Breast Augmentation Videos

Volume Loss After Breastfeeding — The Doctor Explains This 38-Year-Old Woman's Breast Augmentation

Dr. Carlin Vickery presents this case study of a 38-year-old woman's breast augmentation after pregnancy. Learn about her procedure and see her before and after photos. VIEW NOW

Saline vs Silicone Breast Implants: The Doctor Explains

Dr. Josh Waltzman explains the differences between saline and silicone breast implants, including "gummy bear" implants. VIEW NOW

Possible Complications of Breast Augmentation

Dr. Feng explains the most common symptoms that are associated with women who are having a reaction to their breast implants. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Breast Augmentation Experience

Learn what to expect from a breast augmentation. This woman's talks about her procedure, the process and recovery. VIEW NOW

Find Out if You're a Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation

Dr. Michael F. McGuire explains if you are a good candidate for breast Augmentation. Wbhether it is increasing the volume, increasing the shape or increasing the position of the breast. VIEW NOW

Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants — Pros & Cons of Each

Dr. Lu-Jean Feng discusses potential risks from both silicone and saline implants in breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Discusses Breast Implants and Foreign Body Reaction

Dr. Lu-Jean Feng's explains this possible complication of breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

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Working Out After Breast Augmentation — This CrossFit Coach Shares Her Experience

Dr. Tom J. Pousti performed breast augmentation on this woman. She shares how it's changed her life and when she was able to get back to her workouts. VIEW NOW


What is Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Lori Saltz explains all you need to know about this popular procedure, including breast implant placement, profile, texture and how these breast implant options will impact your final breast look. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Enhance What You Already Have

Dr. John D. Smoot discusses breast augmentation surgery and how the various types of breast implants available can help you accomplish the look you want. VIEW NOW

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss — The Doctor Answers These Important Questions

Dr. Anthony J. Taglienti shares options for skin excision and body contouring for individuals who have had massive weight loss of 100 pounds or more. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation 101: Here's What You Should Know

Dr. Hedieh Ababzadeh explains the consultation and process of getting a breast augmentation and what you can expect. VIEW NOW

When Combined Surgery Is Safe and Effective — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Grant Stevens shares his research and discusses procedures that can be performed at the same. VIEW NOW

This Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Shares Her Experience After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Tom Pousti performed breast augmentation to balance out this woman's body. VIEW NOW


Mommy Makerover: Get Your Body Back

Dr. Pinsky explains how a Mommy Makeover can address the most common post-pregnancy body image complaints. VIEW NOW