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Is Internal Breast Tingling a Sign of Nerve Regeneration 8 1/2 Months Post BA? Nipples Are Still Numb, So Hopeful!

I started off with total nipple numbness B/L post-op,but progressed to had 'crude touch' sensation only since most of the swelling subsided... READ MORE

255cc Implants Under from 32b to 32dd, Is This a Normal Size Jump?

Hi There, 9 months ago I got my breasts done, I was a 32b and wanted a natural look. After 2 different consultations I found a breat specialist who... READ MORE

Why Are my Nipples So Low? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery 9 months ago ,and, while I am happy with the size, my nipples are still a bit low. My surgeon said he was going to... READ MORE

Will my Implants Drop After 9 Months? (photo)

I am 9 months post op and my implants seem to be sitting too high. Will they continue to drop after 9 months? Also my right nipple seems to be... READ MORE

What's the Procedure for a Breast That Remains Too High?

I have 250 cc implants on over a naturally flat chest. My PS told me my skin was "tight". My right implant looks awesome. My left one was... READ MORE

Uneven Cleavage After Breast Aug? (photo)

9 months post surgery. I was originally an A cup. i had a little bit of an uneven chest wall, right side is higher than my left. But my left breast... READ MORE

Is This Bottoming Out? Post Surgery Assymetry 9 Months out

Per Drs comments,I was symmetrical pre-surgery (as much as a human body *can* be) so the asymmetry is a post-surgical issue mostly.Measure 9.5cm from... READ MORE

9 Months Post Op and I Think my Implants Have Not Dropped All the Way? (photo)

I had a breast reduction in 2007. I had bad scarring, I decided to get implants and scar revision. I had my surgery in March 2012. They started off... READ MORE

What is this dark mark on my incision scar? (photo)

I had a breast aug 9 months ago, and in the early weeks following the op one of my scars showed signs of a little bleeding where it hadn't healed as... READ MORE

Are my Implants Starting to Bottom Out? (photo)

I'm 9 months post-operative, with 280cc silicone gel implants. I'm worried that they have started to bottom out, especially my right implant. My... READ MORE

Possible Bottoming Out? (pic)

Hello, I had breast augmentation almost nine months ago outside of the country (because I was living outside of the country) and I have been feeling... READ MORE

Lumps in my breast after fat transfer breast augmentation

Hi so I had a fat transfer breast augmentation on July 16,2015 with DR Michael Gartner and after 6 months I noticed I had big hard lumps in my breast... READ MORE

What kind of infection is this on my breast? (photo)

I had a BA 9 months ago. Two weeks ago, a pimple appeared on my right breast and got worse. I also felt a lump under the skin on the same breast. My... READ MORE

When I Lay on my Back Implants Go Up?

Hi doctors.. I got my breast implants 9 mothns ago.when i lay on my back my imlants go up to my neck area but DO NOT fall to the side like all the... READ MORE

Opinions on Post-Op Photos, Do I Have An Acceptable BA Result?

Surgery 1-27.In June was put on Singular + Vit E 1000mg/day(Right breast firm & not maneuverable beyond very slight upward when squeezed from... READ MORE

Drifting Breast 9 Months Post Op?

After having a BA 9 months ago I noticed my breast isn't as full. Also, when I lay flat, my breast drifts under my arms and when I stand I have too... READ MORE

Did Breast Augmentation Emphasize Asymmetry? (photo)

I had a BA last June 21st 2011/ Mentor smooth moderate 525 cc under muscle. My left breast was higher and firmer than the right. I was very upset... READ MORE

Dull Ache 9 Months Post Op?

I had a breast augmentation 9 months ago. I love the results. But I have had a dull ache , very mild, in my right breast. Both breast look exactly the... READ MORE

I had Breast implant surgery almost 9 months ago. Have my Implants Bottomed Out? (photo)

I had Breast implant surgery almost 9 months ago. 1 month after surgery I noticed my Right breast was a lot lower then the left! I went in at 6 weeks... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Correct my Very Visible Scarring from my Breast Implants? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation in July 2012. I have very visible surgical incision. The scars can be seen when I'm standing up right and are more visible... READ MORE

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