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Can I Sit on a Plane for 12 Hours, 2 Weeks After a Brazilian Butt Lift, Without Affecting my Results?

I live in Europe, and I've more or less made up my mind that I will have the Brazilian butt lift done! The biggest issue is that the flight back... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Ride a 6.5hr Plane Ride After a 10day Recovery Stay for the Brazilianbuttlift?

Is It Ok to Ride a 6.5hr Plane Ride After a 10day Recovery Stay for the Brazilianbuttlift? READ MORE

What to Expect From Air Travel Following BBL?

I'm going to santo domino in domican republic to get a Brazilian butt lift and eye surgery. 'm staying for 8 days how will I take the plane... READ MORE

Should I Worry About Flying Post Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Will a 90 minute flight 9-10 days post op compromise my results (reduce fat cell viability rate)? My doctor says I can fly after 7 days but everything... READ MORE

Will sitting for 7 hours on a plane ruin my bbl results 7 weeks after surgery?

I had a bbl exactly 7 weeks ago and have to fly for about 7 hours on a family trip. I have not sat on my butt since my doc asked me not to for 2... READ MORE

How safe is it to fly at 7 days post-op?

I live in the Bay Area and am doing a BBL w Lipo of abdomen, flanks, back, and maybe arms. (Not legs.) Im staying in LA for two nights at a surgical... READ MORE

How long until I can travel back home?

Air Plane Travel-I'm traveling from Louisiana to Florida to get a BBL and lipo. How long will I have to stay in Miami until I'm able to return back to... READ MORE

Can I fly after I get a BBL?

I believe I have found a doctor but he is out of town. I wouldn't want to stay where he is for the full recovery,maybe a day or two after the surgery,... READ MORE

Will traveling for fat transfer to buttocks [BBL] and/or legs decrease the odds of fat survival?

I want to maximize the chances of fat survival after a fat transfer to the buttocks. Would sitting on a plane the day after the procedure decrease the... READ MORE

Will air travel impact my BBL?

If I were to travel to a different part of the US or even overseas for a BBL, how will sitting on a plane for an extended amount of time impact my new... READ MORE

Is it safe to fly home the same day you get your BBL drains removed?

I will be having a BBL out of state in August want to know if I can fly home the same day I get my drains removed. My surgeon usually removes the... READ MORE

Air travel after my BBL AND TT. Is coach ok?

I will be flying coach to get my BBL and TT done. My question is do I need to fly first class going back home? I know I can't sit on my butt so I am... READ MORE

I plan to travel abroad for my Brazilian butt lift procedure. How long should I wait to fly back home?

The flight home is roughly 5 hours. I know sitting can greatly affect my post-op results. I don't want to sabotage my results by flying home too soon. READ MORE

Can I have BBL and breast lift at same time? If not, can I do a BBL out of town safely? Won't plane/sitting compromise results?

I am 37. I previously had a tummy tuck, lipo and breast lift (unhappy with uneven different sized areolas and starting to sag again) this was back in... READ MORE

I had a BBL done 2/10/16 and am supposed to fly 3/8/16..Should I not go from Miami to Chicago so soon?

I heard that it's dangerous to fly because of the altitude of the airplane and the liquids/fat etc that was injected in my butt not responding well... READ MORE

BBL, Lipo & airplanes....How long before I can work again? I'm a flight attendant.

I am having BBL & Lipo next week. I'm curious how long after surgery it'll be safe for me to work again. I understand my job is different because of... READ MORE

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