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How Long Does It Take to Stop a Seroma From Draining After Surgery for Silicone Implants?

I am 3 weeks postoperatively silicone. After the first week, developed a large seroma and my doctor would not drain. In 15 days drained spontaneously... READ MORE

Incision Not Healing 4 Weeks Post Op After Breast Lift with Augmentation, What To Do?

Three weeks Post-Op I noticed light yellow spots in my bra coming from the juncture of my lollipop incision at the bottom. Now at 4 weeks Post-Op My... READ MORE

How Much Drainage from Tubes is of Concern?

I'm emptying about 40 mL out of both breasts every 4 hrs., the 3ed day after breast augmentation surgery. It seems like a lot. We are hoping it... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Seroma Fluid from Incision with Open Wounds

Hi i had breast augmentation in egypt 4 weeks ago, after 10 days i burst my stiches and seroma fluid started, i eventually got closed up 4 days later,... READ MORE

What is White Substance after Breast Augmentation? Am I Healing Correctly?

I had breast augmentation four weeks ago. At 10 days I noticed I had drainage on my left incision point. I took off the bandage and saw a small... READ MORE

What would happen if I chose to let my hematoma just drain? My incision has been draining for days now. Will I get CC? (photo)

Ok so according to my previous questions all surgeons say that I should have the pocket cleaned out and the blood removed from the breast. I was told... READ MORE

2 Days After Mastopexy and a Breast Augmentation; Hematoma Maybe Seroma? (photo)

I say maybe seroma because I have a lot of fluid draining still. Today 6-21-12 I got freaked out after squeezing several blood clots. This is in the... READ MORE

Drainage After Breast Augmentation?

I am 13 days post op from breast augmentation. Yesterday I noticed sero-sangranous drainage on my bra. There is some mild redness around the incision.... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation Hematomas? (photo)

One is a hematoma from the drainage under arm, the other one on my boob I am not sure what it looks red with little capillaries... Do you... READ MORE

Is Liquid Drainage Coming out of Your Incision Okay After Breast Augmentation?

I have a breast aug 1 month ago. I went in for my check up and I had a place gapping open in my incision so my doctor re-stitched it back up. Two days... READ MORE

Should my Breast Incision Still Be Draining 7 Weeks Post-op?

I had breast implants 7 weeks ago then developed hematoms so my dr went in and removed the implant drained the fluid then placed the implant back in... READ MORE

Can I Drain Milk After Breast Implant Surgery?

After a few weeks of my implant surgery, one of the ends where my doctor cut is not closing and it's draining white water with a smell of milk. I... READ MORE

Bl/ba 1/15/201 Started off with Red Area I Couldnt See Open Spot Because I Still Had Tape, Was Just Itching? (photo)

I had an open spot, had pus and drainage when cleaned and washed, was on friday i called ps sent pics he said looked like yeast in first pic and to... READ MORE

Worried About Drainage and Spitting Stitches Post Breast Surgery

On 11/9/11 I had surgery on my breasts due to a congenital deformity. I had a reduction on the right breast and a silicone implant placed in the left... READ MORE

Why Does my Implant Feel Stuck?

My right breast developed fluid after 1 month, since then my breast is displaced; firm & sensitive to touch. My PS drained the fluid. The day... READ MORE

BA Stitches Opened Up and Yellow/Bloody Drainage. Right Breast Appears Abcessed. Can Internal Stitches be Removed?

My right breast after augmentation with lift opened up and now has white blood cells upon culture of the yellow sometimes bloody drainage. I can... READ MORE

Huge Breast Hematoma After Fall, No Previous Breast Issues/Surgeries?

My mom, 72, fell on her sofa arm. Her breast turned dark purple and developed a huge 10mm painful, feverish lump, diagnosed as a hematoma. After... READ MORE

Very Slight Drainage 3 1/2 Weeks After Breast Lift with Augmentation, How Long will this Last?

Almost four weeks ago, I had a breast lift with augmentation (Saline 275cc filled to 300cc). Healing is going well but I have a very slight clear... READ MORE

Breast Aug 2 Weeks Ago and my Incsion is Draining a Creamy Light Red Color. Is It Infected?

16 Days ago I had a breast augmentation. 2 days ago I went to see my surgeon because one of my incisions had been really bothering me and that morning... READ MORE

Why do some doctors use Drainage tubes & stitches for Breast Augmentation?

Why do some Dr's use drainage tubes & stitches that have to be removed later vs. no drainage tubes & stitches that are absorbed? Is this just a doctor... READ MORE

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