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Will Infected Seroma Go with Antibiotics?

Hi i saw my nurse a few days ago as i had swelling and constant pain for 5 days in left breast (i can point the exact spot) nurse said i have seroma... READ MORE

Fever of 37.8 C (100.4 F) 6th Day Post-op for Breast Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

Silicone implants, subpectoral. Not much visible redness, but right breast still sore and tight. Had stitches removed yesterday. Is it a possible... READ MORE

I'm having flu-like symptoms 5 days post-op from a breast augmentation. Is this a cause for concern? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation on Monday morning, now it's Friday evening. (Saline 380cc submuscular) Since Wednesday, I noticed slight discomfort when... READ MORE

11 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have a persistent, low-grade fever but no other signs of infection. Should I be concern?

At both BA follow-up appts (3 days post-op, and again today at 11 days post-op), I've been told I'm running a low-grade fever. My normal, healthy temp... READ MORE

Sister Had Breast Augmentation on May 24th; Having Discharge. Causes? (photo)

Since 28th May she is having small discharge like 2 drops per day from one side. She was given IV antibiotics for this for 4 days. She developed... READ MORE

Fever and Pain 7days Post Op?

7days post op, my left breast began to be very sore and slightly swollen. Started getting a low grade fever (100.4) and called my doc. He is 2 hrs.... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, left breast swelled overnight, now leaking a clear liquid with a yellow tinge. what is this/caused this?

I had infection in my right incision last wk, on antibotics and, healing well. i became ill yesterday fever and aches all over, i woke this morning... READ MORE

Last night I had severe cold chills with a fever of 100.2 I've felt fine except for last night. What could it be? (photo)

Had my BA on Jan 10th today is post op 5, i had 500 ccs unders high profile. Had issues with anesthesia mostly throwing up. last night I had severe... READ MORE

When Will I Start Feeling Less Pressure on my Breasts? (photo)

I had my surgery 6 days ago i had 410cc on the left 420 on the right saline round, both of my breasts are really hard on the top and really soft on... READ MORE

1 Day Post Op, Low Fever and Blurry Eyes?

Hello Doctors! I had my BA yesterday and I am now running a low fever of 99.5 even after taking 800 mg ibuprofen is this common? My PS told me I.need... READ MORE

Have a Fever After Draining From Breast Infection, Is It a Side Effect Of The Infection or the Antibiotics?

I had a breast infection went to dr. They drained it and put some medicine strip inside the nipple. I removed after two days like I was told to do.... READ MORE

Serious Pain Not Diminishing One Week After Augmentation -- Unusual?

My wife had her augmentation surgery six days ago, Wednesday. Silicone implants, 300cc in one breast, 255cc in the other. She was prescribed oral... READ MORE

Low grade fever and chills for 11 days postop breast augmentation. Is this a normal part of healing?

I saw my plastic surgeon one week out and he says the fevers are not breast related. I saw my GP and he says atelectasis, but upon doing research... READ MORE

I Had my Brest Augmentation Surgery Just Yesterday and Everything Goes Smoothly, But Today I Have a Fever?

I had my Brest augmentation surgery just yesterday and everything goes smoothly! But today I notice that I have a little fever. I don't see any... READ MORE

I had sudden swelling and pain in my breast with implant. Has it ruptured? (Photo)

Hi I started feeling achy and feverish this morning like a flu. My breast were tender, until I took my shirt off and saw that one breast with the... READ MORE

BA Done 13 Months Ago. Body Aches & Fever-like Symptoms, Once a Week for the Past 6-7 Weeks. Any Correlation to the BA?

BA done a little over a year back. I have body aches and fever & fatigue exactly 1x a week..for the past 6 weeks. Ive had blood test- all normal... READ MORE

Is having surgery less than a week after low grade fever still safe?

My BA was scheduled for yesterday, April 25th. Upon taking my vitals my temp read 99.1. So I am now rescheduled for this coming Monday, May 2nd. My... READ MORE

pre BA I was a 32A on a good day. After, the surgical bra I am in is a 34 C. Which I love! But... today I am feverish. (photos)

My temp gas ranged from 100.2-101.2. I have been taking the antibiotics prescribed but now I am terrified that after 14 years of waiting to get this... READ MORE

Did I bottom out? (Photo)

52 year old F fit/active. 3rd set of implants insert for asymmetry below muscle. (1st 2 sets above muscle, then rem 5 years ago with mastopexy and... READ MORE

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