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After my Breast Augmentation my Breasts Are Flat when I Lay Down!? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation in December of 2011. So its almost been 7 months since my surgery!! My right one has dropped and my doctor agreed and we... READ MORE

I had my surgery on June 24, 2011. What Are my Options to Correct Double Bubble?

I had my surgery on June 24, 2011. I was a 34A and got 520cc silicone implants. However, at the 3 month mark I started to notice something was off.... READ MORE

New Onset Tugging/painful Sensation in Left Breast 7 Months Post Augmentation.

I had submuscle silicone implants 7 mths ago. I've had a normal course of healing with typical numbness and nipple hyperesthesia and a benign... READ MORE

Burning in Sternum After Breast Augmentation

Is it normal to still have a burning sensation in my muscle near my sternum 7 months post? It just happens to be on my breast that has slightly... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Rippling of Silicon Implants on the Entire Breast?

Augmentation - 7 months ago. I was a 32 A and I had 375 ccs of silicon gel to put me at a 32 dd. The surgeon placed implants under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

Breasts Have Still Not Settled 7 Months Post-Op Breast Augmentation, Are they Likely to at this Point?

My doctor kept telling me at every visit after my operation that my breasts would fall into place but unfortunately they have not ;( My breasts look... READ MORE

Unhappy With Results Of BA- Not As Big As I Wanted. (photo)

I initially was no cup, I have 300c Submuscular Cohesive Gel breast implant I am smaller than what I thought that i would be, sometime I can fit a 34c... READ MORE

Tough Implants, Not Hard or Soft

I received a BA 7 months ago with moderate 370 cc's submuscular. My gynecologist and internist think it is an amazing job. I wish they projected... READ MORE

7 Mos Post Op / Left Has Fuller Larger Profile Than the Right. What Can I Do? (photo)

Currently, I am 7 mos post op and my right breast feels and looks smaller than my left. I asked my ps and he didn't give me the time of day, he... READ MORE

Burning Pain 7 Months BA Post Op with a Large Indention Close to Sternum, Should I be Concerned? (photo)

I have had problems with my R breast for 7 months. Expressed this to my surgeon and was told that is the best I will ever look. The pain is intense.... READ MORE

Breast Lift Scarring? (photo)

I had a lollipop breast lift and augmentation about 7 months ago (300cc). I have puckering around both my nipples and i'm feeling pretty self concious... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Under Areola Incision?

I had my BA 7 months ago and have scar tissue under the nipple incision. I realy do not want implants anymore and want to explant. Would this scar... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Fully Drop and Fluff?

I had a breast augmentation about 7 months ago, they have dropped considerably, but not completely where I would like them. Will this be the position... READ MORE

10 Lb Weight Gain After Lift and Augmentation with 260 Cc Silicone Implants, What is Up?

In December 2011 I had a lift with implants. I went from a saggy C to a big D. It was a little bigger than what I wanted. I am 5'1" and prior to... READ MORE

Pinching Pain in my Left Breast 7 Months After Augmentatinon?

Hello, I had a breast augmentation surgery 7 months ago but my left breast still hurst above the areola area. It feels like a something pinches inside... READ MORE

Necrosis Started Right After Surgery, Is This Normal?

It's been 7 months & skin on the bottom of aereola is very thin, was peeling. Gets better? I had a facelift at the same time. Sides of my face... READ MORE

No Color in Areolas Following Mastopexy/augment Surgery? (photo)

I am 7 mos. post mastopexy/augment. I have lost all color in my areolas, which i understand can happen. My question is, will it ever come back ? If... READ MORE

7 months post Breast Augmentation, 500cc Silicone unders and not happy with my results. Can my implants be corrected? (photo)

So it's now been 7 months since my BA. I have a 500cc silicone underneath my muscle. I am not happy with my results. What could be done to fix my... READ MORE

Will my Nipple Ever Look Normal Again? (photo)

I had a BA 7 months ago. 350 CC silicon unders, deflated b cup prior. I had a peri areola pexy on the right side. My nipple still looks huge in... READ MORE

I am 7 months post op and am now so worried I have symmastia? (photo)

My skin pulls up in the middle when I pull my breats out ( to the sides ) and when I bend foward as well :( I'm now questioning why I ever went ahead... READ MORE

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