Size + Breast Implant Removal

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Is It Possible to Remove Implants and Still Have About the Same Breast Size?

60 yr old with double implants. dr says there is leakage and that i can consider removing implants, have a breast lift, and would likely retain almost... READ MORE

What size would I be after breast implant removal? (Photo)

In December 2008, I got 400 cc saline breast implants. 2 months after surgery, I developed capsular contracture. In April 2009, my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Removal of 600cc HP implants (Photo)

I am 24 y.o have had my 600cc implants for 12 months and am considering getting them removed or possible smaller implants put in and possible lift if... READ MORE

Saline deflation in Office. (Photos)

I've recently had my saline implants drained. 375cc and 325cc. I'm still in the Ds for bra size which I find weird. It's only been a few weeks since... READ MORE

Will my breast size go back to pre-operation state after the implant removal? (Photo)

I am 24 years old. I was small A cup prior to the operation. I had 265cc silicone implant placed under the muscle 10 months ago. The result is perfect... READ MORE

What size sports bra should i get for my explant surgery?

I am currently a 34 D and was a big B, small C prior to my implants. I am just unsure if i should get a small or medium. READ MORE

Breast augmentation.

I had breast augmentation 8 weeks ago and I am unhappy with the size and look and would like them removed. How soon can this be done and can it be... READ MORE

Explant - what size would I be, roughly? (Photo)

If I explant can you tell roughly what size I would be? I have 280cc measuring 32F. 5 2'. Would I also need an uplift? Thank you in advance. READ MORE

22 yo, silicone, C cup, placed 2 y ago. Is my breast going to be the exact same size and shape after implants removal? (photo)

Hello! Before I was AA and had completely no breast tissue at all.If I remove my implants, is my breast going to be the same size and look the... READ MORE

Given the time and the size of my boobs now, will I have bad sagging once they are removed? (photo)

Implants are 8years old size 380ml was put in instead of the 350ml i asked for. Have been told i would suffer from severe sagging and need a lift... READ MORE

BBL and REMOVAL of current implants a with lift or no lift. (photos)

I have 450-400 cc mentor moderate plus profile implant that i would like taken out and possibly get another lift or just explantation. Originally i... READ MORE

I am considering removing my implants. Is a fat transfer possible during the procedure?

Had implants 5 years ago. They still look great and perky but feel heavy and burdensome. I'd like to remove them and have a fat transfer to make up... READ MORE

Explant results question - depends on length of time implants have been in and size?

I see many comments from doctors responding to patient questions regarding what their breasts will look like after explant. Many doctors say depending... READ MORE

What size will my breasts be after deflation or explant?

Before surgery I was a 34a, I had a small 250cc implant put in about 6 years ago, I have currently went through 2 pregnancies over the past 3 years, I... READ MORE

Implant removal after 1 year, what to expect during recovery?

Had 350cc implants for 1 year and a few months and now im removing them. I was a small B cup, went to small D. Im very skinny, will my boobs go back... READ MORE

Concerned about size after explant. C cup before implant and lift. I have been told I will be a small B after explant (Photo)

Had C cup, 2013 300 cc subfascial, 5ft 120lbs. 3 revisions for contracture, bottoming out etc. getting contracture on Rt breast, on singlair. I want... READ MORE

Had silicone implants removed 5 weeks ago. Why have my nipples changed size after implant removal and lift? (photo)

I had my 400cc silicone implants behind the muscle removed 5 weeks ago, followed with a full anchor lift during the removal. I am concerned that my... READ MORE

What size could I expect from explant and uplift? (Photo)

I have had silicone implants for 10 years, previous cup size was a d/dd. After having kids I wanted the volume back and had 295cc over the muscle fast... READ MORE

Can I go off birth control after having an explant and breast lift?

I had my breast implants removed a little over a year ago with a full lift (anchor). I am still a full C without implants. I found out recently that... READ MORE

How small will I be after an implant removal and mastopexy?

I had silicone implants 10 years ago to have more fullness after my pregnancy. I was previously a D cup and the implants increased me to a DD/E.... READ MORE

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