Flat + Breast Implant Removal

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What Would Happen if 20 Year Old Breast Implants Were Removed?

I have 20 year old silcone capsulated Breast Implants. I'm sixty years old. I'm considering having them removed and not replaced. This will leave... READ MORE

Is it true that my skin will never stretch back? (photos)

I saw a surgeon yesterday and he told me that he would be highly disappointed to take my implants out because I have a beautiful breast. He told me... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks after explanting and wearing a sports bra still. When I take my bra off my breasts look flat. Is this normal?(photo)

Will my boobs get worse . I feel better and know my I plants needed to come out but feel that they are getting worse not better READ MORE

Unhappy WIth Results After Breast Explants?

I am 22 years of age, I have recently had my breast implants removed. I had my breasts enlarged 2 years ago and went from an A to a C/D. Since having... READ MORE

Was completely flat..got 250cc under Mentor sil gel 2 weeks ago and just want them out. Do I have a chance at being me again?

I got my BA 2 weeks ago...250 cc unders Mentor gel. I was 32AA-completely flat. Almost no breast tissue &now B/small C. The results great but realize... READ MORE

I will remove my 200cc silicones under muscle. Will be too flat? That's all the tissue I have. (Photo)

I will remove the mentor silicons because I don't want anymore artificial breast. Implante are only two years but I'm afraid to look like a men. READ MORE

What do your breasts really look like after implant removal?

I have researched for hours about this question but im not clear on how they really will look. Please share and help im asking specifically will they... READ MORE

I had bilateral mastectomies 10 years ago and have silicone implants (550 ML). Can I remove them both without replacement?

I have a capsular contracture in one. I would like them both removed and not replaced. Is that possible? I don't care if my chest is flat. Will... READ MORE

How much more smaller and flatter will I get when the Doctor removes the deflated implant bag?

I had my right saline implant rupture about three weeks ago.. I'm keep going back and forward if I want to just completely remove them or replace them... READ MORE

I'm planning to explant my 200cc under the muscle. Should I look too flat? Too saggy? (Photo)

1st sugery was in 2004 whit 365cc silicons 2nd surgery was in 2014 lift and 200cc silicons (mentor) size before any surgery 32A three pregnancy and... READ MORE

How flat will I look after explant? I've had my implants for 12 years.

I've had my implants in for 12 years and now having problems. I was about 34 / 33 A cup before implants. Now a 32 DD. Very small body frame but very... READ MORE

My very very little breast after remove...? (photos)

Hello, I want to remove my implants, but I had nothing, I would be even flatter? I am 24 and implants for 3 years (dual plan 255cc) My skin is not... READ MORE

Had implants over 3 weeks ago and want them out, I had very little tissue, is it gone now?

I had 250 cc unders placed over 3 weeks ago. They look great and there hardly isn't any pain, but I just don't feel like myself and want them out. I... READ MORE

Breast implant removal - saline implants.

I am trying to find out more information about possibly removing my saline breast implants and getting a fat transfer as one breast is larger than the... READ MORE

Can an Alloderm hammock be removed during breast deconstruction? (Photo)

I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction a year ago and am now considering "going flat." When removing an implant, can the dermal matrix be cut... READ MORE

I feel a flat and thick wall on a small part of my breast tissue. Is this normal? What am I feeling under my rib cage on my abs?

4 and a half weeks ago, I had my 18 yr old implants removed and a bilateral mastoplexy . I am 47 yrs old. Two days ago I felt something flat and thick... READ MORE

Removing silicone implants, decided on having flat breasts (had hypomastia before augmentation). Any suggestions?

I want to remove my breast implants and have a breast reduction, problem is i had hypomastia which is the reason for having implants in the first... READ MORE

Has the skin on my breasts lost elasticity after using nipplete?

I'm 46 and had my implants 220 cc removed after 20 years. I'm 3 months post explant with casulectomy. My nipples are now very flat (not inverted) so I... READ MORE

Will my skin bounce back and tighten up after implant removal?

I'm 5 days after my implant removal (365cc round high profile partial unders) and want to know what can I expect in time and how much time what My... READ MORE

Will breast tissue eventually fill back in after explantation? 3 days post-op.

62 years old. Implants placed 20 years ago, saline, on top of muscle. Drained by needle 1& 1/2 years ago. Enlarged lymph nodes under arm 2 months... READ MORE

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