Drainage + Breast Implant Removal

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How Important is It to Place a Drain After Implant Extraction?

I have saline subpect implants I want out for several reasons. I want a simple extraction. What are the odds that I will have fluid accumulate and do... READ MORE

How Long Will Fluid Continue to Build Up in my Breast After Implant Removal?

Hi, I just had my breast implants removed along with a capsulectomy on Jan. 17 2013. The day after surgery I saw my PS and he had to drain 120cc of... READ MORE

Safe to Remove Saline Implants by Puncturing, Draining, then Stitching Up?

Is it safe to remove implants with local by just punctureing the implant, draining it then stitching it back up? I have had my saline submuscular... READ MORE

How Long Do I Keep my Compression Bandage on After Fluid Removal from Breasts?

Above muscle implants removed with total capulestomy on April 23 rd .No drains used. started accumulating fluid after surgery.PS said to wait and see... READ MORE

Can Breast Implant Removal be Carried Out Under Twilight Sedation?

I have saline, smooth, round, high profile 300cc implants. they are 12 years old. No problems with them just want simple explant. Without capsulectomy... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op Breast Explant, Left Breast Still is Draining, Normal?

Hi there, I had my surgery two and a half weeks ago and am still walking around with a drain in the left breast (this was the side where the implant... READ MORE

Is this an infection after Capsulectomy complications 6 weeks ago? (photo)

I had a capsulectomy 6 weeks ago. 2 days later had to have hematoma removed. 6 days after that had fluid from incision & had to go back to have fluid... READ MORE

What is the Recommended Time Between Removing and Replacing an Implant?

I posted "What's considered normal incision leakage after a breast lift/reaugmentation". Thanks for the great responses. On that Sunday... READ MORE

Post Explant One Breast Drains a Lot and the Other Almost None at All, The Drains are Open, is this Safe?

I had my breast implants explanted 3 days ago. They were Mentor Silicone and places under the muscle. I have drains in, however my left breast is... READ MORE

Was Deflating Implants Right Choice?? Why Wasn't I Warned That I Could Get Seroma?

I got saline implants 8 yrs ago & always thought they're too big. 2 weeks ago I decided I want to have them removed & maybe a lift. The PS... READ MORE

Would it be best to drain or remove my saline breast implants?

If I drain my saline breast implants how long would it take for my breast skin to firm up and my breast tissue to "fluff" per say compared to removing... READ MORE

Pseudomonas After Augumentation & Again After Explant? What Are The Causes?

I had aug in August (saline). The right was fine but left was draining & painful. After culture, pseudomonas was found & PS put me in Cipro.... READ MORE

What to Do when Implant Removal Won't Stop Draining?

I had BA done 3 months ago, saline under the muscle. 6 wks after no complications my right breast started leaking a yellow serum from a pencil sized... READ MORE

Removal of extracellular ruptured implants, now there is a possible hematoma? (photo)

Hi, Got silicone implants 9years ago. Recent MRI showed extracapsular rupture right breastimplant. Had a removal of The extracapsular implants one... READ MORE

Seroma aspirated at least 8 times since surgery (July 2013). How long to continue?

Drains placed for 1 week post op with minimal drainage. Compression bra work 24/7. I get seroma drained every week or every other week since August.... READ MORE

Implant removed 2 weeks ago and keeps draining. Is this normal? (photo)

After Too Much Drainage Dr Removed Implant 2 Weeks Ago and Keeps Draining What to Do? Going to the dr every day and is under supervision, but we are... READ MORE

Recurrent Open Sinus with Drainage Post Implant Removal?

Previously posted about my breast abscess post which i had my implants removed(6thjan 2013) . However the abscess has reoccurred. It drains a yellow... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Indianapolis for Implant Extraction

I want my breast implants out and wish a simple extraction without capsulectomy. I prefer no drains be used and would like to find a qualified plastic... READ MORE

Green Liquid Drainage After Implant Removal?

I had my right implant removed due to an infection. I am on Amox but I have noticed the liquid in the drain tube is dark green it this normal? READ MORE

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