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Why are my breasts separated, nipples puffy, and very pointy? (photos)

I'm 19 and my breasts are seperated, pointy and my nipples are puffy constantly. My breasts have been like this ever since I can remember and I... READ MORE

Why Do my Breasts Look Like This? (photo)

The nipple is flat and the areola is very large and puffy in its relaxed state. my breasts also take a sort of triangular shape in relaxed state, is... READ MORE

How Do I Go About Getting More Attractive Breasts? (photo)

Im 24, 34C, no kids, and I dont like by breasts. They look similar to the first and second picture and when cold like the third picture. when warm or... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Help Decrease Puffy Nipples? (photo)

I have always hated my breasts, they never filled out like most womens, and look pre pubescent. I am getting 325 CCs in a few weeks and wanted to know... READ MORE

My Nipples Seem Weird, Puffy, and Stick Out. I Havent Had Surgery? (photo)

My nipples always puffy looking and stick out weirdly. Is this normal? Im young and havent had any surgery. Will they always be like this? Is there a... READ MORE

Why is my Areola Swollen & Puffy 20 Post Op After Breast Lift & Implant? Could It Be Fluid? (photo)

Breast lift & implant . Pain for the last 2 nights on a level of 9 but during the day pain level 3. I'm finger massaging areola . No pus or... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts - Can It Be Fixed Without Implants or Fat Injection? (photo)

Hello, I am a 21 year old woman with small turbular breasts and big puffy areolas (see the upper picture). I have no worries about the very small... READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Have to Do in Order to Have my Breasts Look Like my Wish Pictures? (photo)

I had an areola reduction but it did not correct the "puffiness" of my areolas because it is actually my breast pushing forward into my areolas. My... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts? Will 450cc Silicone Teardrop Implants Under the Muscle Fix my Pointed Nipples? (photo)

A cup to C. I have my BA surgery booked for 3 weeks from today. I am still questioning if sub muscular implants will address my pointed or "puffy"... READ MORE

Are My Breasts Tubular? Do I Need Breast Augmentation? (photo)

Are my Breasts Tubular? Hello, I'm an 28 year old female and ever since I had children and breast fed I've been concerned that my breasts are... READ MORE

My nipples are pointy and puffy. Could I have tubular breasts? (photos)

I've been told I could have tubular breasts, which I don't know a lot about and would like any other opinions please.. My nipples are or ever pointy... READ MORE

I feel like I have really weird breasts, they're so puffy and I feel like they look terrible. Do they look normal? (photo)

I feel like I have really weird breasts.. they're so puffy and I feel like they look terrible. I'm really scared to take off my bra around boys when I... READ MORE

Are my puffy nipples unusual? What surgery can fi them? (photos)

Okay well I've always been a little self conscious about my nipples because the whole aerola is puffy. This makes them seem really large. They do look... READ MORE

Why is Only my Right Nipple Puffy? 300cc Silicone Submuscular. (photo)

I am 2 and a half weeks post op and my right nipple has less definition. My left one is "normal" and is defined where the right one is pointy and... READ MORE

Do I Have a Mild Tubular Breast? (photo)

Recently I read something on tubular breasts and I did some research into it because I never liked the look of my right breast. After looking at... READ MORE

Downward-pointing nipples and overall poor breast form. What surgery should I be looking into?

I'm 20 years old, and ever since I can remember my breasts have had extreme sag and my nipples are puffy and point downward. It has been a major... READ MORE

Do I Have Constricted and Asymmetrical Breasts? (photo)

I'm only 19 but I've always had what I just thought were really big nipples. once i started filling out I noticed I had 'triangle' shaped breasts. I... READ MORE

Why are my areolas still puffy 12 weeks after benelli lift with implants? (photo)

Why are my areolas still puffy 12 weeks after benelli lift with implants? Will this go away? Do I need revision surgery, if so what kind? My areolas... READ MORE

Do I have mildly tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I have always disliked my breasts because of their pointy shape and puffy areolas. I recently met with a Plastic Surgeon and I am wondering if I have... READ MORE

Tubular Breast? Correction Without Implants? (photo)

Hello! I'm a 26 yo woman and I'm not sure if I have a tubular breast deformity. My breasts developed app. between 12 and 14 and have stayed like that... READ MORE

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