20 Years Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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What is the Recovery Procedure for Removal of Breast Implants?

I will be removing my 20yr implants that is ruptured with capsular contractur. I have been told I would go home with just a band aid at the inscision.... READ MORE

20 Year Old Saline Implants, Capsular Contracture in One Breast. Will It Be Straight Forward to Removed Them Both? (photo)

My body is basically the same as when the implants were put in about 20 years ago, and I am now 45 years old. The implants are a small 36b cup, before... READ MORE

Are there any reimbursements or warranty still available for failed McGhan, textured, round silicone implants from 1991? (photo)

What support is available to those who missed the class action lawsuit deadline? I had no idea that my implants were leaking. I just missed the... READ MORE

To Lift or Not Lift? Breast Explant.

I am getting my 23 year old under the muscle implants removed on March 20th I am 52 years young. After endless hours of research I am not sure if I... READ MORE

I'm 50 years old & have 23 year old double lunum implants. When should I get them replaced? Do implants have a life span? photo

My implants are under the muscle my left breast is firm and still looks nice my right side is soft and is about an inch inch and a half lower. READ MORE

I Have Had my Implants for 22 Years I Have Slight Hardening and Pain in my Side

Although I had implants 22 yrs ago with no problems now I feel a slight hardening to the left one also I feel some pain in my side, the same side as... READ MORE

Had Breast Implants 22 years Ago - do I Need to Worry?

I had saline breast implants 22 years ago. I have regular mammograms but do I need to worry about removing them or some kind of toxicity if left in... READ MORE

Inframammary Fold Collapse?

My breast implants were replaced in June after 21 yrs left side had collapsed due to free leaking silicone my doctor reattached the mammary fold to my... READ MORE

Breast Implant Capsular Contracture?

Recently, 1 of my silicone implants of 23 years moved up my chest, enlarged and hardened overnight. I have been to 3 PS. 1DR mentioned there may be... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have my Breast Implants Removed After 23 Years, What Kind of Reconstruction is Required?

I have breast augmentation 23 yrs. ago. The implants are silicone and I would like to have them taken out. I have back, shoulder and neck pain and the... READ MORE

Is it possible Medicare may pay for explanation?

I'm really ready to have these 20 year old saline implants out but am only 7 months away from being eligible for Medicare. Should i wait? READ MORE

Should the Implants Be Removed?

I have 22 year old silicone implants that are starting to bother me. I have been thinking about removing them for a while now. They have become... READ MORE

20 year old Saline Implant leaking. Mild Mitral and Tricuspid Regurgitation. Tampa, Florida. Should I see an Internist?

I want the Implants out and then want Fat Transfer. This dr uses 4 and 6 MM Cannuelas. I read it is better to use a 3 MM. Any thoughts? I will have to... READ MORE

Im a TG person wishing to return to living as a male and my implants are preventing me from living happy as a male 100%.

I am 5'6", 160lbs, have 36C silicion breast implants. I have been living full time for 20yrs and see that I am not a male to female TG person so I... READ MORE

Are there any charitable plastic surgeons out there?

I had a breast augmentation done in 1995. The results were wonderful. After a mammogram the right saline implant ruptured. Okay, I can live with that.... READ MORE

The picture of my implant 20 years ago for more detail information (Photo)

Since everybody said that visual pictures will give doctors more analysis of my breast so I am posting the picture of my implant I have now, this was... READ MORE

I have saline breast implants, under the muscle, 21 years. I have a question regarding muscle repair after explantation.

Some docs say they never repair pectoral muscle due to the increased possibility of hematoma formation. Others say they always repair the muscle.... READ MORE

Do I have to remove my saline breast implants after 20 years?

Do I have to remove my saline breast implants after 20 years? Can I just leave it in? Is there a way to check up how my current implants are or their... READ MORE

I had an explant but left the capsule in. 26 years of implant so the capsule is probably well formed and not likely to dissolve.

How is it possible that they may fill with fluid? Aren't they closed and sealed after healing from surgery? Will wearing a tight garment for some time... READ MORE

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