Loose Skin + Breast Implant Removal

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Is It Possible to Remove C Cup Implants and Go Back to a AAA Size Without Too Much Skin Sagging and Without Too Much Scarring?

*28 yrs old *5'8 *130lbs *Implants for 8 years *Used to be a very flat AAA barely anything in the bra cup. *Already have little faded scars under... READ MORE

Will Building Pectoralis Muscle Improve the Appearance of my Breast After Explantation?

Skin is loose after breast implant removal, will building pectoral muscles improve the appearance? READ MORE

Will my breast implant removal results look better in time?

I am 29 & 3 days ago had my ruptured 250cc silicone implants removed. I had small breasts before (AA) & have had my implants for 10 years. What Im now... READ MORE

33 years old, 295cc silicone Natrelle under muscle 8 weeks ago, want them removed (Photo)

I'm 5ft 2 105 lbs and was a 32a before BA I'm now measuring a 32d they feel really unnatural and Ive been extremely depressed since getting them,... READ MORE

Having implants removed after 11 weeks, 295cc under muscle, terrified of loose saggy skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

33 year old 2 kids 5ft2 7st2 had 295cc natrelle silicone under muscle 10 weeks ago. Been suffering with terrible anxiety and panic attacks since.... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct loose skin and asymmetry after breast implant removal with a lift without implants?

After many years of problems with breast implants, several revisions not being able to achieve a good look due to rippling, asymmetry even after a... READ MORE

My 9 year old saline implant has ruptured, if I remove my implants will my breasts be loose and saggy? What options do I have?

I have had my implants for 9 years and recently the right one has ruptured. I have a couple consultations next week and I have no idea what to do.... READ MORE

What do your breasts really look like after implant removal?

I have researched for hours about this question but im not clear on how they really will look. Please share and help im asking specifically will they... READ MORE

Breast implant removal and loosed skin removed.

I want to remove rather large implants and have any loose skin removed. I have been told that I only have a sliver of breast tissue of my own. I am... READ MORE

Breast implant removal - Is the pain normal and can I do anything to help loose skin?

I had a ruptured implant and 3 days ago had them removed without replacement or lift. I am very flat chested but there is a lot of loose skin and no... READ MORE

Had implants removed 1 week ago after only having them for 11 weeks, and I'm devastated! Will my shape improve?

33 yrs 5ft2 46kg and had natrelle implants 295cc put in 11 weeks ago under muscle I suffered with depression and anxiety so surgeon kindly removed for... READ MORE

I'm 48 with silicone implants for over 15 years having them removed by the NHS, how are my breasts going to look?

Hi I'm 48 with silicone implants for over 15 years having them removed by Nhs due to pain. Op booked for APril, excited about having them out but... READ MORE

I had breast implants, 295cc under muscle 8 weeks ago, and I want them removed. Will I have excess loose skin?

I had my BA 8 weeks ago and have been extremely depressed and anxious from day one. Ive made a huge mistake even though my surgeon has done a good... READ MORE

Is implant removal my best option to be comfortable and natural again? How much sagging is expected?

I am 29 yrs old with one child. I have a petite body frame 120lbs at 5'1. Have 510 cc and am a 32ddd very uncomfortable with how large they are and... READ MORE

Can an areola reduction tighten breast skin?

I had a breast explant two weeks ago, have larger areolas (about 6cm stretched) and some loose skin. My areola fall right at the breast line unless... READ MORE

Does a stomach's rebound after birth correlate with with explant results?

Meaning if a woman's stomach skin shrank back well after multiple births will she have a better chance of the skin on her breasts shrinking back after... READ MORE

What can I expect if I were to receive implant removal surgery?

For along time i wanted bigger boobs however from what others have said about implants im not so sure .im scared that if i get implants thell come out... READ MORE

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