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Will Infected Seroma Go with Antibiotics?

Hi i saw my nurse a few days ago as i had swelling and constant pain for 5 days in left breast (i can point the exact spot) nurse said i have seroma... READ MORE

Fever of 37.8 C (100.4 F) 6th Day Post-op for Breast Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

Silicone implants, subpectoral. Not much visible redness, but right breast still sore and tight. Had stitches removed yesterday. Is it a possible... READ MORE

I'm having flu-like symptoms 5 days post-op from a breast augmentation. Is this a cause for concern? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation on Monday morning, now it's Friday evening. (Saline 380cc submuscular) Since Wednesday, I noticed slight discomfort when... READ MORE

11 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have a persistent, low-grade fever but no other signs of infection. Should I be concern?

At both BA follow-up appts (3 days post-op, and again today at 11 days post-op), I've been told I'm running a low-grade fever. My normal, healthy temp... READ MORE

Sister Had Breast Augmentation on May 24th; Having Discharge. Causes? (photo)

Since 28th May she is having small discharge like 2 drops per day from one side. She was given IV antibiotics for this for 4 days. She developed... READ MORE

Fever and Pain 7days Post Op?

7days post op, my left breast began to be very sore and slightly swollen. Started getting a low grade fever (100.4) and called my doc. He is 2 hrs.... READ MORE

When Will I Start Feeling Less Pressure on my Breasts? (photo)

I had my surgery 6 days ago i had 410cc on the left 420 on the right saline round, both of my breasts are really hard on the top and really soft on... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, left breast swelled overnight, now leaking a clear liquid with a yellow tinge. what is this/caused this?

I had infection in my right incision last wk, on antibotics and, healing well. i became ill yesterday fever and aches all over, i woke this morning... READ MORE

1 Day Post Op, Low Fever and Blurry Eyes?

Hello Doctors! I had my BA yesterday and I am now running a low fever of 99.5 even after taking 800 mg ibuprofen is this common? My PS told me I.need... READ MORE

Last night I had severe cold chills with a fever of 100.2 I've felt fine except for last night. What could it be? (photo)

Had my BA on Jan 10th today is post op 5, i had 500 ccs unders high profile. Had issues with anesthesia mostly throwing up. last night I had severe... READ MORE

Have a Fever After Draining From Breast Infection, Is It a Side Effect Of The Infection or the Antibiotics?

I had a breast infection went to dr. They drained it and put some medicine strip inside the nipple. I removed after two days like I was told to do.... READ MORE

Serious Pain Not Diminishing One Week After Augmentation -- Unusual?

My wife had her augmentation surgery six days ago, Wednesday. Silicone implants, 300cc in one breast, 255cc in the other. She was prescribed oral... READ MORE

I Had my Brest Augmentation Surgery Just Yesterday and Everything Goes Smoothly, But Today I Have a Fever?

I had my Brest augmentation surgery just yesterday and everything goes smoothly! But today I notice that I have a little fever. I don't see any... READ MORE

Low grade fever and chills for 11 days postop breast augmentation. Is this a normal part of healing?

I saw my plastic surgeon one week out and he says the fevers are not breast related. I saw my GP and he says atelectasis, but upon doing research... READ MORE

I had sudden swelling and pain in my breast with implant. Has it ruptured? (Photo)

Hi I started feeling achy and feverish this morning like a flu. My breast were tender, until I took my shirt off and saw that one breast with the... READ MORE

BA Done 13 Months Ago. Body Aches & Fever-like Symptoms, Once a Week for the Past 6-7 Weeks. Any Correlation to the BA?

BA done a little over a year back. I have body aches and fever & fatigue exactly 1x a week..for the past 6 weeks. Ive had blood test- all normal... READ MORE

pre BA I was a 32A on a good day. After, the surgical bra I am in is a 34 C. Which I love! But... today I am feverish. (photos)

My temp gas ranged from 100.2-101.2. I have been taking the antibiotics prescribed but now I am terrified that after 14 years of waiting to get this... READ MORE

Did I bottom out? (Photo)

52 year old F fit/active. 3rd set of implants insert for asymmetry below muscle. (1st 2 sets above muscle, then rem 5 years ago with mastopexy and... READ MORE

Should i be worried? (photo)

20 days PO &2weeks PO had botox on forehead 1day after started having fever 100.2&shivering my dr ddnt clean area before injections &i had... READ MORE

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