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How Long After Getting Breast Implants Will Tightness Go Away?

I had my breast augmentation on March 23rd, 2012 and its been 5 days Post-op today and I was wondering how long it takes the tightness on my chest to... READ MORE

Tightness and Discomfort After Breast Augmentation

I am 24 days post breast augmentation with mastopexy for the left breast. When I bend down, I still feel pressure or discomfort. Is this normal and... READ MORE

Sports Bra Too Tight After Breast Augmentation?

Hi I am a week post op breast augmentation, I was a 34AA and had 350cc implants. I bought a sports bra LARGE and I'm a little worried that it is too... READ MORE

How Do I Sleep After my BA?

I just got my BA done the other day..and I notice that while sleeping flat on my back my implants seems to get more tighter than ever...and they... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Right Breast Still Feels Firm and Hasn't Dropped. Normal?

My job requires a lot of physical work and lifting. My right breast hasn't dropped as much as my left. (I am right-handed.) It feels tight at... READ MORE

Itching 1 Day Post Op?

I am one day post op. My breasts are tight and sore which I know is normal. But they are itchy as well. Itchy around the bottom crease and near my... READ MORE

What Are The Early Signs of a Capsular Contracture? I'm 3 Weeks Post Op With A Golf Ball Size Feeling.

I had my ba done 3 weeks ago and my breast feel really firm and tight. My concern is when I lay down or make certain movements I feel I tight pull and... READ MORE

How can I make my breasts tight and small without surgery?

I'm 19 and my breast is 34b but I want to tight and small.. Any kind of cup make it tight,small and well shape without surgery.. READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 2 Years Ago - Started Feeling Tight a Week Ago

I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago. In the last week my left breast has felt tight. No pain, no change in shape, nothing out of the ordinary. It... READ MORE

I Accidentally Dried my Compression Bra, and I Am Very Itchy. Should I Call my Doctor About This?

I'm on my third day after breast augmentation. I accidentally dried my Compression Bras in the dryer after having breast augmentation. The braw is... READ MORE

How Soon After Surgery Can You Tell if You Are Encapsulating?

I have had 5 breast surgeries this year,(one implant exchange, two capsulectomies on the same side, hematoma on same side, and exploration and pocket... READ MORE

How often can I ice after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I had my surgery yesterday and was shocked that I didn't really have any pain just soreness and tightness. When we got home from hospital I was able... READ MORE

9 weeks post op, it seems my left side muscle is still too tight. Is this causing my implant to stay high? (photos)

I am 9 weeks post op 500 cc high profile style 20 silicone under the muscle. My right one has been dropping at a good rate I think, it doesn't bother... READ MORE

Tightness, Tenderness Between Breasts - 4 Months Post-op

I had under muscle 225g implants 4 months ago from a to c cup, they have always felt tight and tender since the operation, but I would have thought... READ MORE

Tightness and Pulling Feeling a Week After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation almost a week and a half ago. On my right side (my dominant side) about two days ago I noticed that there was a tightness... READ MORE

Tightness in Chest After Breast Augmentation

I am 5 day BA PO and experiencing tightness in my chest. Everytime I breath I feel like my breasts are going to pop out. Also I seem to slouch... READ MORE

Implants Look Different, Can It Be Fixed?

I had a breast lift with saline implants placed under the muscle on 2/25/11.The left side has dropped and is perfect but the right side has always... READ MORE

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