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I Am Scheduled for a Breast Augmention is it okay to Take Fioricet for Migraine?

And I want to know if its ok to take a fioricet for my migraine my surgery is in 4 days will I be ok between now and then? And is it ok to take an... READ MORE

What is considered a negligent performance by a plastic surgeon? (Photo)

It has caused severe deformity of the left breast and has stopped my ribs from being able to expand all the way, breathe properly, develop asthma,... READ MORE

Can I get breast implants if I'm chronically sick?

Im 17, done growing and all but i suffer from 3 main chronic diseases that branch off.. i have Postural Orthastaic tackycardia syndrome, Chronic... READ MORE

Im Having a Ba in Two Days and Im Scared? Risks?

I am in mostly good health. I have chronic migraine disorder and a touch of hypoglycemia but its not bad. I am just afraid I won't wake up. I had a... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; large implant removal vs reduction (insurance wise)?

Implants are taking a toll on my back and neck. Have daily migraines and back injury from an equestrian accident. Will insurance pay for the removal... READ MORE

What could cause left leg pain and migraine, 3 days post op?

3 days post op. From size B to 375cc under muscle crease incision. My left leg is hurting and a bad migraine. What could be the cause? READ MORE

Breast augmentation: Migraines and pills.

Hello, my surgery is on Friday the 10th last night I had such a bad migraine I couldn't take it , so I took one narproxen 500mg. Am I ok or was that a... READ MORE

Throwing up two days after BA surgery, could this mess up my implant or pocket?

I had breast augmentation this last Thursday under the muscle. This morning I had a horrible migraine and threw up two times. Not a lot, but two or... READ MORE

Can my 1 yr breast aug lead to migraines?

I had my breast aug 1 yr ago. I've recently started having severe migraines. Almost daily. My general doctor thinks it may be the breast aug, since... READ MORE

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