What should I do if I'm not happy with my BBl? 12000 is a lot of money (Photo)

I showed pictures of what I wanted to look like, and I'm nowhere close. My bbl is literally like 1 size bigger that what I originally had.. I wanted it to be at least 5 times bigger.

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Based on the pictures posted, you still have significant amount of fat in the upper abdomen and back.When doing liposuction for harvesting the fat, the entire abdomen should be liposuctioned, so as to get the best cosmetic result. the flanks should be emptied completely. Fat injection to the buttock in different planes to assure contact with halth vascularized tissue to be able to take.About 40-60% of the fat injected will be absorbed. Can not control where and how much fat will resorb. The exorbitant amount of fat injected to the buttocks makes less contact with health vascularized tissue and results will be disappointing. Patients want thousand plus cc of fat injected, but the buttock tissue may not tolerate that.Need complete examination and decision when to do the revision

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Limitations on how much your BBL stands out is dependent upon many things including you overall size to begin with, the amount of fat available to inject, and the amount of fat that can be injected and tolerated by the buttocks.

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