Ribcage + Breast Augmentation

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600CC Silicone Implants Look Small on Me

My first Ba I had 340cc overs mod profile and was unhappy as they looked too small. I had my 2nd ba 3 months ago and went for 600cc HP silicone under... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Rib Cage Due to Pectus Excavatum?

I am 20 yrs. old. I just found out that I have Pectus Excavatum that is somewhat asymmetric with the right anterior chest wall protruding more... READ MORE

I Have Extreme Bruising Along my Ribs(Net Like) Shortly After a Breast Augmentation.

I had a BA done on May 18th and on May 19th had a clot removed from my right breast, The blood settled but one morning I woke up to the whole left... READ MORE

What size implant would you recommend based on my wider BWD and ribcage measurement to obtain a full D in bras? (photos)

Hello, I am wanting a second opinion after meeting with my surgeon. After doing lots of research, I realized that I like the shape of a natural breast... READ MORE

Why is my rib cage/stomach area bloated and swollen protruding past my bra band!?

I had my BA on Friday, 4 days ago. I have had a bowel movement and pee quite a bit, but my stomach area below my rib cage is swollen and bloated so... READ MORE

Same size implant vs. larger implant to correct asymmetry? (photo)

My rib cage sits slightly lower on my left side causing some asymmetry. I have gone to two consultations, one Dr said to use the same size implant and... READ MORE

Pain/soreness on right side below incision and at top of my rib cage - normal? 4 weeks post breast augmentation.

I am 4 weeks post Intramuscular Silicone Breast Augmentation. I have pain and soreness on the right side below the incision at the very top of my rib... READ MORE

Is it safe to get breast augmentation with auto immune disease diagnosis?

I have been diagnosed with and auto immune disease ..UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease) and I am interested in breast augmentation. I... READ MORE

I'm 27yr old w/ a broad frame & prominent rib cage.What size & profile would you recommend for my stature & desired look?(photo)

This has made my small 36C dwarf in comparison to the rest of my body and given me a shape that I'm not particularly fond of. I'm looking for a very... READ MORE

Surgery on May 3rd. Confused about implant size and type 24 Year Old 5"3 100 lbs. (photo)

Im still debating about implant size, my PS decided on 225 mentor gel HP implants submuscular. I tried on sizers and they seem nice, but I have seen... READ MORE

What can be done to get better results for my breasts? (Photo)

I got a breast augmentation about 3 years ago the doctor told me I would never have symmetrical breasts and I would never be able to have natural... READ MORE

Will I Need More then 50cc to Correct Pectus Deformity? (photo)

Right now from axis 3d machine (which I feel doesn't know how deep the difference is it only knows the skin surface? ) the machine made 500cc right... READ MORE

240cc saline (before sugary: A32 petite 13" chest wall) how many cup sizes do you think I'll increase? (photos)

I got my procedure yeserday morning. He ended up doing 240ccs saline moderate profile. I want to look so bad but I'm all wrapped up and I don't think... READ MORE

Is my right breast bottoming out? There is some type of inflammation right below it on the rib cage. (Photo)

I had breast augmentation 8 weeks ago due to assymetry. At 4 weeks, had to have surgery on left breast due to fluid and capsular contracture. it's... READ MORE

Breast augmentation surgery was yesterday & am experiencing severe back pain. It also feels as if my rib cage is being crushed?

I am a very muscular personal trainer and am wondering if my larger than average pectoral muscles are contributing to this. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

I'm a 38 B Cup. My doctor Recommended 400/395cc Implants, I want to be a full D, will that get me there? 5'3, 175lbs. (photos)

I have a large rib cage, and broad shoulders, I want to be evened out because my breasts are small. I'm just not sure if I should go high than 400cc.... READ MORE

1year post op : Ultra sound recommendation ? (photo)

Hello Doctors : I am 1 year post and my breasts are soft and beautiful and I am very happy . I do high impact cardio and I am experiencing pain on my... READ MORE

Aerola layer of tissue between ribcage causing implants to droop to the side? (Photo)

My plastic surgeon has suggested that my aerola layer of tissue between my ribcage is causing my implants to drop to my armpits. He said possibly a... READ MORE

I have a small ribcage. Do I have Symmastia? (photo)

 I got small rib cage. I luv how they looked..475cc left boobs . 500cc. Right Boobs.. READ MORE

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