3 Days Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Post Explant One Breast Drains a Lot and the Other Almost None at All, The Drains are Open, is this Safe?

I had my breast implants explanted 3 days ago. They were Mentor Silicone and places under the muscle. I have drains in, however my left breast is... READ MORE

Why Are my Breasts Moving to a Squeezed Shape when I Move my Muscles?

I had a breast implant removal a few days ago. I hated them because they were heavy and when I was lifting something my breasts would look wrinkly and... READ MORE

Will my Breast Shrink During Months Post Explant? (photo)

I underwent a simple explant on monday 16 september (3 days from today, still with drains). My implants were 280g over the muscle, 12 years old. I am... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Implant Removal 3 Days Ago, is It Okay for Me to Have a Glass of Wine?

I Had a Breast Implant Removal 3 Days Ago, is It Okay for Me to Have a Glass of Wine? READ MORE

I removed my breast implants three days ago. Do ribs shape change after breast implant removal?

I have been told that  ribs have to find its shape again too (not only breast tissue) Because implants behind the muscle push ribs backwards, Is... READ MORE

Distortion of breast tissue after explantation. Is it going to improve with time?

I'm 3 days post explantation. When I flex my pectoral muscles, the tissue of the breasts moves and is a little distorted. Is this due to submuscular... READ MORE

Will sagging improve after breast implant removal? (Photo)

I had my 270cc saline (on top) removed after almost 15 years. I've had two kids and am 34yo. I think genetics are a little on my side, since I tend... READ MORE

3 days post opt and very sad looking breasts. Any suggestions?

Had 32A 10 yrs ago before BA. Saline, smooth implants place sub muscular. 300cc left, 270cc right. Removed 3 days ago with capsulectomy. No... READ MORE

Fluid build up in 1 breast 3 days after ​Breast Implant Removal. Is there an urgency to drain this?

Breast implant removal under local 3 days ago, a little fluid build up in one breast. capsule left in place, will this fluid inhibit two sides of... READ MORE

3 days post explant. Will I contract? (Photo)

Here are my before BA and my after explant photos . I am a lot more droopy than before will I contract or fluff up? I was 550 CCs had them in for 1... READ MORE

Breast size have decreased by 1 cup. (photos)

I got breast augmentation done 26 days ago and got my implants removed 3 days back. My skin looks normal without any sag though i have become A cup... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal/Explant: Is this a seroma or a hematoma, or something else? Is it normal or will it heal normally?(photo)

I am 3 days post-op from an implant and capsule removal of 375 (L) and 400 (R) Mentor Silicone Unders placed in 2012 with no complications. The... READ MORE

3 days post op; can I have my breast implants removed?

I had BA 3 days ago. 500CC under the muscle. I'm not horrific pain more than I ever imagined. I can't stand to look at my breast in the mirror they... READ MORE

Emergency explant after 3 days; is there a doctor in Miami who can do it for me?

I had breast augmentation surgery 3 days ago, instead of me to be happy, i have been depressed, vomitting and crying... i want to have it explanted... READ MORE

Is it normal for one breast to be more painful and swollen after implants removed?

I had 220 cc silicone cohesive implants over the muscle for only 3 weeks. I had them removed 3 days ago and having more pain and a little more... READ MORE

Will breast tissue eventually fill back in after explantation? 3 days post-op.

62 years old. Implants placed 20 years ago, saline, on top of muscle. Drained by needle 1& 1/2 years ago. Enlarged lymph nodes under arm 2 months... READ MORE

Having had MRSA before my surgeon has put me on clindamycin 3 days prior to explant surgery. Is that standard procedure?

I contracted MRSA from tummy tuck & implant surgery in 2011. I now have to have the implants taken out due to capsular cotracture. I am TERRIFIED... READ MORE

Why do I randomly get a sharp pain on my left breast incision? It feels like someone poked me with a thick a needle.

I had breast augmentation Saline 270cc under muscle on 5-14-14 and removed them 6-3-14. I was up while the surgeon pulled out the implants. I know... READ MORE

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