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Areola reduction scars 5 months post op. Does it look normal? (Photo)

Hey, I've always had large natural breast (34E) and large areola's. I decided to have an areola reductions to make them smaller, this was 5 months ago... READ MORE

Tiny Black Scab and Puckered Nipples Normal 14 Days Post Op?

Everything has been fine. I have been to my PS nurses twice, to remove staples and the second time a stitch was out and it was irritating me. Both... READ MORE

Breast Lift Scarring? (photo)

I had a lollipop breast lift and augmentation about 7 months ago (300cc). I have puckering around both my nipples and i'm feeling pretty self concious... READ MORE

Is it normal to have deep puckers indentations in the breast?

When will my puckers deep in the breast go away I am 10 Weeks post opt I dont see them unless I bend over slightly one breast has more dents or deep... READ MORE

Extensive Puckering - is this amount normal? (Photo)

I'm one week postop and fretting considerably over the extent of puckering. My surgeon has stated it's very normal and it will correct itself as the... READ MORE

1 week post op, is my incision normal? (photos)

I went in to my one week post op appointment yesterday and after my ps removed the tape from my incision I noticed that it looks like my skin is... READ MORE

Is it common for only half of my areola to pucker when they get hard? (Photo)

Had my 1st post-op today but forgot to ask my surgeon: Is it common for only half of my areola to pucker when they get hard? (Is it always the same... READ MORE

Is unusual puckering around the areola 3 months post op ok? (photo)

I am 3 months post op and my PS stated saline to correct unevenness was best with incision through areola. I had sever drainage that lasted over a... READ MORE

Day 5. What are my chances of improvement? (Photo)

I recently had a BA to correct puckering in my cleavage and to give me a more natural proportion, size was of no concern to me. As you can see at day... READ MORE

Is it normal to have visible puckers from internal sutures above incision line, 10 days post-Breast Augmentation?

I'm 10 days post-up from sub-muscular, crease incision breast augmentation. I had my steri-strips removed yesterday and now that the irritation from... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, I have bruising on one breast. Is this normal?

Two weeks post BA tomorrow. Left breast is looking great. Right breast is badly bruised and stitching scar much more raised and puckered. Is this normal?? READ MORE

Will my puckered scars flatten??? (photos)

I'm 1 week post op BA and at my post op yesterday my surgeon mentioned there was some puckering. I didn't look at the time but now I have I'm worried... READ MORE

I have puckering underneath my areola. Will this smooth out? I am 23 days post op (Photo)

I have been told this will smooth out but it looks more like the skin is folded. The other areas have smoothed. READ MORE

I am 18 months post-op. When I have pectoral muscle flexion, the incision at my nipple puckers inward. (Photo)

After researching on this site, it sounds as though the scar tissue fused to the incision site, causing this unsightly deformation. My PS has offered... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post-op. Are my breast going to round out and look more normal? (photos)

I had a lift/reduction and replaced saline encapsulated implants with 355cc Gel. My breast were much rounder before the procedure. The seem very flat... READ MORE

Why didn't my crease hold up? (Photo)

So I had scar revision about 4 months ago. My right crease was sewn up and the left puckered crease was redone but they went back to the shape they... READ MORE

I have noticed a bulging pucker under my areola incision. When I stand up it goes away. What is wrong? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation on January 16. I then had on March 31st in my right breast because it would not drop. Now I have noticed a bulging pucker... READ MORE

Breast lift and reduction? What type? (Photo)

I'm 32DD, 35 years, no kids. Is the psotsis severe, and would i need the anchor type incision? I would like to have a breast lift but am happy with... READ MORE

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