Body Fat Percentage + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Least BMI or Fat Percent Before BBL?

Iam on weightloss plan and still have 10 kg (30% fat) to reach my perfect weight(25% fat ) , iam scared to reach a stage where doctor will tell me... READ MORE

I weigh 184lbs, how much weight should I lose (while having enough body fat for the BBL) to achieve the best BBL results?(photo)

I currently weigh a flabby, unhappy, and unhealthy 184.4lbs. Being this heavy makes me depressed and causes me to have a very low self esteem. I blame... READ MORE

Do doctors only liposuction enough fat to use in the BBL? Or do they remove unwanted areas and use what's needed? (Photo)

Recently started looking into BBL.. I am 23, 5'5 and weigh 157lbs, 33% body fat.. I've always had a high percentage of body fat and I've always been... READ MORE

Will I lose my Brazilian Butt Lift if I train for a fitness competition?

So I got a Brazilian butt lift in 2013, the liposuction then put the fat into my butt. Which is a pretty good size I love it!!! But I want to train... READ MORE

I am 5 feet tall, 107 lbs, my body fat is about 18%. I am planning to do BBL. (Photo)

I am 5 feet tall, 107 lbs, my body fat is about 18%. I am planning to do BBL. I have 3 teenagers . I am in good health, no chronic conditions. I only... READ MORE

I'm becoming unsure I have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift. I wanted a body like Iggy Azalea and Kylie Jenner. (photo)

I live in New York and the surgeon i'm going to is in florida so i cant just fly there at any moment i want. i weigh 135-140, my heights 5'5'' and i... READ MORE

Why do doctors use BMI instead of Bodyfat? (Photo)

I weigh 175 lbs and I am 5"3, I am not obese although thats what my BMI configures me at. I run and workout 5-6 times a week. I know a patients BMI is... READ MORE

I want to know if I am a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift? (photos)

I am 5'7", 200lbs, and 28% body fat. I am healthy. I do not smoke or drink. I have never had any surgeries. READ MORE

I have low body fat. Am I a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift?

I am currently considering a Brazilian butt lift. I am not really sure I'm a good candidate for it. I am 5'6, 136 lbs and recently I was measured and... READ MORE

How much Cc's will I need to achieve the look I need ? I'm 20 with no children will this effect pregnancy in the future? (photo)

Weight - 84 kg Body fat - 24% height-5ft7 waist-30 inch - smallest part hips-43.5 inch my bum is already big and wide but from the back , there is... READ MORE

Can someone suggest a doctor who does Brazilian butt lifts at a low price? (Photo)

I'm 18, 100 lbs, 5'5, and have about 17% of body fat on me. I want a bbl to get a slightly bigger butt I probably would want around 280cc on each... READ MORE

How well will my Brazilian Butt Lift results be based on body fat? (Photo)

What's the result level I should expect based on my wish pic for realistic results? READ MORE

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift possible?

I am 170cm, weight 52kg, and have 21,95% of fat, i would like to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, I don't know if the fat is enough but i look at myself and... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift Surgery after pregnancy

Hello, I have been wanting a BBL for some time but haven't had enough body fat, now I am pregnant so I'm hoping after I have the baby I will have gain... READ MORE

Do you lose a certain percentage of fat after a fat transfer to your butt?

Do you lose a certain percentage of fat after a fat transfer to your butt after 7 weeks or so? READ MORE

How many Cc's can be harvested from me for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am 5'7", 125lbs, about 22% body fat. I would like to have between 750-1200cc's put in each butt cheek and probably 200 Cc's per hip. Can enough fat... READ MORE

I want to know if Brazilian butt lift would be an option for me? (Photo)

I hate the way my butt looks from behind. I work out and have grown it, but I would need it to get wider, not just bigger. My body is a square shape.... READ MORE

Should I get Brazilian butt lift or Butt Implants? (photos)

I am 5'3 and my weight is 150 lbs waist is 30 inches hips 38 breast 39 I am a size 2 and body fat 26% but my goal is to weight 121 lbs with 13% body... READ MORE

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