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Silicone Sheets for Breast Augmentation Scars?

I am 24 days post breast augmentation with mastopexy for the left breast. Can I now begin to use silicone scar sheets (like neosporin) for my scars? READ MORE

Can I Buy One Large Silicone Gel Sheet then Cut It to Suit Lift and Augment Scar?

Im 2 weeks out of breast lift and augment surgery and would like to use the gel strips but they cost cash! i was wondering if i could buy one large... READ MORE

Black dot along incision line, 4 months post op Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation 4 months ago, and my surgeon recommended I start using mepiform silicone sheets for my incision site. I have been using... READ MORE

Scar Treatment? How Soon?

How soon can I put sillicone strips on my scars? It's been a little over a week, my steri strips have fallen off and I'd like to put on the sillicone... READ MORE

When can I apply silicone stripes after a breast augmentation? (photos)

Today my steri-stripes came off. I wanted to know if I should apply the silicone base stripes now or wait a couple of days. I'm 3 weeks post op. I had... READ MORE

Can I take a bath with water proof silicone sheets 4 weeks post op breast augmentation?

Thanks in advance for your time! I got 300cc silicone smooth round under the muscle, inframammary incision. I am 4 weeks post op and healing very... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for areolar tattooing, post-breast augmentation? (Photo)

Post-op 10 mnths. Overall happy with results as well as surgeon. My scars (particularly L side bc of mastopexy due to a mild sag) are not satisfactory... READ MORE

Would PTFE sutures keep my incision from widening or separating? (Photo)

How often can the cresent breast lift be performed and how can I keep the incision site nice without widening? I have used the silicone scar sheets... READ MORE

Is this Double Bubble? (Photo)

I had a BA a little over three weeks ago, and took my bandages off a couple days ago. I have been wearing silicone strips on my scars since then, but... READ MORE

Is Hypoallergenic Silicone Good for Healing Scars?

I would like to know whether having hypoallergenic silicone strips over breast augmentation scars (whilst under a post surgery bra) would have any... READ MORE

Are there any scar creams or silicone scar treatments you would recommend?

With my breast augmentation date creeping up I started wondering what would be best to help my scars fade. I have had my surgeon recommend a crease... READ MORE

I am having some white spotting around my breast implant scars. Is that okay? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation over a year ago. My doctor went under the breast flap. My scars were very dark and keloid ish. A few months ago my doctor... READ MORE

Is it too late to use silicone sheeting for 6 months post op?

I'm six months breast augmentation post op now and my scars are still read and noticeable, is it too late to use a silicone sheeting? I've been using... READ MORE

1 month post op breast augmentation - Are my scars going to keloid or become hypertrophic? (Photo)

I have been applying silicone gel (PCCA Pracasil) and Palmers coconut oil + vitamin E cream every morning and every night on my scars. I am 1 month... READ MORE

18 days post BA op. Can you recommend anything for BA and blister scar? (Photo)

A few day after the surgery, I had developed blisters on both side of my breasts. The blisters dried and the top brown layer scrapped off and left me... READ MORE

Is there any medical adhesive tape that can be used long term? (3-6 months)

I'm in the research/planning stage of my breast augmentation journey, and I'm VERY set on using a silicone scar product post-op. Most likely CicaCare... READ MORE

Would it be beneficial to use scar cream in conjunction with silicone sheeting for inframammary incision?

BA inflammatory incision, 2 weeks post op and terribly afraid of an unsightly scar because I tend to scar easily. To ensure my scar has the best... READ MORE

What can I do about the keloids that are on my scar? (Photo)

Currently 4 months post-op from BA and the scars started to grow in size (now the thickness and length of fore finger), they are very itchy. i have... READ MORE

Small separation in my breast augmentation incision. How worried should I be and could this be infected? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation with 800cc implants ( I am large framed ) I am 3 weeks out now. My incisions have been a little sensitive the whole time... READ MORE

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