Too Small + Brazilian Butt Lift

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I Had a Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift About a Month Ago? (photo)

I am not happy with the result cause it wasn't big as I want it. Is just full looking. What can I do or is there any way my doctor could correct... READ MORE

Unhappy BBL Patient. Is There Such Thing as Non Reusable Fat?

There were high expectations in wanting this done. After having surgery, I was so in love with the size even though it wasnt the size that I wanted, I... READ MORE

I am 4'10" and around 88 pounds. (Very petite) a few months shy of my 20th birthday. Am I too small for a BBL? (Photo)

I really would love to get a BBL but I just cannot gain weight no matter how hard I try. Maybe I have a little stomach and back fat I could use? I... READ MORE

1 week post op BBL, buttocks too small, stomach too big. Is my stomach still very swollen? (Photo)

I had a BBL 8 days ago. Fat wastaken out myarms, back and stomach. My buttocks already shrank down a lot. The result I see now is the minimum result I... READ MORE

is there a weight requirement when having a BBL? Can you be too small weight wise?

I have some concerns. I have started making payments on my BBL, however, I am concerned that I do not have enough fat. Granted I am 5'3 but I am... READ MORE

Should I focus on the amount of ccs needed for my BBL?

Should I be concerned that everytime I ask my dr about the number of Ccs that will be transferred he always tells me that i shouldn't focus to much on... READ MORE

This is a follow up to the previous question

I'm looking at more of a pear shape I have a small chest and a small waist I want my waist bigger like something to hold on to READ MORE

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