implants removed, and I will probably want a lift (w/areola size decreased). Is it less... READ MORE

I am having my implants removed on Oct 27, 2014. My right one has a capsule. Will this cause an issue with the explant?

When can I return to work. I work full time at an office job and I work part time as a waitress. When can I wear a normal bra and not a sports bra? READ MORE

How long after cellulitis can I expect pain and swelling to be completely gone? 17 days post Explant/Anchor Lift. (photos)

17 days post-op with a wonderful PS in my area. I had a ruptured implant on the opposite breast. Doc removed the implants, took out more tissue and... READ MORE

1) When can I go back to work lifting heavy toddlers? 2) Do I need another surgery to stop the bleeding after explant 6 wks po.

Silicone implants were removed 6 weeks ago and 3 weeks later, there was ALOT of bleeding (300 cc on one side and less on the other side). The blood... READ MORE

Soon to be getting an explant. Any suggestions?

Saline under muscle, approx 450cc. Areolar incision, under local. No lift. I have a very physical job. Usually how long should I be off work to heal? READ MORE

Is It possible to explant silicone unders via local (450/500cc)?

 8 yrs, approx 15 yrs implants total. How long off work - office? READ MORE

67 years old removal of 2nd set of implants, including capsulectomy. What is recovery for time? I am a dog groomer.

I had my first set of implants in 1974 that were silicone encapsulated and removed and new saline over the muscle put in in 1998. Left breast ruptured... READ MORE

Explant and Capsulectomy 4 days ago, will I be okay to return to work 1 week after surgery? (photo)

I had an explant and capsulectomy 4 days go. Drains were removed today and my compression wrap is still on. When should I be able to switch the wrap... READ MORE

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